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That beautiful seven-colored ball of light, no matter how you looked at it, didn't seem like it could bring about misfortune to anyone. However, in Mu Qianxiang's mouth, it was a calamity.

"Do they appear often?" Chen Xiang asked.

"Of course not, if we were to appear often, we wouldn't be able to survive." Mu Qianxiang quickly finished the barbecue.

Suddenly, an urgent bell chime sounded. Mu Qianxiang stood up and said, "This is the bell chime for the entire clan to a.s.semble."

"What kind of disaster will the Bane bring to us?" Chen Xiang asked curiously.

"This thing will appear once every few thousand or even ten thousand years and will sometimes be safe, but sometimes it will bring about all kinds of disasters." This thing will appear once every few thousand or even ten thousand years and sometimes be safe, but sometimes it will bring about all kinds of disasters, and once it will fall into the ground, it will explode and release all kinds of terrifying powers.

Mu Qianxiang walked quickly, with Chen Xiang following behind her, he asked: "This can't be a coincidence, after all these years, there must have been someone deliberately bringing them in."

"I don't know. No one knows where this thing came from." Since Mu Qianxiang was young, she had heard a lot about this Colorful Jinx, so her expression was currently very solemn.

"This means that every time they appear, many people will die." Chen Xiang felt that this matter must have some sort of secret behind it. He suspected that someone was actually trying to destroy the Nine Clan that was guarding this place.

If it really was made by man, then this person must be very powerful. Otherwise, it would be impossible for him to condense such a thing and send it here from a far away place.

Whether it is the nine clans or the other commoners, all of them will be affected by the calamity. That kind of power is extremely terrifying, and right now, Colorful Jinx has only just appeared. Legend has it that after it appears, a natural disaster will occur within the next seven days and seven nights.

Chen Xiang followed Mu Qianxiang to a large plaza of the Mu Clan's courtyard. Everyone here had as serious an expression as Mu Qianxiang;

"Xue Yi, do you know where that thing landed? Do you have any leads?" Chen Xiang asked. After the Colorful Jinx appeared, Long Xueyi immediately used the Heaven Tour to follow.

"It hasn't descended yet. This thing is very strange. It actually circled around the Spirit Formation and it seemed to be gathering its power." Long Xueyi said, "This Colorful Jinx is outside the barrier, he should be from very far away. I can't see what kind of energy is condensed inside, but the thing outside is definitely the Rainbow Sky Fire. Right now, it is circling around this huge Sacred Ground, absorbing a large amount of immortal energy to strengthen itself."

At this time, the sky had already darkened and from time to time, a rainbow light would flash across the sky. Colorful Jinx mischievously flew randomly in the air.

The patriarch of Mu Clan, Mu Tianhu, stood on a stage in the plaza and said loudly: "Everyone should have known about this since young, so I won't say too much. Furthermore, we have done the related training every once in a while, and now, we will do the training, the people below Immortal Monarch should go into the depths to take refuge first."

Very quickly, a large group of people walked out from the plaza, leaving behind a few hundred people with the strength of Immortal Monarch.

Mu Qianxiang was a Immortal Monarch, so she was also here. Only now did Chen Xiang realize that Mu Qianxiang was the only female in the Immortal Monarch, and it could be seen that female experts were very rare in this place.

"Qianxiang, take Chen Xiang to another place to seek refuge. The more than ten outstanding disciples are all at that place. You should know where it is." Mu Tianhu said.

"En, but do you really not need my help here? My strength should be able to withstand some of the power of the natural disaster." Mu Qianxiang asked softly, she also wanted to contribute a bit.

"No need, take him to that place to seek shelter as soon as possible." Mu Tianhu's voice became strict.

Mu Qianxiang did not dare to say more, he dragged Chen Xiang along as if they were flying and ran towards the back door of the Mu Clan, entering a gigantic stone mountain.

"The Colorful Jinx has landed, it's huge, as big as a city, and is pretty close to here. Should we go take a look?" Long Xueyi asked.

"What if that thing explodes? Wouldn't that be courting death?" Chen Xiang said. He never thought that the moment he came to this place, he would be met with such misfortune, one that was rarely seen in ten thousand years.

"You won't die easily, the profoundwu diamond armour on you should be able to protect you." Long Xueyi replied: "If it's not possible, I can use some of my power to help you withstand it."

If he wasn't confident, Long Xueyi wouldn't have sent Chen Xiang to die, and for Long Xueyi to send him there, it was obvious that she was very curious about the Colorful Jinx.

Chen Xiang, who was being pulled away by Mu Qianxiang, suddenly stopped, and pulled Mu Qianxiang over to his side.

"What are you doing?" Mu Qianxiang frowned.

"The Colorful Jinx landed on the ground, and has not exploded yet. They are obviously gathering their power, I want to go and take a look." Chen Xiang said.

"You knew that the Colorful Jinx had landed." Mu Qianxiang's face was filled with suspicions, but she still said resolutely: "You cannot go, if you go near that thing, you will die. There are records in the ancient books that someone once tried to get near to the Colorful Jinx to destroy it, but if you go near it, you would mysteriously die.

"That Colorful Jinx has a very powerful devouring force. As long as you get near it, no matter how strong you are, your entire body's power will be devoured. But you're not afraid, your power is in that mysterious dantian of yours, it's very hard to devour it." Long Xueyi said.

"I'm not afraid. I need to go take a look. You go take refuge there first." Chen Xiang said as she released Mu Qianxiang's hands. Stepping on the Shrinking step, she traveled through s.p.a.ce and s.p.a.ce and in a few moments she was already gone. This speed caused Mu Qianxiang to be extremely surprised, even if she wanted to chase after him, she did not know where he had gone to.

"This brat, don't die." Mu Qianxiang scolded, she was angry in her heart, Chen Xiang actually did not listen to her and went to do such a foolish thing.

Mu Qianxiang was helpless, he could only run to the place of refuge.

The closer he got to that place, the more familiar Chen Xiang felt that power.

"Wasn't this the aura of my super strong Robbery power that I tried to kill several times when I was at the Nirvana Doom?" Chen Xiang said in shock: "But this kind of Robbery power is extremely terrifying, people with Nirvana Doom definitely cannot trigger it."

"Xue Yi, do you know what's going on?" Chen Xiang asked.

"This seems to be a Scattered Immortal Tribulation. If it's really like this, who knows how many people this guy killed." Long Xueyi seemed to have thought of something, and shouted: "Wait a moment, quickly enter the rainbow colored tribulation cloud and take the Robbery power Holy Core away."

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