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They had been waiting for Chen Xiang for a long time, because they had already known from Chu Jinfeng that the Crystal-creation Race was not a good person.

And at this time, the Crystal-creation Race did not hide anything and used his Creation Beast to destroy the Nine Divine Tree crazily!

"Right now, we need to completely break the barrier that shrouded the Medicine-creation Divine Continent." Chen Xiang said: "And then let people escape from this place! A great battle will definitely break out here. "

"You want to do this? Now it's all up to you! " Yu Weizhou knew that Chen Xiang had many methods.

"There should be a strange door within the Purple fire tree that can lead to the source of a secret. I need to enter that place!" Chen Xiang said.

The array disc that Xiao Xianglin had given him was mainly because it didn't provide enough energy, so it could only temporarily open a pa.s.sage for him and Long Yue to enter.

If he had enough power, he could activate the formation plate and destroy the enchantment and formation that shrouded the Medicine-creation Divine Continent.

"The Tree soul should know about this!" Chen Xiang said: "Quickly, bring me to where the Tree soul are!"

As they rose the Tree soul, Zuo Xingfeng and Yu Weizhou's expressions became extremely ugly.

"The Tree soul has already disappeared … We don't know why, but even after being sealed for such a long time, the Tree soul still wasn't able to do anything. c ≥ om has completely disappeared. " Zuo Xingfeng said.

"The other trees are the same!" Yu Weizhou's face was full of anger: "It's all because of these beasts from Crystal-creation Race, they've already angered the Tree soul!"

"It's alright, we're heading towards where the Tree soul are." Chen Xiang had come to the secret location of the Tree soul before.

Yu Weizhou and Zuo Xingfeng anxiously brought Chen Xiang there.

After arriving at the stone room, he found that it was completely empty. There should have been a purple colored glowing pearl inside.

When Chen Xiang asked He Fengyuan to come out, she could contact the Purple fire tree.

After He Fengyuan closed his eyes, he said, "The Tree soul is already hiding because he sensed that danger is approaching. He's hiding in the source of energy."

"Where is it?" Zuo Xingfeng asked anxiously.

"It's right under our feet!" He Fengyuan pointed to the ground: "I need Chuangyuan key s to open it!"

"Chen Xiang, you go in, we'll guard outside." Zuo Xingfeng said.

"They are all watching our every move. Now that they have seen us here, they will definitely be suspicious." Yu Weizhou said: "Hurry and break the seal on the Medicine-creation Divine Continent, this way you can let people leave for the time being."

The Medicine-creation Divine Continent was very crowded and there were a lot of people inside, but the divine trees in the other regions were already under the control of the Crystal-creation Race, if there were people fighting with the World Defying Stage Divine Source, it would affect a lot of people, and if there was nowhere to hide, there would be heavy casualties.

Chen Xiang nodded, then let He Fengyuan enter the You Yao Mountain Villa. After taking out the nine handfuls of the Chuangyuan key, Yu Weizhou and Zuo Xingfeng went outside.

Chen Xiang pierced the ground with the nine Chuangyuan key s. Suddenly, the ground flashed with a purple light and he felt like he had fallen into a purple pa.s.sageway.

After a few blinks of an eye, he arrived at a large s.p.a.ce filled with nine different colored flames. In the sky above this large s.p.a.ce, there were nine large fireb.a.l.l.s of different colors.

"Is this the source of energy for the Nine Divine Tree?" Chen Xiang looked up, then let He Fengyuan out.

"I've contacted the Tree soul, he can enter here and you can control the power here! You only need to hold the Chuangyuan key in your hand and you can draw out the energy inside it as you please. " He Fengyuan said.

Chen Xiang took out the array disc that was used to break the seal, then tightly gripped the nine Chuangyuan key s and pointed at the array disc.

The energy that suddenly poured in was extremely violent, causing the array disc to fiercely tremble for a moment, and then it erupted into a wave of air waves.

The shock wave exploded out, forming a shield that slowly expanded until it covered the entire Medicine-creation Divine Continent!

After the Medicine-creation Divine Continent released a series of violent tremors, the seal which was used to cover the Medicine-creation Divine Continent instantly fell apart.

"It's a success!" Chen Xiang was secretly excited, they were only waiting for the barrier which Xiao Xianglin and the others had refined. If it was successful, inside the Most Ancient Era, those who cultivated the World Defying Stage Divine Source could not use the strongest power, otherwise they would be teleported away as if they were in h.e.l.l.

Long Yue who was outside sensed that the barrier had been broken, and immediately controlled all the beasts to leave the Medicine-creation Divine Continent!

In the next moment, hundreds of thousands of beasts came rushing out of the rivers like a flood.

Yu Weizhou and Zuo Xingfeng's face were filled with joy!

"What did you do?" The Crystal-creation Race Emperor suddenly appeared outside a hole in the Purple fire tree's tree. Floating in the air, the golden armor on his Divine Tree radiated light.

"We are only untying the shackles of the Medicine-creation Divine Continent." Zuo Xingfeng sneered: "We know very well what you want to do to the Medicine-creation Divine Continent."

Zuo Xingfeng and Yu Weizhou had already cultivated up to the World Defying Stage Divine Source, and after the seal was broken by Chen Xiang, the entire Purple fire tree was immediately illuminated.

"Crystal-creation Race, from today onwards, we will no longer be suppressed by you!" Yu Weizhou shouted coldly, as he threw a punch at the Crystal-creation Race Emperor.

The fist power that had shot out to remove the purple light beam shook the entire Medicine-creation Divine Continent, and like a beam of light, it struck straight into the body of the Crystal-creation Race Emperor, directly penetrating through and leaving a large hole on the body of the Crystal-creation Race Emperor.

Yu Weizhou clenched his fists tightly, feeling the angry power bestowed to him by the Purple fire tree, he was extremely shocked in his heart, This was the power of the divine tree!

"You all … Why can I borrow the power of the divine tree?! " The Crystal-creation Race Emperor's face was filled with shock, jealousy and fear. This was something he had always desired, and this meant that he could control the power of the Most Ancient Era.

They had always used their creation beasts to convert the power of the divine tree for their own use, but this was far from being as terrifying as the divine tree's direct delivery.

Zuo Xingfeng had already flashed behind the Crystal-creation Race Emperor and struck out with his palm. The purple light exploded and shattered the lower half of the Crystal-creation Race Emperor's body, hitting the Purple fire tree and being absorbed by it.

The Crystal-creation Race Emperor's body was severely injured, and he only had the upper half of his body left. Just as he was about to land, he was grabbed by Zuo Xingfeng and greeted with a series of crazy punches.

"Gold Fire... "Save me!" The Crystal-creation Race Emperor bellowed.

"That guy ran away!" Yu Weizhou looked at the golden light that was fading far away in the sky. "He's returned to the Initial G.o.d-creation Realm, but he won't let this go easily. The power of the divine tree in the Medicine-creation Divine Continent has always been something they wanted to control, and now that they have already seen that we can control it, they will definitely think that they can too."

"What about the rest of the Crystal-creation Race?" Zuo Xingfeng said.

"Kill them all!" Yu Weizhou said in a cold voice, "In this period of time, they have done many unscrupulous things. Their deaths are not worthy of regret."

Yu Weizhou looked at the Crystal-creation Race Emperor who was lying inside the tree hole, and said angrily: "Just kill him like that, it's really letting him off too easily!"

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