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The more Chen Xiang thought about it, the more he felt that it was terrifying, because he thought about how the Star Law Divine Realm s were about to die, how they knew that the Undead Divine Race could be used to increase their lifespan, there must have been someone secretly informing them.

The mysterious old man's plan went very smoothly. It could be seen that the Heavenly Dao was powerless to stop him. Something must have happened.

After that, Chen Xiang revealed his speculations, he did not have time to think about the secrets beneath the Everlasting Mountain, and secretly used a black hand to break the seal below the Everlasting Mountain, furthermore everything was going smoothly.

After hearing what Chen Xiang said, Yue'er and Xu Youqing who was in the ring were extremely shocked. Undead Divine Race's clan being exterminated, there was actually such a shady scene.

"Do you understand now? The seal here was laid down by the mysterious old man in the Azure Dragon School. I've also described that old man's appearance, and it should be exactly the same as the one you saw." Chen Xiang said: "The Evil Spirit Race was placed here by him, the power of the Evil Spirit Race can strengthen the seal on you, if we did not eliminate the Evil Spirit Race, you would not be able to come out now."

The Dragon kylin was not stupid, he did not completely believe Chen Xiang's words, but he was still filled with doubts towards the old man.

"I will find out about this matter. I will go ask the old man right away." The Dragon kylin said, then disappeared in a flash.

Chen Xiang's expression became serious, and said: "The mysterious old man is still here, but it looks like it's just a strand of divine will, if not he would have killed us already."

"The seal below Everlasting Mountain … Without the Undead Divine Race, our four clans will not be able to work together to strengthen them. Previously, when we were strengthening them, we had many powerful elders, but it was all very difficult. Only he and a few of the prison elders knew about this.

"Is your mission in the Star Law Divine Realm to guard that seal?" Chen Xiang asked.

"Yes, we don't know when the seal will be released either. If it is released, all of Four Divine Races will be able to sense it." The leader of the Divine Dragon Race said: "The person who should understand the seal the most should be the patriarch of the Undead Divine Race, but he is already dead."

The important clan elders of Undead Divine Race were still around, which was Yue Er's grandmother. However, she didn't know much about it, and the only clan head who knew many secrets was captured and refined.

Suddenly, Chen Xiang shouted: "That guy is coming again."

The Dragon kylin really did come, and it was not by himself either, but with an old man. This old man was wearing a grey robe, his hair was a bit yellow, his face was full of wrinkles, and he was short and thin, just like the green dragon described.

Seeing this old man, Chen Xiang was extremely vigilant. It was just as he had guessed, this was just a strand of divine soul, but it was not weak at all.

"Who are you? Did that guy send you? It's been a long time since I've seen such a powerful human." The old man looked at Chen Xiang for a long while before he spoke.

"No, I just experienced a lot of things, so I saw through your schemes." Chen Xiang said.

"Ren Xin, kill this human." The old man said, "He was sent by the Heavenly Dao. If you want to see your parents, you have to break the seal on the Everlasting Mountain before you can enter the Heavenly Dao h.e.l.l. That is your only way.

"The human in front of you, as well as this group of dragons, must protect that seal. Only by killing them will you be able to save your parents."

The Dragon kylin's name was actually Ren Xin. It was unknown if it was given to him by his parents or not.

If you open the seal, it might affect her. Whether or not your parents get sent to the Heavenly Law Palace is only a one-sided story of this old man. He can't come up with any evidence, so don't fall into his trap. Chen Xiang said, he had already secretly activated the Chuangshi G.o.d furnace.

Ren Xin looked at Chen Xiang, and at the same time, Chen Xiang was also looking at him. For some reason, Ren Xin suddenly felt a very intimate aura from Chen Xiang's body.

Chen Xiang's heart moved, he anxiously controlled the Ground-suppressing immortal elephant's soul inside his Bones and released waves after waves of weak Qi, through the Bones in his eyes, it was transferred to Ren Xin's Divine Sense Sea.

Not knowing why, Chen Xiang suddenly felt that he had lost control of himself. The Ground-suppressing immortal elephant's soul inside his Bones continued to roar, and of course, only he and Ren Xin could hear it.

Ren Xin's fist suddenly burned with fire, and after the old man saw it, his mouth curved into a smile, because Ren Xin was about to make his move.

Chen Xiang also summoned out his Heavenly magic sword, and the palm holding onto the sword hilt started sweating. Ren Xin's strength was very strong, so of course he wasn't his opponent.

"Ren Xin, kill him." The elder shouted with a pleased look on his face.

Ren Xin fiercely punched out, smashing onto the body of the mysterious elder, turning the lower half of the elder's body into pieces.

Chen Xiang and the others were stunned, the target of the Dragon kylin was not Chen Xiang, but the old man.

"Ren Xin... "Why are you …" Before the old man finished speaking, Ren Xin had already pinched his head.

"Because you've lied to me for so many years. Go and die. Don't worry, I will definitely attack your lair and destroy your real body." Ren Xin suddenly knew a lot of things, he sneered, and with a grab, he crushed the old man's head.

Chen Xiang heaved a sigh of relief. He guessed that his Ground-suppressing immortal elephant's soul might have had a reaction to Ren Xin's mother, and that the Heavenly Kylin had pa.s.sed the truth to his son. That was the reason why Ren Xin changed so much.

"Senior, did your mother tell you a lot of things?" Chen Xiang asked.

Ren Xin nodded, and patted Chen Xiang's shoulders: "Thank you, otherwise I would have been tricked by this old thing."

"Can you tell me what you know?" Chen Xiang asked.

Divine Dragon Race and the others were relieved, the misunderstanding had already been resolved, and they could continue staying here.

"The Heavenly Dao is dead, the Heavenly Dao is in chaos, and the only way out of the Heavenly Dao is under the Everlasting Mountain." Ren Xin's expression became serious.

"What's beneath the Heavenly Dao h.e.l.l?" Chen Xiang sighed, he was afraid that he would not be able to keep the seal.

"My mother didn't tell me. He just told me to stay far away from the Star Law Divine Realm." Ren Xin shook his head.

"The Heavenly Dao actually died?! Why haven't we been affected?!" Chen Xiang said.

"We have already been affected for many years by the Heavenly Dao to maintain order. However, once the Heavenly Dao dies, order begins to become chaotic. For example … The Undead Divine Race that you spoke of earlier was exterminated, and with the seal broken later on, the ghost from h.e.l.l escaped. " Ren Xin said.

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