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"Little brat Chen Xiang, you really came out? Stay there and I'll come looking for you." was very surprised. He, the Clan Chief of the Duan Clan, had read through many ancient books in many of the families and he was very clear on the power of that great formation. It was used to seal the Immortal King.

When Duan Chong came to the profound Ice City through the Transmission array, he discovered that it was still very calm here. He immediately understood that no one knew when Chen Xiang ran out, and he secretly exclaimed in admiration at Chen Xiang's ability to actually escape from the powerful sealing formation without anyone noticing.

He quickly left the city to find Chen Xiang.

Duan Chong had also changed her appearance before, although there were very few people who had seen him, but when Chen Xiang saw him, he immediately recognized him.

Duan Chong was surprised to see the middle aged man in front of him. If he were not at this place where Communication jade Symbol paper were buried, he would not have believed that the middle aged man in front of him was Chen Xiang. Seeing Chen Xiang smile at him, he nodded his head.

"Follow me."

Duan Chong brought Chen Xiang into the city. They arrived at a bas.e.m.e.nt with many array formations.

Chen Xiang sat down and smiled: "Elder Duan, it's really good to see you again."

Duan Chong also laughed: "I wanted to tell you this too, I didn't expect you to actually kill that Heaven Thunder Devil Lord, it's such a pity that I fell into a chaotic s.p.a.ce and couldn't witness the instant you killed that Heaven Thunder Devil Lord, that guy hurt me."

"It's good that you're back." Chen Xiang had always felt guilty about this matter, because he had opened the spatial door at the time, and Duan Chong had lost it when he had first stepped into the spatial door.

Duan Chong didn't ask too much about how Chen Xiang came out. He smiled and said: "I'm now your Dragon Subduing School's Elder, our Duan Clan doesn't have any other abilities. We only know how to steal tombs.

After Duan Chong came out, he found Duan Sanchang, this grandson of his, who was always at work in the Dragon Subduing School, and found out that the Dragon Veins were in Chen Xiang's hands, and the Ironlion Army was also in the Dragon Subduing School. Without saying a word, he directly brought the Duan Clan's few people to the Dragon Subduing School, ending their many years of wandering.

With the Duan Clan joining the Dragon Subduing School, Chen Xiang would of course not mind them.

Chen Xiang smiled and said: "Of course I welcome Elder Duan to my Dragon Subduing School."

Duan Chong laughed, "Hehe, I never thought that my grandson and I would both be elders, and actually be of the same generation."

Chen Xiang had a rough understanding of what had happened in the past few years, so he did not have much to ask. He was more concerned with the lost history that Duan Chong had collected.

"Elder Duan, is there anything related to the Ice Emperor in the history you've collected?" When Chen Xiang asked this question, he did not expect much, but he did not expect Duan Chong's reaction to be so intense.

Duan Chong's face was filled with surprise as he anxiously asked: "How do you know about the Ice Emperor? He is an extraordinary person."

Chen Xiang immediately became excited and said, "Tell me what you know first. I urgently need to know more about him, and the Demon Empress of Demon Charming a.s.sociation doesn't tell me much, just a little. She says that the Ice Emperor is one of the ten kings of the Nine Emperors."

Duan Chong nodded. "That's right, Ice Emperor of the ten kings of the Nine Emperor Palace are vicious, cold, heartless, and addicted to killing. As long as Bingtian was unconvinced with his actions, they would all be wiped out, and the entire clan would be angered to the point of incurring the wrath of the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord and engaging in a great battle with the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord."

Chen Xiang asked, "The Demon Empress said that one of Ten Heavens Supreme Lord's arms was cut off by him, is that true?"

Duan Chong shook her head: "Ten Heavens Supreme Lord did indeed lose an arm during that great battle, and suffered a great loss of vitality. However, it was not done by Ice Emperor alone, and there is still Fire Emperor."

"At that time, during the great battle, only Ice Emperor and Ten Heavens Supreme Lord were left. However, in the end, the ambushed Fire Emperor suddenly appeared and plotted against him, allowing him to gain an advantage and freeze one of Ten Heavens Supreme Lord's arms before shattering it."

Chen Xiang was surprised. The two of them had actually teamed up, and they were even so despicable.

"And the last."

"Both Ice Emperor and Fire Emperor have fallen."

The alliance of the two emperors was actually killed by the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord, the power of the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord was something that Chen Xiang was extremely impressed with.

Chen Xiang pondered for a while, then said: "I know that Fire Divine Palace wants to revive the Ice Emperor … Could Fire Divine Palace be related to Fire Emperor? "

Duan Chong frowned and said in shock, "Fire Divine Palace wanted to revive the Ice Emperor. As expected, the Ice Emperor is still with Di Tian, for people like them, it would be difficult for them to die completely. Back then, the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord was probably also heavily injured and did not kill all of them."

"The Fire Divine Palace is related to the Fire Emperor, and should be established by the Fire Emperor. I think that the Fire Emperor's body was probably destroyed, and his soul was still there, or else the Fire Divine Palace would not be able to continue living until now, because back then, after the Fire Emperor had fallen, the Fire Divine Palace would quickly disappear, and only appear in the Heaven Realm after Di Tian broke up, becoming a strong power. It is very likely that the Fire Emperor wanted to revive the Ice Emperor."

As expected, Duan Chong knew a lot of things and was very excited about it.

"Elder Duan, do you know why the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord perished back then?" Chen Xiang really wanted to know about this.

"According to what I know, it's because of the things that the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord did that shook the position of those fellows, that's why those fellows secretly supported the traitor powers to deal with the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord, and even sent some Demon Masters after them. Afterwards, there was even an earth-shattering battle, and it was said that Di Tian also broke down at that time."

Chen Xiang took out the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword, caressed the blade, and asked: "Ice Emperor and Fire Yan Jing have a chance of reviving, maybe Ten Heavens Supreme Lord can also do it, maybe Ten Heavens Supreme Lord is still alive, or maybe he has been reborn."

The White Tiger had been reborn, so there was nothing impossible about it.

"I don't know, but in short, no one in the real Emperor's Tomb knows where it is. Maybe after you have gathered all the Heaven Earth Killing Method, there will be other ways to find the place where his bones are buried. How many Heaven Earth Killing Method you have now?" Duan Chong knew that Chen Xiang had found the Celestial Slain Method in the Heaven Thunder Purgatory.

"It's still the same, but I have the location of the Beast Slain Method, in Sacred Beasts Ancient Realm." This was what the Super Old Fire Beast had told Chen Xiang. The Super Old Fire Beast had also said that this was the place where he and the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord were born.

Duan Chong exclaimed: "As expected, this is the place where powerful beasts were born back then. Ten Heavens Supreme Lord was also born here, I wonder how it is like right now, but I can feel the danger inside."

Chen Xiang had always wanted to know where the Sacred Beasts Ancient Realm was. He had originally planned to ask the White Tiger about it, but he didn't expect that Duan Chong seemed to know about it.


"This will have to wait for me to find. During Di Tian's reorganization, the positions in many places have changed. I will calculate the position from a new point of view when I return." Duan Chong knew that gathering all the Heaven Earth Killing Method s was very important to him, but that place was also very dangerous, so he decided not to tell Chen Xiang about it first.

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