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"Aren't there nine hegemons here?" Chen Xiang flew into the air, and it was the same everywhere he went. He then rode his Six Realms mirrors and flew quickly.

"We don't know anything about the Initial G.o.d-creation Realm!" Xiao Xianglin said: "This place is definitely not where we imagined it to be!"

Chen Xiang had thought that the Initial G.o.d-creation Realm was a very beautiful place, but he didn't expect it to be like this.

After flying above the Initial G.o.d-creation Realm for a period of time, he saw many traces of intense battles that destroyed the earth.

"It seems that they were not at all at ease here!" Aside from the Golden Fire Arrogant Lord, there are also other hegemons here. They must have fought quite a lot here. "

After Chen Xiang flew for a while, he sensed other auras.

"Could it be that the battle here just happened?" Chen Xiang stopped.

"It should have happened recently." Xiao Xianglin said: "Then you have to be careful, maybe an Overlord level person!"

Just as Xiao Xianglin finished speaking, a strong burst of killing intent approached him. Just as Chen Xiang reacted, his body was struck by the berserk Thunder power.

The attack came from high up in the sky, but when Chen Xiang got hit by the power, he landed heavily on the ground!

"It's the Star-creation Race!" was extremely shocked. Earlier, the Oldest Tree and the Uncle Shi had already gone to deal with the Star-creation Race, but now they appeared here!

"How did they get here?"

Although Chen Xiang's body was severely injured, he was indestructible and quickly recovered.

"He's here!" Chen Xiang immediately dodged to the side, only to see a ma.s.s of air, condensed from the berserk Thunder power explode down, hitting the ground and ripping a piece of the ground open.

Chen Xiang immediately released his doppelgänger. After borrowing the doppelgänger's power, he jumped up fiercely and rushed towards the Starlord who was hiding high above in the thick clouds.

The moment he climbed up, the thick clouds above him exploded into a dense electric net. He crashed into the electric net and was struck by the powerful lightning. He roared, the power of killing the scarlet dragon gushed out, forcing the lightning out, then blasting apart the thick clouds in the sky.

"This Star Creator shouldn't be like the ones we met before." Xiao Xianglin said: "Very scary, you must be careful!"

After cultivating World Defying Stage Divine Source, World Defying Stage Divine Source was also divided into strong and weak, and Chen Xiang had met this star creator, whose World Defying Stage Divine Source was also the strongest!

After Chen Xiang shattered the thick clouds, a whizzing sound could be heard. It was as if the heaven and earth was filled with countless lightning bolts, and everything within a million miles was covered in lightning.

The berserk lightning of all colors, was like a sudden rain, and the vast majority of them charged towards Chen Xiang!

Chen Xiang took out his Six Realms mirrors s and blocked all of the lightning bolts.

"You must be from Most Ancient Era! You can come here, could it be that you have control of the Initial G.o.d-creation Realm? Great, as long as I obtain the Initial G.o.d-creation Realm, I can leave this place, haha … " A fiendish laugh came from the sky.

"Who are you?" Chen Xiang fought with all his might against the lightning, but this man's strength far surpa.s.sed that of the Golden Fire Arrogant Lord.

"If Initial G.o.d-creation Realm is me, then I am Initial G.o.d-creation Realm!" That person laughed loudly. "The overlords above here were all killed by me just now. They have already become a part of me!"

The Initial G.o.d-creation Realm had actually turned into a human? Chen Xiang was shocked! In other words, he was in this person's body!

"Have you just transformed into a human? Why is there the aura of the Star-creation Race in your body? " Chen Xiang was thinking of a way, but at this moment, he could not see where this Domain Demon was located.

"Star-creation Race? They were created by me! " "The Initial G.o.d-creation Realm gave birth to the Tao-creation Divine Lord and the others, but they sealed me!"

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