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After Chen Xiang arrived at the Golden Dragon Immortal Palace, he immediately found out about Liu Meng'er's situation. After knowing that Liu Meng'er was going to marry Luo Yitao, he did not have any other intentions to ask about anything else. All he wanted to do was to kill his way to the Heaven Sword City and destroy the entire Heaven Sword City.

"That b.a.s.t.a.r.d Luo Yitao."

Chen Xiang thought back to when he was captured by those strong warriors, and how Luo Yitao had dealt with him, and made him extremely angry. At that time, he swore that if he had enough power, he would destroy Heaven Sword City first.

He didn't know what actions Huang Jintian and the others were taking, nor did he know why the Divine Artisan Mountain Villa handed Liu Meng'er over. He also didn't want to know either, as far as he was concerned, the most pressing matter at hand right now was to eliminate the Heaven Sword City.

"There's still one more day. Fortunately, I came out quickly." Chen Xiang stepped into the Transmission array, and came to the Human King Immortal Country.

As soon as he arrived here, he saw many eye-catching places with messy records. They were all left to him by Huang Jintian, and he had followed those records to find a message jade token, only that he wasn't able to contact Huang Jintian.

"Why does Divine Artisan Mountain Villa have to be placed under house arrest? Could it be that they have steeled their hearts to marry that Luo Yitao? This has nothing to do with them; no matter what, it is her parents' fault."

Chen Xiang had heard some information from them, he had contact with Liu Zongyu and Song Ying and knew that the couple was considered enlightened. Although they had set up a marriage agreement with Liu Meng'er back then, they now knew that Liu Meng'er did not like him at all, and after knowing his character, they would definitely not push him into a pit of fire.

But now, this matter was under the control of the Divine Artisan Mountain Villa.

"Divine Artisan Mountain Villa, I'll go and save Elder Sister Meng'er now." Chen Xiang immediately stood up and headed towards the Divine Artisan Mountain Villa. This Divine Artisan Mountain Villa was right there, and Chen Xiang had already understood that more than half of the Human King Immortal Country were controlled by the Divine Artisan Mountain Villa.

Human King Wu Canghong was just a puppet, if he did not listen, there would be a lot of trouble.

Outside Divine Artisan Mountain Villa, Chen Xiang was waiting for some important figures to come out. He was already an Immortal King and although they were only early stage Immortal Kings, if a Immortal King of the same level were to meet him, it would only take a single look from him to get rid of them.

The Divine Artisan Mountain Villa was built in the wilderness. The entire villa was very huge, and there should be a lot of people there. Moreover, their security was very tight right now, and the formation to protect the entire villa was even more powerful.

The array Spirit grain they used was pa.s.sed down from a Divine Craftsman in the past.

Chen Xiang was extremely tight on time, he had waited for more than an hour, but even then, he still did not see an Immortal King, so he could only take action against a Immortal Monarch.

He knocked the Immortal Monarch out, then used the Soul Absorbing Devil Spell to search the Immortal Monarch's memories. After understanding some things about the Divine Artisan Mountain Villa, he turned into the Immortal Monarch and swaggered into the Divine Artisan Mountain Villa.

The Immortal Monarch looked to be a middle-aged man called Jiang Tong. From the memories that Chen Xiang had searched, he knew that Jiang Tong was not the core member of the Divine Artisan Mountain Villa, but he knew where Liu Meng'er was being placed under house arrest.

Liu Meng'er was placed under house arrest in a mountain in the Divine Artisan Mountain Villa. There was a cave in that mountain, and Jiang Tong was involved in the construction of it.

Chen Xiang activated Heaven Tour and floated high up in the sky. He quickly found the mountain, which was located in the east of the center area of the villa.

"It seems like only the Immortal King can enter that area."

Just now, Chen Xiang was outside the Divine Artisan Mountain Villa. He knew that those great formations would be extremely difficult to break through, even if he used the power of the Ancient Code.

Divine Artisan Mountain Villa was like a small city, there were many houses, although he met many people along the way, they were not very strong, he just wanted to find an Immortal King to impersonate them, that way he could enter the.

Chen Xiang arrived outside that area and finally met an old Immortal King walking out. According to Jiang Tong's memories, this Immortal King was called w.a.n.g Rong, and two years ago, he was still a Immortal Monarch. Because he had become an Immortal King, he was immediately recognized by the Divine Artisan Mountain Villa and was able to enter the core region.

Chen Xiang followed behind w.a.n.g Rong, but w.a.n.g Rong only glanced at him once, and then walked away. There were so many people in this place, it was normal to have people following him.

However, after w.a.n.g Rong walked for a distance, he realized that there was something wrong with the people behind him. However, at this time, his sea of consciousness was attacked and he fainted.

Chen Xiang had cultivated in seclusion for a hundred years, and had put a lot of thought into the Heaven Earth Killing Method, which made his mental attacks even stronger.

The moment w.a.n.g Rong fainted, Chen Xiang immediately used his transformation technique to produce w.a.n.g Rong, and he placed the real w.a.n.g Rong into the square cauldron.

Under the watchful eyes of the crowd, he completed this move. His speed was so fast that in the eyes of the crowd, w.a.n.g Rong almost fell over and did not see what Chen Xiang did.

As he grew stronger, Chen Xiang's skill in changing techniques became more profound. After searching w.a.n.g Rong's memories, he walked towards the central region. It was as if he needed to enter a city, and enter through a huge gate.

After verifying his ident.i.ty, Chen Xiang successfully entered the core region and immediately ran towards the cave that was locked down by Liu Meng'er.

"There are so few experts in the Divine Artisan Mountain Villa, even w.a.n.g Rong is confused. He doesn't know why there are so many experts missing either. It seems like he still cannot come into contact with the real core of the secret." As Chen Xiang walked along the road in the center of the city, he realized that there were very few Immortal Kings around.

If it was his first time in here, it would have been fine. However, w.a.n.g Rong, who had stayed here for two years, also felt that it was strange. Furthermore, this was within a few days' time.

Chen Xiang had a bad premonition, he anxiously rushed towards the cave. There was no one guarding the cave, so he easily entered, but there was no one inside, leaving only the faint fragrance on Liu Meng'er's body.

"Dammit, they should have left long ago. What is it exactly for, for Divine Artisan Mountain Villa to be so secretive, that it is worth it for them to do so?" Chen Xiang sat on the bed that Liu Meng'er had slept on and thought about this problem.

"Suzaku Divine Weapon, Suzaku silk, this should be worth it for Divine Artisan Mountain Villa to make such sacrifices, right? Liu Meng'er's Suzaku silk can be used, her parents definitely know about it, and her parents might have even told the people inside the Divine Artisan Mountain Villa about it." Su Meiyao sighed.

Bai Youyou laughed coldly: "They must have thought of ways to take the Suzaku silk from Liu Meng'er, but they are unable to do so. Then, they must have told Heaven Sword City that she has a Suzaku silk on her body, and this way, they can use Liu Meng'er to exchange her for many precious things. It must be known that the Heaven Sword City is extremely rich right now, and also inherited from the Evil Emperor."

"There's still time. They definitely won't change the time of their wedding because they have invited many great powers. Right now, they are only secretly heading to Heaven Sword City." Long Xueyi said.

Chen Xiang laughed sinisterly: "Divine Artisan Mountain Villa, today I will let you all have a taste of how powerful the legacy of your Divine Artisan Grandmaster is."

He took out the Hammer of G.o.d, as well as the divine cauldron that sealed the profoundyang Fire Crow.

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