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"Yang Jinwei, I've already killed the strongest among the Beast-creation Race, what do you want from the Beast-creation Race?" Long Yue wiped the sword in her hand. Although she looked to be in a sorry state, her Qi and blood were vigorous, the aura around her was not weak, proving that she was not injured.

"As long as Medicine-creation Divine Continent and this First Beast-creation Ancestor are here, I will not worry about not having a strong Beast Creation Army." Yang Jinwei laughed, "And now that you are controlling the Beast Creation Pearl, those inferior beasts will only listen to your commands. They definitely have a great grudge against you, leave it to me!"

"On what basis?" Long Yue sneered.

"Because my father is a Golden Fire Arrogant Lord!" Yang Jin laughed and said: "Half of the Most Ancient Era will be our Yang Family's!"

Chen Xiang was secretly shocked, this Yang Jinwei was actually the son of the Golden Fire Arrogant Lord.

The grandson who was injured by him was the son of the man before him.

"Is the Golden Fire Arrogant Lord not here? His grandson has already been crippled, and still dares to let his son come. " Long Yue mocked.

"I will settle this score with Chen Xiang! We'll get him sooner or later, you don't have to worry. " Yang Jinwei laughed sinisterly: "Chen Xiang is now the key to our plan, you were originally saved by her, right? But where is he now?"

"I'm 1111, M." It's here! "

Chen Xiang suddenly appeared below the altar and looked at Yang Jinwei.

Long Yue had thought that it would take Chen Xiang a while to break through, but he never thought that he would actually be able to cultivate the World Defying Stage Divine Source so quickly.

Betrayal's Creation Beast would come here to eat the First Beast-creation Ancestor's meat to strengthen itself, and at the same time, become an even stronger Evil beast. In the future, it would become the main force capable of committing evil, so Long Yue couldn't wait any longer, and directly came over.

Long Yue had two doppelgangers. Even if he were to face the Golden Fire Arrogant Lord now, he would not be as helpless as before.

Yang Jinwei was startled when he saw Chen Xiang. He did not think that Chen Xiang would appear here so soon after he mentioned him, he even suspected that Chen Xiang had come here a long time ago, but he did not show himself.

"Your son was crippled by me. You should be grateful to me for keeping his dog life." Chen Xiang sneered.

After Yang Jinwei heard this, he became furious, and the spear in his hand immediately flew out, shaking the world and setting off a violent storm that flew towards Chen Xiang.

It was undeniable that Yang Jinwei's power was very terrifying. Just by throwing out his spear, it was able to create a golden gale that covered the earth like a sandstorm.

Originally, the area was filled with pitch-black flesh and blood of beasts. However, after the spear thrust out, they were all blown away.

Chen Xiang was already prepared, the Six Realms mirrors's mirror gushed out a white light, and his spear flew down, but it was blocked by the ball of white light, and not even a single Qi wave leaked out!

The golden gale that had erupted, had been blown away by the countless corpses of the beasts, but suddenly was drawn back by a suction force, all of them rushing towards Chen Xiang's Six Realms mirrors!

Devour! Infinite devouring!

All of the energy in the surroundings rushed towards Chen Xiang's Six Realms mirrors, and a large majority of the golden spear had already pierced into the Six Realms mirrors.

Yang Jinwei immediately started sweating profusely. That golden spear was his G.o.dly weapon, but now it was about to be swallowed by someone.

In desperation, Yang Jinwei threw a punch towards his fist, the huge golden fist smashed down, while Chen Xiang struck his palm towards the descending huge golden fist to counterattack.


A force that could shake the earth, that seemed like it could collapse, exploded out. The Heaven Blasting Palm activated by the Divine Energy caused the sky to distort, and the formidable Divine Energy condensed by Yang Jinwei's giant golden fist also dispersed.

"Devour him!" After Chen Xiang shouted, the Six Realms mirrors flashed with white light and immediately swallowed the spear.

"Killing evil dragon, appear!"

Chen Xiang waved his hand, and his arm immediately emitted a dark red aura, flying up and throwing a punch at Yang Jinwei. A black and red dragon shadow flew out and turned into an incomparably strong fist force!

This punch contained an incomparable amount of pressure. It was originally daytime, but the s.p.a.ce around it had all ruptured, becoming pitch-black.

Yang Jinwei only felt this incomparably powerful aura, yet his heart was already filled with fear. The entire altar shook even more violently, as if it was about to shatter.

"Father!" Yang Jinwei's terrified voice trembled slightly as he shouted loudly.

Chen Xiang's Dragon Slaying Fist had already landed on Yang Jinwei's body. Like an angry dragon rushing forward, it pierced through his body and poured into the altar!


The altar was directly shattered into pieces by the force, Yang Jinwei was already gone, while the First Beast-creation Ancestor was sealed on the altar, he was also affected, but luckily he still had a few pieces left, and in that short period of time, these pieces recovered back to normal.

"I almost got killed." When First Beast-creation Ancestor thought about Chen Xiang's punch just now, he was extremely shocked.

"Let's hurry up and go, the Golden Fire Arrogant Lord is about to arrive. This fellow will not be easy to deal with if he goes crazy, and he might not come with the Crystal-creation Race Emperor." The First Beast-creation Ancestor said quickly as he took out an array disc, and teleported to a valley with Chen Xiang and Long Yue.

Arriving at the valley, Chen Xiang saw a house. A child was seated at the door, and on the other side of the room sat a middle-aged man who was resting with his eyes closed, basking in the sunlight.

"Oldest Tree, Uncle Shi!" Chen Xiang immediately shouted.

The First Beast-creation Ancestor's Transmission array could actually be sent to this place.

"What is this place?" Long Yue asked. She seemed to know the Uncle Shi and the Oldest Tree.

"This is the Spirit Creation Valley!" The Oldest Tree replied.

"Chen Xiang, haha, we finally meet!" The Uncle Shi laughed.

"This ghost really knows how to live. It actually didn't die." Oldest Tree said, "You're still with Old Dragon."

"Aren't you all still alive?" The First Beast-creation Ancestor laughed.

First Beast-creation Ancestor obviously had other intentions for coming here.

"I still have things to take care of. I need to leave this place." said. Even though she had already let go of her hatred towards the First Beast-creation Ancestor, she was still not used to it.

"Little girl, what do you want to say?" Oldest Tree, who looked like a big fart, shouted, which made Long Yue very angry.

"It's important!" Long Yue snorted.

"The son of the Golden Fire Arrogant Lord was killed." First Beast-creation Ancestor said, "Golden Fire Arrogant Lord will definitely go crazy."

"Who killed him?" Uncle Shi asked, but he seemed to already have the answer.

"I accidentally killed him. I thought I would keep him and use him to threaten Golden Fire Arrogant Lord." Chen Xiang really did not expect his Murderous Dragon Killing Fist to be so terrifying. If he had known earlier, he would not have needed to kill three Scarlet Dragons to fuse them.

"So amazing!" The Oldest Tree laughed. Back then, he was the one who pa.s.sed down the ability to pierce through to Chen Xiang, but the ability to pierce through seemed to no longer have any use.

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