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When Chen Xiang saw that Long Xueyi had arrived, he knew that the people of Nine Heaven World had moved to the Great Heavenly Star Realm. He had and Huang Yantian help out with this matter, it seemed like things were progressing smoothly.

Because Chen Xiang had come out of seclusion, Long Xueyi immediately followed Feng Wu back to the villa. Long Xueyi had mainly missed Chen Xiang too much, which was why he had pestered Ge Long to bring her here.

"Little Scoundrel, Elder Sister Meng'er and the others said that they can refine an array disc that can teleport from the Great Heavenly Star to here. It will take some time for it to be completed, and at that time, they will come over to play." Long Xueyi did not know about the hidden dangers of w.a.n.g Ancient Heavenly Star. "

"En, I will go find Sister Qilian, let's go together now!" Chen Xiang pinched Long Xueyi's face.

After that, Chen Xiang and Long Xueyi left the w.a.n.g Ancient Heavenly Star and headed towards the Great Sky Star.

After arriving at the Great Heavenly Star, Chen Xiang followed Long Xueyi and came to the that was established here!

Chen Xiang did not immediately go find Lv Qilian, but first went to see Xue Xianxian and the others. Seeing that their strength had greatly increased, he felt more at ease. At this time, they were busy refining the Transmission array Disc, and Chen Xiang had only touched their small hands, or pinched their faces, before he left.

Chen Xiang returned to the courtyard house of the pill refining team and played with the girls for a while before he started discussing a lot of pill refining matters with them. He pa.s.sed on all his gains from these few days to Feng Yujie and even gave him some medicinal ingredients.

After walking around the Hundreds of Flowers Village for a bit, Chen Xiang finally went to find Lv Qilian!

Originally, he had planned to let Xu Youqing out, but since Xu Youqing was currently cultivating, her Bones would require her to condense her divine soul as well.

"Sister Qilian!" Chen Xiang entered Lv Qilian's secret room and called out sweetly.

"Humph!" Seeing Chen Xiang's expression, Lv Qilian spat lightly.

"I heard your master say that because of some other reason, we can't be allowed to go up. He didn't tell me! He said it would be better for you. " Lv Qilian said. She was currently in Chen Xiang's embrace.

"Sigh... This Star Law Divine Realm is not very peaceful, and I do not know if you made the wrong decision when you came here. " Chen Xiang sighed.

"If the Star Law Divine Realm is not peaceful, then sooner or later, it will spread to the Nine Heaven World and we won't be able to avoid it in the end." Lv Qilian said gently: It seems that the problem is very serious, can you tell me about it?

"The w.a.n.g Ancient Heavenly Star s of the Star Law Divine Realm have a pa.s.sageway to the Heavenly Law Underground, and there are very terrifying things beneath the Heavenly Law Underground. They can control Natural Law Principles, and once they control Natural Law Principles, they will become extremely powerful, so we might not even be their match." Chen Xiang said.

"There are Four Divine Races in the Star Law Divine Realm, their mission in the Star Law Divine Realm was to strengthen this seal, and now that the entire race of the Undead Divine Race has been exterminated, that means if this seal is loosened, it will be impossible to reinforce, and the things inside will break out from the seal sooner or later."

Lv Qilian lightly caressed Chen Xiang's face, and said with a slight frown: "How strong is the thing underneath the seal? Can't the Peak Divine Lord match up to them? "

Chen Xiang shook his head: "Their strength far surpa.s.ses Peak Divine Lord's, and is even above the Heavenly Dao Realm! To step into the Heavenly Dao Realm after surpa.s.sing Peak Divine Lord would require two Divine Sense Sea s to cultivate up to two Hundred G.o.ds level s and eighteen Bones before they could step into the Heavenly Dao Realm. "

Lv Qilian took out a jade tablet and sent a message to Feng Yujie. For such an important matter, she also wanted to tell Feng Yujie.

"Hui Shan took You Lan to the Divine Dragon Race to study, she can't come back for a while." Lv Qilian left Chen Xiang's embrace, walked over, and opened the door, allowing Feng Yujie to enter.

Feng Yujie was in charge of alchemy in the Hundreds of Flowers Village, so he had to let her know about some important things and discuss them with her.

When Chen Xiang went to find Feng Yujie, in order to not worry Su Meiyao and the others, he did not tell them about this either. As for Feng Yujie, he did not know either.

"Cultivating the Second Divine Sense Sea? "How should I train?" Feng Yujie asked: "Have you finished cultivating? I always felt that you were very powerful! "

"I have cultivated it, but my cultivation method is not suitable for others!" Chen Xiang said: "But you all do not have to worry, there is still a way! is that the main thing is to cultivate a set of divine soul, to cultivate that set of divine soul to be as strong as I am, and then to cultivate Divine Sense Sea, Bones, and Divine Deity on top of that set of divine soul. "

This was the method Xu Youqing used to form the second Divine Sense Sea!

"Sister Feng, I have already given you that Bone level fruit. You all need to duplicate more of it. If you use this to refine the Nine Bone Divine Pill, you can quickly condense Bones." Chen Xiang said.

"I know!" Feng Yujie chuckled: "Little Scoundrel, you're pretty obedient to me. After coming to Star Law Divine Realm, you actually didn't pick a fight!"

Chen Xiang laughed dryly, then pulled Feng Yujie and Lv Qilian over, and actually took off their clothes with extremely nimble hands!

Feng Yujie and Lv Qilian's faces immediately flushed red, they knew what Chen Xiang wanted to do.

"Little Scoundrel, you …"

"I missed you guys so much!" Chen Xiang laughed wickedly, then started to get intimate with the two girls …

… ….

Chen Xiang stayed in Hundreds of Flowers Village for a few days, and after Xu Youqing finished his closed door cultivation, he introduced Xu Youqing to the others, and asked Xu Youqing to share his experiences in training with the second Divine Sense Sea.

At this time, Yue'er also came out of the ring, looking for Shui Bingyan to play. She decided to stay in Hundreds of Flowers Village for a period of time, and not follow Chen Xiang for the time being.

After Chen Xiang left the Hundreds of Flowers Village, he headed towards the Nine Heaven School!

He understood that the Nine Heaven School was currently managed by Gu Dongchen. Jiu Canghai had hidden himself and was only an elder, but he had also followed along. The main reason was because he did not want to stay in the Nine Heaven World alone, and the Nine Heaven World was currently developing very smoothly.

Chen Xiang also saw many of his good friends from back then. After drinking with them for a long time, he went to find Jiu Canghai.

When he saw Jiu Canghai, he was shocked, he never thought that Jiu Canghai would have grown so much older. Although he was only middle-aged, his hair had become a lot whiter.

"I'm almost there too! But now that I can see that the world I have created has become so powerful, I can die without regrets. " Jiu Canghai sighed.

"Big Brother Canghai, this is a Divine Longevity Pill that I refined. It can extend one's lifespan." Chen Xiang took out a few of these Life Longevity Pellets and gave them to Jiu Canghai.

He had already given the Tianyu G.o.d melon to Feng Yujie earlier for Feng Yujie and the others to help him copy more.

"Is it really useful?" Jiu Canghai suddenly became excited, although he was not afraid of death, but if there was any hope of survival, he was very willing.

"Useful!" Chen Xiang nodded and smiled: "You'll know once you try!"

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