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Just now, when the Azure Dragon said that, he knew that the Azure Dragon must have recognized him. His voice just now contained a trace of fear.

"I do. He is born from the combination of the Heavenly G.o.d Dragon and the Heavenly Dao Kirin. The Earthly beast of this great sky star is a heavenly qilin, it's a female. It was because a Heavenly G.o.d Dragon had come here by chance and fallen in love with the Heavenly Kylin at first sight! However, they angered the Earth's Core Divine Spirit by doing so. " The green dragon said.

Chen Xiang was extremely shocked in his heart. The extremely rare Sky Kylin was actually this Heavenly Star's Earthly beast!

"And then?" Chen Xiang asked.

"Later on, they were both sent to the Heavenly Dao h.e.l.l. However, before that, they gave birth to a son. It was this fellow!" The green dragon replied, "Originally, he was going to be punished, but for some reason, he is safe and sound. I thought he had hidden away, but I never expected that he has always been on this planet."

"How strong is he?" Chen Xiang asked again.

"Very strong. It has already exceeded my knowledge." The Azure Dragon said, "Be careful!"

Chen Xiang took a deep breath, and said to the Dragon kylin in the sky: "Senior, how have we offended you? I made you so angry! "

"You are all lackeys of the Heavenly Dao. I can kill you all just because of this. However, I have never liked killing people. I only wanted to imprison you for a lifetime. Who would have thought that you would dare to resist me and break my curse?" The middle-aged man's voice was cold and emotionless.

Because he knew about the other party's background, Chen Xiang immediately understood that his parents had been sent to h.e.l.l by the Dragon kylin!

Chen Xiang simply did not know what the Heavenly Dao was. The Azure Dragon only knew a general idea.

"Senior, you misunderstand!" Chen Xiang said. The Dragon kylin's pressure was still not reduced at all, and the other little dragons were being pressured very hard.

"You're not from the Heavenly Dao G.o.d Tribe, you're just a human?" The Dragon kylin knew that Chen Xiang was not simple, otherwise it would be impossible for him to stand. Those old dragons beside Chen Xiang were all from the Peak Divine Lord, but they could only kneel now.

"Senior, if you have something to say, we can talk about it. You don't want to think that the Heavenly Dao is so unreasonable, right?" Chen Xiang said. He himself found it hard to persevere, this Dragon kylin was indeed very terrifying.

"Humph!" The Dragon kylin withdrew her power and the group of Divine Dragons immediately felt much more comfortable.

"This is my place, get out!" The Dragon kylin swept his gaze over the group of dragons and said coldly: "Otherwise, I will kill all of you!"

The Dragon kylin's heart was not bad, if not he would have started killing long ago. He had said before that he did not like killing!

"Could it be that our Divine Dragon Race has offended senior?" Divine Dragon Race heaved a long sigh.

"That is true. However, you all are born of the Heavenly Law. As for the Heavenly Law, it is my enemy." The Dragon kylin said.

"Who is the Heavenly Dao?" Chen Xiang said: "I'm afraid I have never seen these dragons before. If we say that they are born from the heavens, then among all the living beings in the world, who are not born from the heavens?"

"That's right. I was also born from the heavens' law, but since the heavens' law owes me, I will destroy it!" The Dragon kylin said.

"In that case, you should not use the power bestowed to you by the Heavenly Law to deal with us. As long as you are here, the power you use will be inextricably linked to the Heavenly Law." Chen Xiang said. Just as he finished speaking, the Dragon kylin grabbed his throat.

Fortunately, Chen Xiang's neck was very hard and did not break in an instant!

"I'm not talking nonsense with you guys, are you guys going or not? "If you don't leave, I will start a ma.s.sacre!" Dragon kylin could not win against Chen Xiang, and shouted angrily.

"You should think about it carefully. Your parents were punished, so how are you still alive? Furthermore, to possess such frightening power, if the Heavenly Law is truly as cold, heartless and bloodthirsty as you think, you should have already died long ago. " Chen Xiang said, he was not afraid, so he decided to reveal everything he knew.

"You … Just who are you? You actually know about this? Are you also a lackey of the Heavenly Dao? " The Dragon kylin released Chen Xiang, and was a little surprised. Chen Xiang was indeed a little special, she was already a little strong, and knew a lot of things.

Chen Xiang also felt that the things that had happened to Dragon kylin's parents were a little strange. Because he had experienced many such mysterious things, he was able to piece together many parts of the story.

Just now, the green dragon had said that Dragon kylin's parents had been sent to h.e.l.l, and as far as he knew, the qilin in h.e.l.l would turn into a Ground-suppressing immortal elephant, able to suppress h.e.l.l itself! The Heavenly Kylin was originally a Ground-suppressing immortal elephant, but because h.e.l.l was calm, it decided to retreat and become a Heavenly Kylin, becoming a Earthly beast on this big sky star.

That was why the Sky Kylin was sent to h.e.l.l. At that time, the Sky Kylin had already fallen in love with a Sky G.o.d Dragon, and because of that, they went together, making the Dragon kylin a Earthly beast. No one knew who told him that his parents had been sent to h.e.l.l by the Heavenly Dao, but no matter what, he must have received the wrong information.

Chen Xiang suspected that the information obtained by the Azure Dragon was probably the same as the Sky Kylin.

"Let me ask you this. Who told you that your parents have been sent to h.e.l.l by the Heavenly Dao?" Chen Xiang asked immediately.

"All in all, I just know. I don't need anyone to tell me!" Before answering, the Dragon kylin paused a little, and it was obvious that he had thought about it at that time.

The green dragon then told Chen Xiang: "This was something that a mysterious old man told me. Back then, he also told me that there was a Heavenly Star here, and even the formation to seal this Heavenly Star was taught to me by him!"

Chen Xiang immediately understood that the old man was the key!

"Hmph, if they are not the lackeys of the Heavenly Dao, why would they seal me here? Imprisoning me for life? I was already sealed in the earth's core. If it wasn't for the fact that the seal's power was weakened, I wouldn't have been able to come out. " The Dragon kylin bellowed.

The seal weakened? Chen Xiang and the others had been to the Core of the Earth before, but they had never touched any kind of seal!

"Could it be..." Chen Xiang thought of the Evil Spirit Race. The presence of the Evil Spirit Race had given rise to a certain power to seal this Dragon kylin, and the Dragon kylin must have been sealed for many years. Furthermore, it had existed in the heart of the earth.

"Did an old man run to the center of the earth to tell you all this?" Chen Xiang asked.

The Dragon kylin stopped talking. He was thinking, how did Chen Xiang know?

"Firstly, the formation that sealed you was not set up by the Divine Dragon Race, but the one that sealed the Heavenly Star. This is also to protect the Heavenly Star from being discovered, and it can be unsealed anytime now." Chen Xiang said: "The reason why you were able to break open the seal and exit was because we had previously killed a clan called the Evil Spirit Race.

Chen Xiang quickly settled the matter!

When the Azure Dragon was first called to this place by an old man, this old man definitely knew that the Azure Dragon was going to die, so he let the Azure Dragon die here. At the same time, he also taught the Azure Dragon how to control the Evil Spirit Race and help him build a mausoleum. It was just that this old man did not expect the Azure Dragon to call a group of dragons to watch over his mausoleum, and the Azure Dragon had also relied on an extremely powerful force to support his divine soul.

The Evil Spirit Race here must have been called here by the old man, and the mysterious old man thought that if the Azure Dragon died here, the Evil Spirit Race would be able to devour the Azure Dragon's soul and become stronger. This way, the Evil Spirit Race he reared would be able to become extremely powerful, and would be able to control the Dragon kylin that he sealed here!

When the Dragon kylin was young, it was definitely sealed by this old man. Furthermore, it had been instilled with negative thoughts by this old man since young, causing the Dragon kylin to hate the heavens!

When the strength of the Dragon kylin reaches a certain level, the mysterious old man will come to save the Dragon kylin and then fight against the Heavenly Dao together with it. This also means that this mysterious old man and the Heavenly Dao have a very deep grudge!

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