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"I have a lot, but it will take some time!" Sister You You You is very worried for you, so I will do my best to give you as much as possible so that you will be safer. "Look." What Chen Xiang said was the truth.

In the past, Su Meiyao had used the Dragon cohesion kungfu to condense the Dragon Saliva and helped Bai Ziqian grow many poisonous flowers and herbs. Although the two of them had a grudge, the truth was that they had a good relationship.

"Sister Ziqian, do you have anything to store Magical corruption gas s?"

"Yes!" Bai Ziqian took out a bead, and it was about the same as Lv Qinlian's from before: "If possible, fill it up."

After Chen Xiang received it, he immediately transferred the Magical corruption gas in his body into the pearl.

"You're actually hiding in your body!" Bai Ziqian could not help but be surprised, but it was normal when he thought about it. Chen Xiang's Devil-suppressing Golden Body was very powerful, the Magical corruption gas could not do anything about it.

"When the time comes, I will think of a way to go to Demon and Devil Sinkhole and get more!"

Now, Bai Ziqian knew why Su Meiyao had said that Chen Xiang was very capable. Magical corruption gas and Drunk G.o.d scent could be so many, even if she had searched for many years, it would still be difficult to find her.

"Hey, my man gave you so many good things, aren't you going to show some mercy?" Su Meiyao said proudly.

Bai Ziqian also knew that the reason Chen Xiang gave her these two Super Old poison was because of Bai Youyou. It was also because of Bai Youyou that Chen Xiang trusted her so much.

But Bai Ziqian didn't know how to express it either. Chen Xiang had the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword, Heaven Earth Killing Method, and a dragon vein that she was extremely envious of.

"This brat's request is not high, it's fine as long as I kiss with him for a bit, hehe …" But the high and mighty Devil Scorpion Princess would definitely not do so. " She and Bai Ziqian had a grudge, but now that her man was helping her like this, it truly didn't feel good for Bai Ziqian.

"No need to thank me. You Ye has given me a lot of help. Without her, I wouldn't be here today. Besides, this is nothing to me!" As Chen Xiang delivered the Magical corruption gas into the pearl, he indeed did not mind thanking him. In his opinion, Bai Ziqian was family with him.

"sister Meiyao, I'm your man after all. Do you think you can help your man seduce women?" Chen Xiang sent a sound transmission to Su Meiyao.

"Little Scoundrel, Big Sis is helping you take care of this woman! Sister, I know that you're just a playboy. It's not like I don't know that there's one more person like her, or one less person. Su Meiyao secretly transmitted to Chen Xiang: "You little scoundrel, don't tell me you didn't think of taking the two sisters down?"

"I have only thought about it occasionally, but I think I know that I am a Devil Scorpion Princess."

"What's that?" Isn't your Xue Xiao Xian and Elder Sister Meng'er master and disciple? Weren't you the one who took it? Who are you that I don't know? Stop pretending to be a sheep in front of me! " Su Meiyao said.

Bai Ziqian indeed did not know how to thank Chen Xiang, and Drunk G.o.d scent and Magical corruption gas were very important to her. Although Chen Xiang did not want her to thank him, she felt apologetic about it, especially since Su Meiyao always used this matter to provoke her.

Chen Xiang did not want to make Bai Ziqian look bad, according to Bai Ziqian's surname, if he were to continue, he would definitely be tangled up, and anxiously said: "Sister Ziqian, don't go wandering around too much during this period, and spend time with Miss You You You You, simultaneously refining Drunk G.o.d scent!"

"Come in, I want to meet you too!" Su Meiyao said.

Bai Ziqian originally wanted to leave after meeting with Chen Xiang, but she needed a lot of Drunk G.o.d flower, so she had to stay for a period of time and enter the Serene Jade ring. As for what was going on inside, Chen Xiang didn't know.

After Chen Xiang filled that bead with Magical corruption gas, he gave it to Bai Ziqian who was inside the Youyao ring. Then, he hurriedly left to find out about the examination to Alchemist.

After Bai Ziqian entered the ring, he found out that Bai Youyou had been living a good life.

"If you want to become a Gold rank Alchemist, you must refine a high-grade Ground level pill!" This was information that Chen Xiang had gathered, and it was not easy to pa.s.s the examination.

The level of Alchemist here was around the same as Di Tian's Dan Alliance. To be able to refine three high grade Ground level pills was already considered a part of the Alchemy Sect and there were quite a few in the Sacred City. As for the Dan Immortal s, there weren't many as well, and there were even fewer alchemists and they were hard to find.

When that time comes, he would need sufficient energy to open up the Sacred Sacrificed Alter and return. But the majority of the people who came, were already dead, especially the people from the traitors, none of them left alive, Chen Xiang did not know if he could open the Sacred Sacrificed Alter at that time, so he needed to increase his strength, and at the same time, collect more medicinal ingredients.

"The Five Elements Profound Dan's medicinal ingredients? This is the medicine for a high grade Ground level pill, normally, the pill shop would not sell it! "

"We don't sell medicinal herbs here!"

"Profound? We won't sell or trade for that medicinal herb! "


Chen Xiang went to a lot of pill stores and first bought some common high grade Ground level medicinal ingredients, but none of them were willing to sell! He was only selling some low levelled herbs, which made Chen Xiang very depressed. Now he had no choice but to refine Relive Dan s first, luckily he had a lot of ingredients for it. Otherwise, he wouldn't be able to get his hands on the high grade Ground level pills!

"If you want the medicinal herbs, I'll help you s.n.a.t.c.h them. In any case, the powers here are all after me. I've long seen how impatient they are!" She could see the things outside from inside, but Chen Xiang rejected her idea. Doing this was too dangerous, it would not be good to get excited about the old fellow in the Sacred City.

The large pill shops in the Sacred City were all very cautious, the number of Heaven level Pills that came out was even less, and even if there were immortal pills, the quality would be very poor, and all of the immortal pills were for auction. High level pills were usually for their own use, only the poor ones would be sold. As for the herbs of Heaven level and above, they would rarely appear on the market. This was to prevent the other party from buying them and then collecting them as a reserve resource.

Chen Xiang kept having the feeling that the Sacred Dan Realm on this side, as well as the various great powers, all had a blood feud.

"Could it be that a great battle is brewing here?" Chen Xiang felt that he needed to get rid of the core members of the powers in order to know a few things. Only then would he be able to get his hands on the treasures here, get a large sum of money, and then leave.

"If I can kill the Prince Imperial Dragon, isn't it just a mere Sacred Dan Realm?" Chen Xiang thought silently in his heart. He returned to his living quarters and began to condense creation divine liquid s. He wanted to obtain more Drunk G.o.d flower s for Bai Ziqian so that she could refine some of them.

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