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Jiu Canghai hurriedly swallowed a pill. After the medicinal power melted, he immediately felt that it was just like what Chen Xiang said, it could extend his life.

Not long after, Jiu Canghai seemed to have become a lot younger, an energetic middle-aged man.

"It is indeed useful. Your improvement in the Pill Dao is truly swift." Jiu Canghai laughed, his smile was extremely brilliant, and completely different from before.

After that, Chen Xiang told Jiu Canghai a lot of things about the Star Law Divine Realm, letting Jiu Canghai know that there was danger here. Of course, if it were to explode, it would not spread to the big sky star so quickly.

After Jiu Canghai found out about this, he couldn't help but sigh with emotion. He had initially thought that the Peak Divine Lord was the end of the line, but he never thought that there was still someone at the Heavenly Dao Realm above, he had always felt that there was no limit to one's strength.

Chen Xiang also felt the same way, and then he told Jiu Canghai the direction to cultivate the second Divine Sense Sea and told him to teach it to the others in the Nine Heaven School.

This Everlasting Mountain was the knot in his heart. If he did not control the Everlasting Mountain in his hands, he would be very worried.

When Chen Xiang had consumed the Nine Bone Divine Pellet that the five hundred Bone level fruit had refined earlier, he had already cultivated up to the ninth Bones, and the second Divine Sense Sea had also appeared. He was extremely familiar with the Taiji yin and yang map, and what was a little different from before was that there were originally five Beast statue, but now there were six.

There was an extra Qilin floating in the air.

"My second Divine Sense Sea's cultivation is not to condense Divine Deity, but to help the six Heavenly beast condense their Bones." When Chen Xiang saw his familiar Second Divine Sense Sea, he could distinctly feel it.

If it was someone else's second Divine Sense Sea, they would need to cultivate a Hundred G.o.ds level, but Chen Xiang needed to give each Beast statue ten Bones, at that time, he would be able to step into the Heavenly Dao and condense his Dao Body.

After Chen Xiang returned to the Cang Cloud City's Villa, Wu Zhi came in a hurry to find him.

"Leader, something bad happened." Wu Zhi's expression was solemn, and said anxiously: "Undead Divine Race is here."

"Undead Divine Race is here." Chen Xiang understood immediately, and at the same time was a little happy.

Wu Zhi had previously said that their Star Law Divine Realm was only a branch power organization and that they had one in other places, and one that was even more powerful.

Yue'er's grandmother had now successfully contacted the largest clan in Undead Divine Race, which was why Wu Zhi said that the Undead Divine Race had come.

"What? Isn't this a good thing?" Chen Xiang asked doubtfully.

"It's not a good thing." Wu Zhi said as his brows furrowed, "After this Undead Divine Race came, he did not immediately look for us, but went to occupy other Heavenly Stars. Or did he use an extremely brutal method to directly attack a Heavenly Star and dominate it?"

"When did this happen?" Chen Xiang was also very surprised. He thought about it carefully and felt that it was nothing much, "However, this is also very normal. After all, Undead Divine Race was killed by those Heavenly Star Great Leaders.

"No, it would be one thing if they only wanted to kill those powerhouses. However, they killed indiscriminately and indiscriminately. Moreover, they did not completely exterminate those powers. Instead, they controlled those powers and admitted that they possess extremely powerful strength." Wu Zhi said.

Hearing that, Chen Xiang also felt that something was amiss, the Undead Divine Race that just came here seemed to be different from the one he knew.

"Elder Wu, then what do you think?" Wu Zhi asked. Wu Zhi had many clones, so he could quickly find out what was happening in the Heavenly Stars.

"Even though they are also Undead Divine Race, they are not on the same route as us. I have already told the Patriarch, to be more careful when she comes into contact with this group of fellows." Wu Zhi said: "We, the Four Divine Races who have been stationed in the Star Law Divine Realm for a long time, have already separated from the main clan.

"Elder Wu, you mean the entire race is getting worse." Chen Xiang frowned.

"It's possible. According to their current style of doing things, they can only be described as cruel. Our Undead Divine Race should not be like this." Wu Zhi's face became serious: It seems that Star Law Divine Realm is getting more and more restless.

"Go and invite Elder Dai, my master and senior uncle. It's time for us to take Everlasting Mountain down." Chen Xiang said: "This Everlasting Mountain must be under our control. If this Undead Divine Race, which comes from the main clan, is filled with ill intent, and is under their control, it will lead to disaster."

Now that Chen Xiang had seen his own Second Divine Sense Sea, his strength was already very terrifying. After going beyond the realm of Peak Divine Lord, he felt that it shouldn't be a problem to deal with the fellows from the Everlasting Mountain s.

Dai Donggong, Huang Jintian and the others arrived quickly.

"It's time to make a move." Huang Jintian laughed, but after hearing what Wu Zhi said, he could not laugh anymore.

Undead Divine Race from the main clan had finally arrived, but it was not as they had imagined.

"Our Undead Divine Race has never been like that. They really killed innocent people on a Heavenly Star." Huang Jintian frowned, he took out the Tianyan G.o.d record, and started searching for something on it.

"Yes, they killed a lot of people. They destroyed two Stellar Corridors, and countless others died as well." Wu Zhi said: "What are you looking for, is it recorded in the divine records?"

Huang Jintian did not answer, but started flipping through it seriously. After a while, he let out a long sigh.

"Why are you so sure about what was written on the record?" Huang Yantian hurriedly asked.

"The entire clan is in some Natural Law Divine Realm or other. Back then, they had a sealed pa.s.sage to h.e.l.l on the Dao of the Heavens." Huang Jintian said: "If they truly had thoughts of strengthening us, they would have made their move long ago, but they only watched as our clan was exterminated right in front of their eyes."

Wu Zhi trembled as he shook his head. He could not believe that it was true.

"Master, you mean to say that the Undead Divine Race above the Natural Law Divine Realm also wants to disrupt the order of the entire Heavenly Dao?" Chen Xiang was also very surprised.

"It should be, as for why I do not know, there must be a reason behind them colluding with the Evil Spirit Race, but no matter what reason they have, I will not let them go, even if they are our ancestors." Huang Jintian's voice trembled as she endured her rage. Her Star Law Divine Realm's clan was exterminated, and this was a blood feud.

The Undead Divine Race s that came over to the main race had originally been Chen Xiang's hope, but now they were extremely disappointed. Not only would they not help to resolve the crisis in the Star Law Divine Realm, they were even opposing them.

"Right now, no matter what, we must protect the Everlasting Mountain. As long as the seal below the Everlasting Mountain is not broken, we can gain more time." Wu Zhi said: "Leader, when do we start."

"All of you, go gather the disciples. We'll make our move tomorrow morning." Chen Xiang said, he and the few elders had already made their preparations.

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