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Yellow Heaven Dan Devil's face was filled with unhappiness, he snorted and said: "Sunscorch, that's not right. You're already very familiar with refining the h.e.l.l Magic Dan, but now you want to compete with it, it's very unfair to us!"

"I have no objections." Tian Yu Dan Devil smiled slightly, then looked towards Smoke Charming.

"I don't care, I've always wanted to refine h.e.l.l Magic Dan." Smoke Charming smiled charmingly, then glanced at Chen Xiang.

"Huang Tian, how about this? I only have one chance, you guys have two." Burning Sun Dan Devil laughed: "Look at them, they don't have any objections … Oh right, little brother Chen Xiang, do you have any objections? "

"So what if I have opinions? Whatever! " Chen Xiang actually wanted to try it out, he felt that it wouldn't be too difficult to refine the bottle gourd into a pill.

This type of pill was not meant for eating, but for battling. If he were to throw it out during a battle, it would be able to unleash an extremely powerful force. Chen Xiang had concocted this kind of pill before, so he was not too worried.

"Oh right, when refining, use the pill furnace that we provided! "If the pill furnace is broken and you are unable to continue concocting, you will be eliminated." Burning Sun Dan Devil had the pill furnace brought up.

"You fellows, in order to make things difficult for me, you came up with everything." Yellow Heaven Dan Devil was very unhappy: "You guys are obviously here to deal with Chen Xiang, in the past, you all used your own pill furnaces."

"Senior, forget it!" Chen Xiang shouted.

"$. Old Yellow, it's fair that we all use the same pill furnace. " The Burning Sun Dan Devil said.

The spectators also supported the idea of using a uniform pill furnace. Sometimes, a good pill furnace could be very useful and cause injustice.

"Whatever you want!" Huang Tian snorted angrily.

Chen Xiang's Extreme Heaven Pill made the Burning Sun Dan Devil's heart palpitate with excitement. Smoke Charming and Tian Yu Dan Devil were also the same, and the rules before their eyes were all beneficial to them.

Smoke Charming already knew that Chen Xiang was from Most Ancient Era and had just arrived in the Infernal Realm. So he was definitely not that familiar with the herbs from h.e.l.l, and adding the fact that he was using an unfamiliar pill furnace to refine, it would affect his performance.

The level of the four Dan Devil s were all around the same level, and Yellow Heaven Dan Devil was slightly weaker among them. Although he had won two times before, he didn't have much confidence in himself.

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