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Chen Xiang did not know what kind of existence the Heavenly Dao was, so he did not understand the concept of the Heavenly Dao dying. However, he felt that the Heavenly Dao should not die, it had already become a power, living forever within the six paths.

"Senior, what are your plans after this?" Chen Xiang asked. Ren Xin was so powerful, he could be said to be an invincible existence in the Star Law Divine Realm.

"I want to continue cultivating, my strength is not enough, if one day, the seal below the Everlasting Mountain is broken, then the things that come out will be extremely terrifying, with my current strength, there is no way to deal with them." Ren Xin said, "You guys are the same too. Although you are part of the G.o.d race, when that group of people come out, you will be their first target."

Even the Divine Dragon Race's Dragons were shocked. If even Ren Xin had said that he was very weak, then their Divine Dragon Race would have no way of resisting those things.

"Senior, I have a request." Chen Xiang suddenly said.

"What is it?" Ren Xin was extremely grateful to Chen Xiang in his heart. He knew a lot of things, otherwise, he would have definitely helped since he was still in the dark.

Chen Xiang sent a sound transmission to Ren Xin, and said, "I still lack the Heaven Kylin's divine soul, I wonder if Senior has a way to help me."

Of course, it was not impossible for him to cultivate the Heavenly Qilin's soul, it was just that it would take a lot of time. If Ren Xin could help him, it would save him a lot of time and trouble.

After Ren Xin pondered for a while, a ball of red fire suddenly condensed out from his palm. With a roar, the ball of fire turned into a red bead.

"Take it." Ren Xin pa.s.sed it to Chen Xiang, then patted his shoulder. "You are not simple, I hope that you can grow to my level, it will be difficult for a human to cultivate to your level."

"I will." Chen Xiang laughed and kept the fiery-red pearl. That was the Heaven Kylin's divine soul.

"Alright." After Ren Xin finished speaking, he transformed into a ray of fiery light and rushed into the sky, disappearing without a trace.

Ren Xin was still inside this Heavenly Star, but he was hidden at the bottom of the heart, where he could quickly obtain rich energy to cultivate.

The matter was successfully resolved, but Chen Xiang and the others were not happy. The seal underneath the Everlasting Mountain worried them greatly.

Chen Xiang had originally planned to build his own force in Everlasting Mountain, but now it seems that it was extremely dangerous. Divine Dragon Race's mission was to protect the seal, if it was released, he would ally with the other G.o.d Tribes and strengthen them.

Previously, Wu Zhi had brought back some news, saying that the other branches of the Undead Divine Race had already rushed over, and would help strengthen them when the time comes. However, this was only a possibility, because Wu Zhi was not sure if he would actually come at that time.

In order to thank Chen Xiang, the Divine Dragon Race had asked Ge Long to gift him many of those Bone level fruit. Now, Chen Xiang had a total of a thousand.

Refining the Bone level fruit into a pill was also a big goal for Chen Xiang, but he was busy right now and did not have the time to worry about it.

When Chen Xiang and Ge Long returned to the Star Law Divine Realm, Yue'er asked Chen Xiang to bring her to find the elder of the Undead Divine Race, who was her grandmother.

"That place is pretty secretive, but with me leading the way, you'll find it easily. When you enter, you should be a bit more polite, so as to avoid any conflicts." Yue Er said.

Only a small portion of the scattered Undead Divine Race s managed to escape the calamity of having their entire race destroyed.

Under Yue'er's guidance, Chen Xiang spent an entire month before finding the hiding place of the Undead Divine Race, which was actually in the middle of a small dead star. Moreover, this dead star would even move regularly, and only Yue'er, who was familiar with the trajectory of the stars, could roughly guess where the stars would fly to.

"It's right on top of this planet. You should go up and take a look." Yue Er said.

Chen Xiang landed on this small star. The light here was extremely dim and the ground was filled with ice-cold broken stones without any signs of life. Undead Divine Race was actually hiding in this kind of place.

"I'll try to contact my grandmother first." Yue'er flew out from the ring, using her method to communicate with her grandmother.

Not long after, Chen Xiang felt a trace of a weak aura, and he immediately became vigilant.

"It's my grandmother." Yue'er hurriedly said to Chen Xiang.

Just as she finished speaking, an old granny wearing a black robe with a benevolent expression appeared in front of Chen Xiang.

"Grandmother." Yue Er excitedly shouted and flew over. The old granny immediately hugged her and tenderly caressed the fur on her back.

Yue'er's grandmother was currently the strongest elder in Undead Divine Race, her name was Lu Lianyin, and she seemed to be a very robust old granny.

"Grandma, are you alright?" Yue'er caressed Lu Lianyin's face and asked worriedly.

"As long as you're fine, you don't have to worry about grandma." Lu Lianyin chuckled and said: "It's really good to be able to see you again. I have them help you calculate using the Heaven extended method every now and then, and seeing that you're still here, I'm worried to death."

Yue'er laughed. "I also have the bloodline of the Undead Divine Race, how can I die so easily."

Lu Lianyin pinched her little head, then looked at Chen Xiang and smiled amiably: "You must be Chen Xiang, I have heard Little Wu mention you before."

"Grandma, I was only able to come back because Chen Xiang helped me. He treats me so well, and he's also very powerful." She did not wish for Undead Divine Race to be prejudiced against Chen Xiang.

"Yes, Grandma knows. Let's go somewhere else to talk." Lu Lianyin carried Yue'er as he brought Chen Xiang to the deepest part of this small star.

When Chen Xiang came down, he realized that there were only about 10 people here, all of them were old people, and the Undead Divine Race only had so few people left.

"Grandma, will any other Undead Divine Race come here to help? I heard that if we don't reinforce the seal, the things inside will come out and be destroyed." Yue Er said.

"I only contacted them. Although they responded, they were not certain whether they would come or not, nor did they give a very definite answer." Lu Lianyin sighed: "Now we can only wait, furthermore, if our Four Divine Races appears in Everlasting Mountain, those fellows will definitely come and fight us."

"Hmph, it seems like the seal on the Everlasting Mountain will not be strengthened any longer. Let the things inside come out and punish those fellows." Yue'er tenderly snorted. "We'll protect ourselves."

"Protecting that seal is our mission, and the only thing doing harm to us is that group of fellows. There are many innocent and kind people in the Star Law Divine Realm, there were also many people who tried to help us secretly back then." Lu Lianyin said as he touched Yue'er.

"Senior, it's not good for you to stay in this sort of place. Have you considered changing places?" Chen Xiang said, then he asked Yue'er to tell him about the Great Heavenly Star that the Divine Dragon Race was on.

Yue'er had talked about a lot of things, including the matter with Ren Xin.

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