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After Chen Xiang thought about it, he decided to use the Crash method to try to refine this Tianyu G.o.d melon. Because he was currently in need of Tianyu G.o.d melon, he couldn't copy that many Tianyu G.o.d melon in a short time.

However, if he were to use the Crash method, he would be able to improve his quality and increase the effect. However, there would be a huge risk.

Chen Xiang had already made up his mind. He now divided the white, jade-like clump into five parts, and at the same time, started to circulate the pure energy condensed by the Divine Deity within his body into five parts. He was going to use these five parts to push the five medicinal clumps forward violently later.

After making his preparations, Chen Xiang took a deep breath, and with a stuffy sound, he saw the five jade b.a.l.l.s inside the pill furnace colliding against a single point in a short distance with extreme speed and ferocity.


Chen Xiang had to use his mind to control it from the beginning to the end, and the moment he collided with it, the explosive power spread to his mind. It followed his mind and shook his Divine Sense Sea, causing him to suddenly spin.

"Not bad." Chen Xiang quickly recovered and controlled the many golden-white stones inside the pill furnace. They looked like shattered pieces of gold and jade.

"Motherf * cker, they've turned into rocks. If they were to fuse together, they would definitely become the highest quality jade crystal." Chen Xiang exclaimed.

Of course, if he were to take these pieces out to eat, it would have quite a good effect, but Chen Xiang was a person who pursued perfection, so he had to refine them one at a time.

To fuse with these pieces of debris was a very troublesome task. Chen Xiang controlled the Chuangshi G.o.d furnace and released a strong flame. He refined almost all of the energy contained within the pieces to reach a balance.

With the help of the Chuangshi G.o.d furnace, Chen Xiang completed this step with ease. It only took half a day or so.

Now he began to combine all these fragments into a large bead. It took another half day and the quality of the Golden Jade Pellet had increased by a lot.

"This place can be divided into twenty pills." After calculating it, Chen Xiang used the Heavenly Alchemy's method to turn the Golden Jade Pellet into twenty little beads.

"Just press it a bit more and it will succeed." The twenty little beads were still relatively large, and if they were continued to be compressed, the quality would increase by quite a bit.

This step was rather difficult because he needed to suppress twenty of them. It took him two full days.

"I finally succeeded." Chen Xiang took out twenty golden jade colored pellets from the Chuangshi G.o.d furnace. They were extremely beautiful, like jade beads.

"Twenty, ah. It's not even that much when laying eggs." She even ran out of the Netherworld Udumbara Ring and carefully looked at the Heaven grade divine pellet that Chen Xiang had just refined.

Yue Er also flew out from the furnace. This was the first time she saw a Heaven grade divine pill that had just come out of the furnace.

"Hehe, I'm amazing, right?" Chen Xiang laughed proudly.

"Formidable." Xu Youqing was also very happy that she had such a strong man. She kissed Chen Xiang on the lips.

Seeing Chen Xiang and Xu Youqing pa.s.sionately kissing, Yue'er knew that they were prepared to do something shameful, so she quickly entered the ring.

As expected, Chen Xiang and Xu Youqing had already become entangled together, overturning the rain and overturning the clouds, carefree and happy …

… ….

Chen Xiang came out of the secret room and walked to the living room of Xu Dazhong's pavilion, only to see six old men sitting there. These old men all had wrinkled faces and their mouths agape, one look was enough to tell that they were dying of old age.

Chen Xiang had to admire Xu Dazhong for being able to invite these Peak Divine Lord who were about to die of old age.

"Brat, you've finally come out. Where's your Divine Pellet? Hurry up! If you don't hurry up, they will be hiccuping all the time." Xu Dazhong desperately tried to send a sound transmission to Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang thought so too, these elders' bodies were filled with death aura, the skin on their bodies was completely lifeless, their eyes that were quietly creasing were dim and gloomy, as though they could die at any time.

Chen Xiang took out the divine pill he had just refined and smelled the aroma. The six elders opened their eyes wide.

"What divine pill is this?" An old man asked. His body was so old that he couldn't even speak, so he used his divine force to condense sound waves to ask. His voice was very loud and clear.

"This is …" "Heavenly Life Pill." Chen Xiang said: "Quickly eat it."

Chen Xiang gave Xu Dazhong a few pills, and told him to give them over.

Very quickly, the six old men had all consumed the Life Bestowal Divine Pill, and they were currently closing their eyes to absorb the medicinal effects.

Xu Dazhong's heart was very perturbed. He was worried that these divine pellets would be useless, but he was incomparably shocked afterwards, because after these elders ate Chen Xiang's Heavenly Life Divine Pellet, in the process of refining, their skin began to quickly undergo a tremendous change.

Chen Xiang and Xu Dazhong could immediately see that their originally shrivelled and wrinkled faces had gradually turned rosy and white, as tender as a baby's. Not long after, these six elders' faces were completely red.

Originally, they were all hunchbacked and had small statures, but now they had all become robust and robust old men, and they had yet to completely refine the medicinal strength.

"Good boy, you're too awesome." Xu Dazhong was extremely excited in his heart. He pinched Chen Xiang's hand with all his might and sent a sound transmission to Chen Xiang, "I really want to give birth to a few more daughters to reward you."

"You better not let Yuqing know about this." Chen Xiang said with a voice transmission and laughed.

After Xu Dazhong and Chen Xiang waited for more than two hours, the six elderly men suddenly opened their eyes, their eyes emitting light. Although they had heads full of white hair, their bodies were filled with vitality, and compared to before, they were like the difference between heaven and earth.

"Six seniors, how do you feel right now?" Chen Xiang hurriedly asked. This was also the first time he had refined the Life Bestowal Divine Pill, so he did not know how strong the effects were.

"Very good, I feel that I can live for another five thousand years. The Tianshu Divine Pill is truly magical. Not only can it extend our lifespan, it can also restore our physical bodies to their peak." The old man said excitedly.

The other elders were the same as well. Even though they were all from Peak Divine Lord, when they looked at Chen Xiang, they gave him respectful gazes. They wanted to kneel down and thank him for giving them a chance to be reborn.

"Thank you very much." One of the elders had an excited expression and immediately thanked Chen Xiang. The other elders also thanked him.

Of course, they also knew what they had to do in the future. Xu Dazhong had told them before, that it wouldn't be difficult for them at all.

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