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Zuo Xingfeng waved his hand. A purple aura rose from the center of his palm, and then, it pressed down. The explosive purple light whistled into the air, heavily smashing onto the body of the Crystal-creation Race Emperor, pressing it down into a purple mist and then being absorbed by the Purple fire tree.

After Chen Xiang walked out, he frowned: "Did I sense a very strong aura just now? Why did it disappear? "

"That guy is the Crystal-creation Race Emperor, he has already been killed by us." Zuo Xingfeng laughed loudly. "You're late."

"You guys are so fast!" Seeing that Zuo Xingfeng and Zuo Xingfeng had such powerful strength, he was secretly happy in his heart.

"Chen Xiang, leave the things here to us!" Yu Weizhou said: "There's no need for you to worry, come back after a while, I promise that things will definitely get better here."

"Then I am relieved." Chen Xiang nodded and smiled.

"Even if the Golden Fire Arrogant Lord comes back, we are not afraid of him. We will no longer seal them in our Medicine-creation Divine Continent." Zuo Xingfeng said.

Even if they relied on the power of the divine tree, it would still be difficult for them to resist the Crystal-creation Race and the Golden Fire Arrogant Lord. But now that they had cultivated the World Defying Stage Divine Source, they could obtain even more powerful energy from the divine tree.

Chen Xiang went to look for Long Yue, who was also newly in control of the Beast-creation Race.

"The situation in Most Ancient Era should be more or less stable by now. h.e.l.l Divine Lord is leading the Demon Hunt Squad to deal with the h.e.l.l Race, while the others are going to deal with the few Star-creation Race s." Long Yue said.

"No, Golden Fire Arrogant Lord will definitely return!" Chen Xiang said: "Before that, I must protect Medicine-creation Divine Continent well."

"There must be a lot of h.e.l.l Clan. I'll go and reinforce the h.e.l.l Divine Lord!" Long Yue said. After all, she was in control of a large group of beasts and this was a force to be reckoned with.

"Alright!" Chen Xiang nodded, and he returned to the valley.

There was only First Beast-creation Ancestor here in the valley. Although he had an indestructible body, his strength was far inferior to Oldest Tree and Uncle Shi.

"In less than ten days, the matter with the Medicine-creation Divine Continent was solved?" The First Beast-creation Ancestor laughed.

"En!" Chen Xiang smiled and sat on a stone bench: "You were saved by me, according to the agreement … You should teach me the power of the indestructible body. "

After that, Chen Xiang called Xue Ying out.

"Phoenix? She already has an indestructible body, but she hasn't completely awakened that kind of power! " First Beast-creation Ancestor said as he waved his hand, releasing a ball of fiery red light that floated into Xue Ying's forehead and into his body.

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