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The White Tiger looked at the sky. It was currently late at night, but the distant sky was illuminated by a golden cloud. That golden light was incredibly divine, making people feel as if it was a divine light that looked down on the world.

"It really is the Sacred Dragon Bloodline, but it looks like it's a small dragon!" The White Tiger let out a sigh of relief, "I thought it was that old holy dragon that came down!"

"Senior, can't you beat that old holy dragon?" was extremely surprised. The White Tiger and the Azure Dragon were existences of the same generation, and it was said that the Azure Dragon was the patriarch of the Imperial Dragon Race.

The White Tiger shook its head. "You know that I haven't completely recovered my strength. Otherwise, I wouldn't be here."

The corner of Chen Xiang's mouth twitched, his strength had not completely recovered, but he had become so powerful!

"The peak-level strength of this big white cat is quite terrifying. Back then, my White Dragon Ancestor had witnessed the big white cat and the Azure Dragon Ancestor fight. In my inherited memories, they were evenly matched."

The White Tiger said, "If there is a Holy Dragon coming down suddenly, it's very likely that it's because the news of you casting the Primal Chaos Dragon Curse has already spread to the Heaven Realm!"

Chen Xiang used the Primal Chaos Dragon Curse to attack the Sacred Sacrificed Alter. Those ancient powers informed the big shots in the Heaven Realm about this matter, and those big shots definitely knew that it was a Primal Chaos Dragon Curse.

Before, when Chen Xiang had activated the Heavenly dragon seal, it had already made the Imperial Dragon Race suspicious, but back then, they felt that it was not necessary to investigate it thoroughly. But it was different now, the Primal Chaos Dragon Curse was the only powerful dragon in the Imperial Dragon Race that had the chance to obtain the inheritance of the Primal Chaos Dragon Curse! Generally speaking, small dragons with imperial karmic luck would be able to receive the inheritance of the Chaotic Dragon Curse.

But now, it was a human who was displaying it, not to mention the fact that this human was also holding onto Green dragon demon-slain broadsword, and was cultivating Taiji Dragon-suppressed kungfu s and Heaven Earth Killing Method s. This made Imperial Dragon Race feel threatened. It had to be known that only the Dragon Emperor and the Dragon Prince of Imperial Dragon Race knew how to use the Primal Chaos Dragon Curse!

"The holy dragon has descended, and this place has dragon veins. As the most n.o.ble dragon in the Imperial Dragon Race, they have even more of an excuse to s.n.a.t.c.h the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword s! Do you think we still need to reveal our ident.i.ties to join the Three Realms Talk? At that time, Imperial Dragon Race will definitely know that you know how to use the Primal Chaos Dragon Curse! " The White Tiger asked.

"Of course! Why not? I've killed dragons and all that sort of thing, but this is the first time I've killed a holy dragon! " Chen Xiang's eyes flashed with killing intent, "As the Leader, how can he live up to his name if he doesn't kill a holy dragon?"

He actually wanted to kill the holy dragon! This would definitely infuriate the old holy dragon!

"Yes, that's it! If I'm not mistaken, that guy should be the Dragon King. At that time, this old lady will personally come out and take care of this fellow who will fight with me for the throne in the future. " Long Xueyi shouted angrily from inside the ring.

"No, if it really is the Prince Imperial Dragon, then let me kill it!" Chen Xiang said.

"No, I will kill!" Long Xueyi shouted.

"It's the same for me if I kill him. Don't look out for him!" Chen Xiang laughed.

"With that bit of strength of yours, you are too weak. If you don't borrow my strength, you definitely won't be able to defeat me. Let me handle it!" This is the decisive battle between the juniors of our Imperial Dragon Race. " Long Xueyi said.

Being ruthlessly looked down upon by this Little Naughty Dragon, Chen Xiang was even more unable to show weakness: "When the time comes, I definitely do not need to borrow your power to get rid of that Prince Imperial Dragon by myself!"

If it was a normal dragon, many people would definitely chase after it to kill it, because the Imperial Dragon Race would not care about it. But if the Imperial Dragon Race's dragon was killed, that was equivalent to piercing through the sky, and many powerful old fellows could tell that the dragon that appeared today came from the Imperial Dragon Race.

The golden cloud in the sky disappeared and the White Tiger said, "Tomorrow, Three Realms Talk should be able to see this dragon. Holy Dragon, Sacred Sacrificed Alter, Three Realms Talk really did make a big move! "

Chen Xiang was still tormenting himself as to how strong he would be if he could unleash his full strength. He thought about slaughtering a Holy Dragon with his own strength, without relying on Long Xueyi's strength.

The sky gradually brightened. Chen Xiang opened his eyes with a trace of astonishment on his face, because he clearly felt that the s.p.a.ce had become extremely hard. This meant that Di Tian's s.p.a.ce had suddenly become very firm today, and today was the day the Three Realms Talk began.

"Don't tell me that those ancient powers specially arranged them for this day? Did they know that Di Tian's s.p.a.ce will become stronger today? " Chen Xiang was very suspicious, when he walked out of the room, Bai Hu and Li Baojun followed him into the hall.

"After Di Tian entered the growth stage, the s.p.a.ce was completely sealed. In other words, other than those who just crossed the Nine Nirvana Tribulations and were dragged to the Heaven Realm, no one else was able to leave or enter this place!" The White Tiger said, "Those ancient powers actually knew that it was on this day. They definitely have other intentions for arranging the Three Realms Talk s today!"

"So you're saying that those strong guys in the Heaven Realm are also unable to come down?" Li Baojun asked.

"That's right. Most likely, many ancient powers sent a large group of people to strengthen the foundation they have in Di Tian last night! The Imperial Dragon Race will definitely bring down a lot of dragons too. Although Di Tian does not have the status that he did in the past, but now that the clouds have risen again, the various powers have already started to occupy the land in Di Tian. " The White Tiger said.

Chen Xiang looked into the sky, his expression extremely unsatisfied: "These fellows are too shameless, if they were to come down from the Heaven Realm, wouldn't the local forces be suppressed by them? Or subdued by them. "

"Wouldn't it be fine if we just annihilate them? Isn't that what your Dragon Subduing School wants to do? " The White Tiger laughed.

Chen Xiang took out a sign and said: "Right now, we will use our original appearances to partic.i.p.ate in the Three Realms Talk. There is still some distance between here and the meeting place, at that time, you guys should be responsible for cleaning up the people who want to take action against us! Hehe, my strength is just like that, you know that! "

Li Baojun laughed: "I will make my move, if I cannot take it, the Great Clan Elder will attack again! Now you cannot expose the Great Clan Elder's strength! "

After Li Baojun integrated with the Rule spiritual bead, his strength must have risen sharply. Chen Xiang felt that if not for this fellow, Han Kang, he would be able to handle this situation.

"Let's go, that holy dragon will definitely join the Three Realms Talk. The ancient powers will probably go and curry favor with this guy, and then there will be a conflict! But Leader, you had best not do anything. Leave everything to me and Elder Li! " The White Tiger said.

Today's Three Realms Talk was extremely important to them, because this was the day where they would completely beat up the reputation of the Dragon Subduing School, and also the day that they would expose that the Dragon Subduing School was him, Chen Xiang!

The three of them displayed their original appearances and arrived at a large road, walking towards the huge palace in the distance!

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