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Chen Xiang now understood why Xu Dazhong was so anxious. The two factions in the Purple Yuan Sect were gathering power, and their goal was very clear, so they were going to deal with Xu Dazhong first and take down the Leader first. They felt that as long as they could take Xu Dazhong down, most of the people who followed Xu Dazhong would miss them.

When the time comes, as long as the energy they gathered is about right, they would go to the Zi Yuan Villa and take control of the Villa. As for the two factions on the side of the w.a.n.g Ancient Heavenly Star, they would definitely not return, and at that time, they would be able to firmly occupy the Purple Yuan Heavenly Star.

"Father, there should be people from the Zi Yuan Villa looking for you. They should be able to see through the schemes of the two fence-sitters." Xu Youqing said.

I have experienced their shamelessness. If they were to fight, they would definitely think of a way to push me to the front and wait for me to heavily injure them before attacking. Even if I were to win, I would have been obediently eaten by them. Xu Dazhong said.

"Father, then how many Peak Divine Lord and Pill G.o.d do you still have?" Xu Youqing asked again.

"I am the only one in Peak Divine Lord, the three Pill G.o.ds have all pa.s.sed, sigh … This bunch of b.a.s.t.a.r.ds, just where have I mistreated them? " Xu Dazhong sighed.

"Looks like there's only one reason. They think you have no future." Chen Xiang laughed.

"My good son-in-law, you're still teasing me." Xu Dazhong said snappily: "Quickly tell me, is there any way to help me turn the situation around?"

Xu Youqing was not too worried. She knew that Chen Xiang was very strong, especially in the area of alchemy.

"Father, he is a Pill G.o.d. Moreover, he can refine a Bone level Dan. He will definitely be able to help you take care of it." Xu Youqing laughed: "You guys go ahead, I'm going to cultivate." With that, she entered the ring.

Although Xu Youqing was inside the Serene Jade Ring, she didn't feel bored at all. When Chen Xiang was in closed door cultivation, she would come out from time to time to get intimate with Chen Xiang.

"You're actually a Pill G.o.d, and a Bone level Dan that knows how to refine King grade. Why didn't you f * cking tell me earlier, haha …" Xu Dazhong was suddenly excited, he laughed and patted on Chen Xiang's shoulder.

"Don't try to rope the Peak Divine Lord in. How did those two wall turtles do it? Don't tell me they have something that would attract the Peak Divine Lord's attention." Chen Xiang asked. If it wasn't Pill G.o.d, or Peak Divine Lord, they were all people who were not lacking in Bone level Dan s.

"Do you still remember when they hunted Undead Divine Race, they extracted some power from him, which could help them extend their lifespan for a period of time. To Peak Divine Lord, this is the most alluring of all, and those Pill G.o.ds are all old people. They knew that they did not have much time left, so when they heard the conditions from him, they immediately went over." Xu Dazhong said: "Of course, these are all my guesses, but I think that's about it."

"Doesn't that mean that the Bone level Dan I'm most proficient in is useless?" Chen Xiang laughed bitterly.

"It's not that it's useless, at least I can cultivate quite a few Peak Divine Lord s. I have quite a few of them on my side. Xu Dazhong said.

Father-in-law, can you find those Peak Divine Lord with better luck, those who are about to die, they should be waiting for death right now. If I can extend their lifespan, would they come and help you? Chen Xiang asked.

Xu Dazhong's eyes lit up. The former Leader s of the Purple Yuan Sect were killed in order to go to that Tianyu G.o.d melon. That Tianyu G.o.d melon could extend their life.

"They will definitely help, but the question is, how long can you extend their lifespan for?" Xu Dazhong asked: "You don't have many Tianyu G.o.d melon, right?"

"Don't worry about that, I'm not using Tianyu G.o.d melon s to extend their lifespan. They can probably continue for around a thousand years." Chen Xiang planned to refine Tianyu G.o.d melon into divine pellet, and Tianyu G.o.d melon was a Heaven grade divine pellet. Moreover, one of them was quite big, he felt that if he were to refine it into a divine pellet, there would be a lot of them.

"They didn't come so quickly to mess with me. I'm going to find those old guys. You have to make sure that your pills are useful, or those old guys will risk their lives to drag me down with them." Xu Dazhong said.

"I'll stay here for the time being. If anything happens, I can block it as well." Chen Xiang said.

Xu Dazhong was more a.s.sured with Chen Xiang's strength, Chen Xiang being able to defeat Fang Zitian so easily was enough to prove that he was extremely powerful.

"Time to start concocting pills." Chen Xiang entered the secret room and sat down on the ground, smiling bitterly.

"Who asked you to be such a powerful Pill G.o.d." Xu Youqing laughed, "In this Star Law Divine Realm, there aren't many handsome and young powerful Pill G.o.ds like you. It just so happens that I met one of them.

"My good wife, now that you mention it, I'm suddenly in high spirits." Chen Xiang laughed, as though he was filled with energy.

Chen Xiang had two Tianyu G.o.d melon in his hands, and these were Heaven Grade Divine Medicines. Now that he was going to use this Tianyu G.o.d melon to refine the pellet, he did not know what the result would be. Furthermore, this would be his first time refining a Heaven Grade Divine Pellet.

"Yue Er, you guys need to plant more Spirit seed inside. If you succeed, I might need to use a lot of Spirit seed." Chen Xiang said.

Chen Xiang took out the Chuangshi G.o.d furnace, placed it into the divine furnace, and then began to use the various methods of the Heavenly Alchemy to create this Tianyu G.o.d melon.

Four hours later, the originally somewhat worried Chen Xiang heaved a sigh of relief. Tianyu G.o.d melon was not that kind of stubborn divine medicine, unlike the Three lotus Dan that was previously refined.

Of course, even if it wasn't a stubborn divine medicine, it was still possible to use it. Furthermore, it could also increase the speed and decrease the difficulty.

The Tianyu G.o.d melon was not stubborn, but it was still a Heaven grade divine medicine, so it required a lot of time to refine. Chen Xiang had to use more than one day to refine the Tianyu G.o.d melon into a lump of solid medicinal paste.

After the King grade's divine medicine was refined, it became a very viscous medicinal liquid. Now that the Heaven grade divine medicine had been refined, it made the soil feel slightly wet.

"If it is refined, it will definitely be able to condense crystals. As expected of a Heaven rank divine medicine." Chen Xiang exclaimed, he was very confident in his ability to condense a pill, it was just that he suddenly wanted to try using the Crash method.

Although the Crash method was extremely dangerous, it could greatly enhance the quality of the divine pellet. Previously, when Chen Xiang used the Shangpin medicine to refine the pellet, he could use the Crash method to refine the Jingshen Dan.

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