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Although Long Yue no longer hated First Beast-creation Ancestor, he still had a strange feeling towards him. Chen Xiang could feel that he would gradually recover better in the future. →,

"Golden Fire Arrogant Lord will come back soon. It's best if your barrier is completed quickly, otherwise, once they arrive, they will definitely attack Medicine-creation Divine Continent." First Beast-creation Ancestor looked up at the sky: "Our ancestors' powers were restricted, it was difficult for us to increase them, that's all! Whether you can protect Most Ancient Era will depend on you juniors. "

"The enchantment should be ready soon. Once I can successfully lay it down, I will head to the Initial G.o.d-creation Realm! Completely eliminate those fellows above who have been wanting to destroy the Most Ancient Era. " Chen Xiang said.

"The people in the Initial G.o.d-creation Realm today are the descendants of all the ancestors. They had always thought that the entire Most Ancient Era belonged to them, so when the Most Ancient Era was being destroyed, they didn't have any scruples." Back then, the reason we created the Most Ancient Era was to create a colorful world. "

"Then who created you ancestors?" Chen Xiang asked.

"Naturally." The First Beast-creation Ancestor continued, "We were also confused about where we came from, who created us, and we spent a long time searching for the answer. In the end, we came up empty-handed, and because we felt lonely, we created the Most Ancient Era. In the end, only the Tao-creation Divine Lord and the h.e.l.l Divine Lord remained unchanged. "

"At this time, your strength is already very strong. Furthermore, you have obtained my inheritance and have an Immortal Body. If you go to the Initial G.o.d-creation Realm, you will definitely be able to look down on everything." First Beast-creation Ancestor asked, "What do you plan to do?"

"I do not understand Initial G.o.d-creation Realm, I only know that Golden Fire Arrogant Lord must be eliminated." Chen Xiang said: "What I want to do next will depend on the situation."

First Beast-creation Ancestor nodded.

"Senior, I'll take my leave first." Chen Xiang wanted to return to the Hundreds of Flowers Village. Xiao Xianglin said that the array disc was almost done refining.

"Goodbye!" First Beast-creation Ancestor bid farewell to Chen Xiang with a smile.

When Chen Xiang returned to the Hundreds of Flowers Village, they had already created an array disc!

"It's pretty fast!" Chen Xiang laughed.

"It's not too hard!" Xiao Xianglin laughed: "Actually, the main reason is because I obtained the inheritance of the Star Creation Soul Stone!"

"What's the inheritance of the Star Creation Stone?" Chen Xiang was secretly curious, that was something that Long Yue and Smoke Charming would risk their lives to obtain.

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