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The old dragons of Divine Dragon Race had also heard of the power of curses. They immediately understood that the other party was only cursing them, the dragons, so the draconians like Ge Long were not affected at all.

Why did you have to deal with these dragons? The dragon race that guarded the Azure Dragon Tomb had arrived here a long time ago, but the enemy was only the Evil Spirit Race, they had never encountered this kind of thing.

They met the Divine Dragon Race not long after they moved to this place, and during this period of time, no one else entered the Great Heavenly Star. Because the formation switch that enveloped the Great Heavenly Star was in the hands of the Divine Dragon Race, it was not easy for anyone else to enter.

In other words, the person who used the power of the curse to trap the Divine Dragon Race was within this Great Heavenly Star, and he had been hiding here for a long time.

"Little miss, then do you have a way to remove this curse?" The head of the Divine Dragon Race asked. "Could it be that this Great Heavenly Star already has a master, and it has only awakened during this period of time?

This Divine Dragon Race was more good-natured, and didn't have the domineering aura of a Divine Dragon. It was no wonder that they were poisoned, these old dragons were probably used to living a life where there was no conflict, thus their vigilance was greatly reduced, and they were poisoned by the Black dragon flower poison.

"I'm not sure yet, but I have to give it a try!" Xu Youqing shook her head, she didn't dare be sure either.

She closed her eyes and opened her palm, releasing a white mist. This mist floated out and emitted many threads of white light that touched the invisible barrier.

Chen Xiang only knew that Xu Youqing knew how to cast all kinds of strange curses, but he didn't know that she also knew how to remove curses.

When the Divine Dragon Race saw the power Xu Youqing had released, he said in a low voice in shock, "This seems to be the power of a curse, this is an extremely strange power! Generally speaking, when using the power of the curse, one would have to sacrifice to obtain it! But with the Heavenly Sacred Art and the Great Curse Technique, it would be extremely easy to use the power of the curse, and the power of the Divine Sense Sea could be converted into it. "

Chen Xiang frowned and asked, "What's wrong with that? Your Divine Dragon Race is also considered to be a Heavenly G.o.d Tribe. Your dragon is a Heavenly beast, you don't have that kind of ability?"

"Yes, but not everyone can have it! For example, I have one, so I am currently the Clan Leader. The Azure Dragon also has a Heavenly Dao technique, so he became one of the Four-sided Divine Beasts. " The Divine Dragon Race leader said.

Chen Xiang thought about Yue'er, that little kitten. She also had that kind of Inherent Skill, which was extremely powerful.

Not long after, the ground shook slightly and Xu Youqing let out a light sigh. His face was covered with sweat and he looked extremely exhausted.

"It broke open!" Xu Youqing laughed lightly: "I never thought that it would actually succeed, this curse is really powerful."

No one knew what Xu Youqing had done, but they all knew that she had done wrong. ahref = " http://www.qingkan5.com What are you going to do about it? br/>

"You've worked hard, rest well!" Chen Xiang allowed her to enter into the ring.

The curse has already been broken, the person who placed the curse on him will definitely know that he will appear soon, and then he will know who he is, and why he has to deal with Divine Dragon Race.

Just as Xu Youqing entered the ring, he sensed a scorching Qi, causing the Divine Dragon Race to change his expression, and said solemnly: "They're coming, get ready to fight!"

Chen Xiang clenched his fists tightly and took out the Heavenly magic sword. Once the curse was broken, the one who placed the curse on him came immediately, it could be seen that the other party was also very surprised and curious, wanting to see how his powerful curse was broken.

"Yue'er, do you know where this guy comes from?" Chen Xiang hurriedly asked Yue'er, to see if he could detect her presence.

Yue'er said: "If I'm not mistaken, this guy could be a Qilin, and might even be one of the Earthly beast here!"

The Great Heavenly Star is so huge, there are even more of them than the Star Law Divine Realm's Heavenly Star Realm, so of course the Earthly beast here are also very strong!

However, when Chen Xiang was merging with the Azure Dragon's memories, he never knew that there was a Earthly beast here!

Although the other party's aura had already spread over, it had not appeared for a long time. Chen Xiang and the others were all anxiously waiting.

Chen Xiang also took the opportunity to communicate with the Azure Dragon divine soul inside his Divine Deity, but the other party did not give him any response. The Azure Dragon had previously said, he would sometimes fall into a deep sleep and it would be difficult to wake him up.

"It really does look a little like Huo Lin's aura. Could it be that this guy really is a Fire unicorn?" Chen Xiang thought to himself.

"Senior, have you guys come into contact with the Fire unicorn before? I feel that this aura is a little like the aura of a Qilin!" Chen Xiang said.

"This... It's a little, but I was very familiar with a Heavenly Star Earthly beast. That guy is a Qilin, and I'm quite familiar with its aura! Right now, this guy only has a bit of the aura of a Qilin, but it's not completely the same. " The Divine Dragon Race leader said.

Yue'er also only felt that it was a little Qilin, but it was only that much. If there was a very strong Qilin aura, then they would not be able to accept it. ahref = " http://www.qingkan5.com "Tatarget =" blank" > www.qingkan5.com. " br/>

Chen Xiang's expression became gloomy, he looked at the direction that the Qi was coming from, and sensed the Qi, feeling shocked in his heart, because the opponent's strength was increasing nonstop, and was releasing a terrifying pressure.


A low groan suddenly came from the sky as Chen Xiang's knees suddenly bent and he almost kneeled down. The patriarchs of the Divine Dragon Race and the few other Divine Dragon Race s beside them all kneeled down, while Long Peijin, Long Lin, Long Qing and the other juniors struggled on the ground.

This terrifying pressure suddenly attacked, causing the blood in Chen Xiang's body to churn, he almost vomited blood. The old dragons beside him who were stubbornly holding on all had blood flowing out of the corners of their mouths.

Right now, only Chen Xiang could stand!

"This guy …" It seems that someone who has surpa.s.sed the Peak Divine Lord realm has finally met with such a guy! "

Chen Xiang looked at the sky and saw a middle aged man dressed in black armor, with a red cape fluttering behind him. He had his hands folded across his chest and floated in the air, his handsome and imposing face had a tinge of anger, he was staring straight at Chen Xiang.

"Chen Xiang, how did you enrage this guy?" The voice of the green dragon suddenly sounded in Chen Xiang's mind, waking the sleeping green dragon up.

"He cursed the Divine Dragon Race. I broke his curse and became like this!" Chen Xiang said: "Senior, do you know who this is? Why are they so terrifying?!"

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