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Then, Chen Xiang started to chat with the elders and knew that they were all big shots of some powerful forces. It was just that because they were too old, they decided to stay hidden and seek for breakthroughs.

There were many small and medium-sized forces in the Purple Yuan Heavenly Star, and these powers would easily give birth to this kind of Peak Divine Lord. Xu Dazhong knew a few of them, and before these few elders went into seclusion, when they were still rather energetic, Xu Dazhong would often go find them to ask them many questions.

Now that they had consumed the Life Bestowal Pill, they had recovered almost all of their strength. However, they did not plan to return to their own factions, as they knew very well that if they wanted to extend their lifespan, staying here was the best option.

Xu Dazhong heard someone knocking on the door, and after he opened it, a middle-aged man spoke anxiously.

"Leader, Fang Zitian has come. Furthermore, he brought a large group of people with him.

If it was before, Xu Dazhong would definitely be very nervous, but now, he was not afraid, the six Peak Divine Lord s were all strong, although everyone was a Peak Divine Lord, there were strong and weak points, the few elders here have already been in the Peak Divine Lord for many years, their G.o.d powers were refined to a very pure state, amongst the Peak Divine Lord, although they were not the strongest, but they were stronger than many of the other Peak Divine Lord s.

"Come, let's go out and meet them. I want to see what these two fence-sitters and a group of traitors can do." When Xu Dazhong was betrayed by those people, he was so angry that he almost rushed over to kill him.

"Seniors, I'll need your help soon. Thank you for your hard work." Xu Dazhong said to the six elders.

"It's fine. We have just recovered and wish to see if we are truly younger than we were back then." An old man chuckled.

Xu Dazhong walked in front, followed by the six elders.

Outside Xu Dazhong's pavilion was a relatively s.p.a.cious small plaza, and the moment they walked out, they saw that small plaza was filled with people.

Chen Xiang saw Fang Zitian, he stood at the very front, and Fang Zitian was also staring fiercely at him at that moment, because back then when Fang Zitian lost miserably to Chen Xiang, it was a great humiliation to him. He did not care about whether he could marry Xu Youqing, he only cared about his own reputation.

"What are all of you doing?" Xu Dazhong coldly swept his eyes across this group of people. Now that he was fully confident, he was not afraid of them.

"Nothing much, we just feel that you are not worthy to be the Leader, so we wanted to ask you to give us your seat." The one who spoke was Fang Zitian.

"Oh, how am I not fit to be a Leader?" Xu Dazhong laughed.

Seeing that Xu Dazhong was still so calm, Fang Zitian and the elders beside him were extremely confused. They knew very well that Xu Dazhong no longer had any power left at his side.

With one look, it was clear that they did not have much time left to live. Chen Xiang immediately determined that the two elders should be the Third and Fourth Elder, who in turn was the fence-sitter that Xu Dazhong had mentioned.

"The Leader needs to possess a very strong power, and not only do you have this power, you also need to have an expert capable of supporting the entire Purple Yuan Sect. You do not have any prestige in the Purple Yuan Sect, and even the experts of the Purple Yuan Sect do not listen to you. Fang Zitian said.

Xu Dazhong laughed: Who said I am called the Unmoving Expert, do you want to compete? Your people are stronger, or my people are stronger.

"Relying on him?" Fang Zitian looked at Chen Xiang.

"What, is he that bad? I remember that you were defeated by him." Xu Dazhong said.

"If he can defeat us, we can forget about it. However, right now, he can't even defeat me." Fang Zitian sneered: "Back then, I only made a mistake, and because I could not use weapons, my overall strength weakened by a lot. That's why I lost to him."

"You can defeat him with a weapon." Xu Dazhong laughed.

"I possess a powerful divine weapon, and this is also a part of my strength. He can use weapons as well, but he must also find a powerful divine weapon." Fang Zitian said, and took out a purple blade.

Seeing the big blade, Xu Dazhong's face changed, he became gloomy: "No wonder you went along with them, so that's how it is."

"Divine Weapon, Purple Divinity Saber. This is the Divine Weapon used by the Great Emperor of the Purple Yuan Heavenly Star when he was still alive." An old man behind Xu Dazhong said.

Generally speaking, King grade s were considered relatively rarer, but Peak Divine Lord s generally had them, and if they were above that, they would have Heaven grade Divine Equipment. Above Heaven grade were saint rank artifacts, which were extremely rare, and this Purple Yuan Heavenly Star only had a few.

Having a powerful divine tool could indeed raise one's strength by a lot. If such a powerful divine weapon couldn't be used, then it would indeed become much weaker.

Chen Xiang didn't know whether he was in a strange state, but when he saw such a good thing, he couldn't help but want to use his Heavenly magic sword to hack at it a few times to see if it could be hacked apart.

"Xu Dazhong, if you pa.s.s this position to Fang Zitian, we can let you leave the Purple Yuan Heavenly Star safe and sound. If you are not willing, hmph, then we can only fight." The third elder said in a strange tone.

Fang Zitian thinks that since he is able to become the Leader, he must be very confident in his own strength. If we can accept his challenge and defeat him, wouldn't you agree with my father-in-law's strength? " Chen Xiang stood up and said.

"You aren't afraid of death." Fang Zitian laughed coldly: "That's fine too, today we will compete once again, and this time I will definitely be able to cut you down with my blade."

"Brat, let me fight him. This Purple Divinity Saber is not easy to deal with." Xu Dazhong pulled Chen Xiang and said.

"Father-in-law, trust me." Chen Xiang smiled at him.

Xu Dazhong thought for a while, then nodded: "Then you be careful." He felt that since Chen Xiang was able to concoct the Heavenly Life Divine Pill, he must have had a lot of power. He didn't need to worry.

"Do you have the heart to let Xu Youqing be a widow?" Fang Zitian mocked: But you don't have to worry, I will take good care of him, haha. "

Chen Xiang's face suddenly turned cold, it would have been fine if they were targeting him, but the person he loved the most was involved, it was also the person he was the most enraged with.

"Can we start now?" Chen Xiang's voice was ice-cold.

"Wait, it would be better to create a barrier. From now on, it is mine. I don't want this place to become ruins." Fang Zitian said.

The enchantment was quickly set up, and Chen Xiang and Fang Zitian entered into it.

At this moment, Fang Zitian was filled with confidence, because he had the powerful Purple G.o.d Blade in his hand. He felt that even if his master Xu Dazhong took action, he would still be able to kill Xu Dazhong with ease.

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