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Chapter 601

One of the Boa dragon's arms became incomparably large. It was a huge and sinister black dragon claw. At this time, Chen Xiang had a very deep understanding of how strong this Boa dragon was, because his powerful slash had actually only left faint scars on the scales on the claw.

"You forced me!" The Boa dragon roared madly, and its body erupted with a burst of black energy. A gust of astral wind exploded, and Chen Xiang saw that both of the Boa dragon's arms had turned into long and large dragon claws, and its body was also covered with a layer of dragon armor.

"This guy doesn't dare to transform into a dragon, otherwise he would be more likely to be poisoned." Long Xueyi said.

"What an evil aura, it seems like he has been using children to raise his strength all year round, he has acc.u.mulated a lot of evil aura in his body!" Chen Xiang was secretly happy: "Since that's the case, then my Demon Subduing Fist will be put to use!"

"Human brat, you truly surprised me. You are just like a natural born dragon slaying martial artist. Today, I will definitely let you die here!" The Boa dragon growled, opening its mouth, a black tongue turned into a ray of light, shooting towards Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang's foot slipped, and he rushed far away with large strides. But what he did not expect was that the tongue actually knew how to turn, and not only did it stretch out long, it even became extremely fast, wrapping around Chen Xiang's neck and pulling him towards it.

When Chen Xiang was being pulled over, the Boa dragon's sharp claws were already waiting for him, and just as he was about to touch Chen Xiang's body, the divine blade in Chen Xiang's hand suddenly grew longer, and rotated in his hand.

The divine blade that was infused with the Dragon Power was extremely powerful and had an incalculable weight. With just a light swing, it cut off the tongue of the Boa dragon, causing it to let out a shrill roar.

"Idiot, you're asking for trouble!" After Chen Xiang got rid of the disgusting tongue, he crazily waved the long blade in his hands, releasing wave after wave of blade Qi at close range.

's thunderous roars resounded continuously. Every time Chen Xiang brandished his blade, it would explode by ten times, the penetrating force was extremely powerful, striking the air and causing an even more terrifying sonic boom.

This kind of force was created using the Dragon Power as the foundation, and now it was as though tens of thousands of arrows had shot out at the same time, striking the Boa dragon's body. This kind of overwhelming and unstoppable Devil Subduing Method, was very hard to resist, and it even had a tinge of gold light, so one could tell that it was the Devil-suppressing qi.

"Ah! Ah!" The Boa dragon did not expect this kind of power to easily penetrate the tough skin and flesh on his body, entering inside his body and wreaking havoc.

Chen Xiang brandished the divine blade in his hand, madly slashing at the Boa dragon, the dense Devil Subduing Method was like the aura produced when ten thousand horses galloped, releasing a shocking sound, which mercilessly and violently struck the Boa dragon.

"Little Scoundrel, take this chance while I'm teaching you a move, it's from the Heavenly dragon seal. Gather immortal qi and kill this fellow!" Long Xueyi said excitedly: "You must know that although this guy has been beaten to such a state by you, he can quickly recover. You did not seriously injure him!"

Of course Chen Xiang knew that the other party was a dragon, and a dragon that had the same level of strength as Du Hai.

He followed Long Xueyi's instructions and put away the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword, then smashed the Boa dragon with his two fists that had a white tiger glove, causing the Devil Subduing Method to explode with a shocking explosion. Furthermore, the Slaughter G.o.d's Hand was still releasing a devouring force, it was a type of power that carried a deathly aura.

"Be careful!" Du Hai suddenly roared, Chen Xiang suddenly saw a gigantic black dragon head appear, opening its mouth wide, fiercely biting towards him.

The furious Dragon Roar roared crazily. A large piece of land was shaken by the sound wave produced by the roar, and all the trees within a hundred mile radius were turned into dust. The green poisonous fog was also dispersed by a strong gale.

A three hundred meter long, gigantic black dragon appeared, its entire body covered in black hard scales, releasing traces of Evil Qi, it flew in the air, its pair of venomous eyes staring straight at Chen Xiang, its fangs wide open, a heaven shaking roar came out from its throat, the black astral wind was like thousands of sharp blades, blowing towards Chen Xiang.

"This guy is angry, hurry up and use the Heavenly dragon seal!" Long Xueyi anxiously said, and pa.s.sed on to Chen Xiang one of the techniques of the Heavenly dragon seal.

A profoundwu cover hood appeared on Chen Xiang's body, blocking the terrifying astral winds. This Boa dragon was already going all out, ignoring everything else to kill Chen Xiang!

Chen Xiang anxiously followed the martial arts mental cultivation methods that Long Xueyi had pa.s.sed on, he had a good grasp of the Heavenly dragon seal's basics, so most of the things he learnt in the future were easy to grasp.

The Boa dragon did not dare to approach Chen Xiang at this time either, because at such a close distance, that kind of Devil Subduing Method and Dragon Power was fatal to him, and the astral wind he released right now was also extremely harmful to Chen Xiang.

Just as the Boa dragon was about to use the gale that came out of her mouth to defeat Chen Xiang, the poison mist and the gale in the surroundings were suddenly sucked into the air.

At this time, as long as one was near Immortal-poisoning Devil Forest, they would be able to see a large amount of green poison mist in the Immortal-poisoning Devil Forest being pulled by a force into the sky. The green poison mist around Chen Xiang was all sucked into the air, which was a sight to behold.

The Heavenly dragon seal Chen Xiang used, not only was it able to absorb a large amount of immortal qi, it was also able to gather all of the poison mist and s.p.a.ce in the air.

Chen Xiang's expression was extremely serious, he had never experienced a crazy loss of mana or true energy, no matter how much he used his mana normally, it would not decrease by much, but now, it was almost completely drained, causing him to have a splitting headache, and he almost lost consciousness. Most of the true energy in his body was also sucked out.

"Forbidden Dragon Punishment, this is a technique Imperial Dragon Race specializes in dealing with those who use the Dragon Clan's Forbidden Devil Arts!" Long Xueyi said.

Chen Xiang suddenly roared out, and started chanting some incantations, all of which sounded extremely difficult to p.r.o.nounce, and every single word sounded as though they were being struck by lightning.

When he finished chanting the last incantation, a huge golden sword suddenly appeared in the sky. This huge sword was wrapped with a giant dragon formed from the energy of the five elements.

"Forbidden, Forbidden, Dragon, Punishment!" The five dragons roared together, and the golden greatsword locked onto the Boa dragon, then smashed down fiercely. The Boa dragon let out a despairing roar, and the golden greatsword pierced through his head, bringing about a wave of Qi.

Today, this Immortal-poisoning Devil Forest that had been quiet throughout the year had finally exploded out with shocking news. It was as if they had pa.s.sed through a rippling ocean, and the atmosphere had once again become tranquil.

Chen Xiang held onto his head that was about to split open, sat cross-legged and meditated, the meditator had recovered his spirit, and the pain from his body was extremely intense, his meridians seemed to be about to split open, his bones and muscles were extremely p.r.i.c.king.

"Little Naughty Dragon, when you give me your power in the future, you better greet me!"

Just now, Long Xueyi had borrowed a large portion of his strength to give it to him, otherwise, he would not have been able to complete this move.

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