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Chen Xiang had already heard some things about the death of the Natural Law Divine Spirit and the Infernal Realm of the heavens from the mysterious old man's memories.

Just like he had speculated, the reason why the Undead Divine Race was exterminated was because the mysterious elder had purposely incited the big shots of the other powers to do it. The reason was because the Four Divine Races was unable to join forces to reinforce the seal, thus the power of the seal would be weakened, and when the time came, the things inside the Heavenly Dao of h.e.l.l would be able to break open the seal and escape.

"Chen Xiang, what exactly is in that h.e.l.l?" Yue'er was extremely curious.

"The strongest power in the Evil Spirit Race is all inside. This group of people all wanted to disrupt the circulation of the Natural Law Principles, so they were all sent into the Heavenly Law h.e.l.l by the Natural Law Divine Spirit." Chen Xiang said: "That old man also belongs to Evil Spirit Race!"

"Why didn't the Natural Law Divine Spirit just kill them all?" Yue'er asked, puzzled. "Natural Law Divine Spirit is so powerful, they should be easy to kill."

"This involves matters above Natural Law Divine Realm. There are G.o.ds protecting those Evil Spirit Race above, that's why they stopped Natural Law Divine Spirit!" Chen Xiang said: "Natural Law Divine Spirit's death should be related to the Divine Spirit protecting Evil Spirit Race."

"I really don't understand how these G.o.ds were born, and why they protected the Evil Spirit Race." Yue Er said.

For example, the Evil Spirit Race is a technique that specializes in restraining and restraining Natural Law Principles. Those spirit beasts are protecting the Evil Spirit Race, and they probably want to destroy the other Law G.o.ds so that they can control the other Laws and thus control the Heavenly Dao. " Chen Xiang said.

Now, Chen Xiang already knew how terrifying the Evil Spirits were in the Heavenly Mystery Realm. They were suppressed by the power of the Heavenly Mystery in the Heavenly Mystery Realm, if they ran out, no one could save them!

"I can only wait for the Undead Divine Race from another world to come!" Chen Xiang said: "If they do not come, we will not be able to reinforce the seal!"

If the Evil Spirit Race inside were to run out, they would definitely destroy the Natural Law Principles and burn the entire Star Law Divine Realm to ashes. When that happens, no one would know what would happen.

Chen Xiang returned to the Cang Cloud City, and immediately began cultivating pill refining in seclusion. He had to reach the peak of quickly, and only then would his second Divine Sense Sea appear!

He was very clear that the Peak Divine Lord was only the peak of Star Law Divine Realm, but to the Heavenly Dao, the Peak Divine Lord was just too weak. Chen Xiang now understood why Ren Xin, this powerful Dragon kylin, was able to say that even he was unable to resist the thing that came out of h.e.l.l.

"The strength of the Peak Divine Lord is simply unable to contend against the evil spirits of the heavens!" Chen Xiang frowned: You Qing, how is your cultivation progress?

My second Divine Sense Sea has already stabilized. I will now begin to try and connect the Divine Sense Sea within the divine soul with my own Divine Sense Sea! At that time, if I can simultaneously use the Bones within my divine soul, then I can consider it as me successfully breaking through the realm of Peak Divine Lord. " Xu Youqing said, she knew that Star Law Divine Realm was facing a huge potential crisis.

"Good, if you succeed, you should be able to try out this kind of cultivation method!" Chen Xiang said: "With my pill refining support, cultivating the divine soul to the same level as training the body should not be a problem!"

Even the experts of the Peak Divine Lord s for all these years were unable to overcome that slash, but Xu Youqing's cultivation method was more suitable for that.

"Only by cultivating two Divine Sense Sea s, cultivating two Hundred G.o.ds level s and eighteen Bones would I be able to finally merge Divine Deity and Bones into my body! This way, you will step into the first level of Heavenly Law, the Dao Ti realm! " Chen Xiang said, this was something he had learnt from the memories of the old man he swallowed.

After the Peak Divine Lord, was the Heavenly Dao Realm. After condensing the first stage of the Dao Body, one could obtain one or even two kinds of Natural Law Principles!

Right now, Chen Xiang was still far from the Dao Ti realm, he had never seen his second Divine Sense Sea, so after he appeared, he still had to condense his own Hundred G.o.ds level!

"I have to work hard to cultivate as well. I can't fall behind now!" She knew that she was currently too weak. Chen Xiang, who was originally much weaker than him, had now greatly surpa.s.sed her.

Chen Xiang was currently refining pills, he did not need to worry about the divine pellets that could condense Divine Deity, the Nine Yin and yang Dan s were the best! Currently, the most difficult thing was to condense a divine pellet with Bones!

Although he could refine King grade s, Bone level Dan could not condense Bones just by eating them. Therefore, he had to use the Bone level fruit s as an experiment, because if he could dig out the energy of Bone level fruit s that could condense Bones after eating them!

After trying many different refining techniques, Chen Xiang was still unable to successfully refine them. Those were techniques he had comprehended from the Heavenly Alchemy!

"Why can't I succeed?" Chen Xiang looked at Bone level fruit in a daze, this was the hardest pill he had ever seen.

The Bone level fruit was very brittle. It's divine fruit could be easily bitten open with a single bite, which also increased the difficulty of refining it!

"Am I not allowed to use conventional techniques?" Chen Xiang said as he looked at the Bone level fruit.

"The training you're doing right now is not just a regular training!" Xu Youqing came out of the ring, laid on Chen Xiang's back and gently rubbed his shoulders. She knew that Chen Xiang had worked hard these past few days.

Chen Xiang held her jade hand, pulled her into his embrace, and then tenderly caressed her back: "What I mean is, I can't use my current method, I have to boldly try other methods."

Xu Youqing snuggled up to Chen Xiang's chest in an extremely intimate manner. Her jade-like hands slid across Chen Xiang's chest as she gently asked: "Then, what method does it have that you can use to try it? You seem to have tried a lot! "

Chen Xiang caressed her face and laughed: "Then do you think I can still try to be bold? It's pretty whimsical! "

Xu Youqing's beautiful eyes turned. At this time, Chen Xiang's bad hand had already seeped into her clothes, and she, who was thinking, immediately pouted, slapping Chen Xiang's arm.

"Scoundrel!" Xu Youqing yelled with a tender smile, and then, she struggled out of Chen Xiang's bad hands. "You always use flames to refine pills, and even though you can control your flames very gently, they are still flames! You might be able to use other powers to refine it, such as gentle water! "

"Even water can be used to concoct pills?" Chen Xiang laughed: "That is truly wishful thinking!"

"I'm just talking nonsense, don't take it seriously!" Xu Youqing kissed Chen Xiang's face and just as she was about to return to the Youyao ring, she felt Chen Xiang's embrace of her waist. Sensing that Chen Xiang's current emotions were burning, her face blushed and she fell into Chen Xiang's embrace …

After Chen Xiang finished being happy, his entire body became extremely relaxed, and Xu Youqing returned to the Yin Yao Ring to cultivate!

"How can I use water to refine pills?" Chen Xiang laid on the ground as he rummaged through the various methods of Heavenly Alchemy in his mind. He wanted to see if there were any alchemy in the water.

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