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Previously, when Chen Xiang asked Xu Dazhong about Four Divine Races, he already knew that Four Divine Races was only a branch family.

"Looks like the Everlasting Mountain is very important right now!" Chen Xiang had originally planned to take down the Everlasting Mountain, but if there was a conflict, it might affect the seal, causing him to have no choice but to give up his original plan.

Wu Zhi and the others also decided to continue their development until they found a chance to take down the Everlasting Mountain. Since they had such a seal, of course they had to grasp it by themselves.

After the meeting, Chen Xiang immediately ran to a hotel in Cang Cloud City to look for Ge Long.

Ge Long's position in the Divine Dragon Race was very high, he could decide many things!

"Brother Shen, we've finally found you!" When Ge Long opened the door, he saw Chen Xiang, and immediately pulled him in.

"What's so urgent?" I actually made you wait three months! " Chen Xiang said in shock.

"It's that big heavenly star! Something incredible is happening there!" Ge Long said with a worried look on his face, "After the Divine Dragon Race moved to that place, a very terrifying person appeared. He sealed the entire Divine Dragon Race, and as long as it was a dragon, it would be trapped by him.

"There's actually such a thing!" Chen Xiang frowned: "Is it really that urgent? I have something to take care of here. If you are not in a hurry, I will make arrangements to go over with you to take a look! "

"It's not urgent, it's just that it's very comfortable for Divine Dragon Race to be trapped in one place!" Ge Long said: "It was a little girl called Long Peijin who told me that only you could save them! I must say, Brother Shen, your charm is truly not small. "

Chen Xiang laughed dryly, he was the one who suggested the move over to Divine Dragon Race, now that there are problems up there, he had to go and help.

He returned to the Villa, bid his farewells to Xu Youqing, and then left to refine pills. Just now, Dai Donggong had also reported to him about the speed at which disciples were improving, which was extremely fast, especially in terms of Bones! In the past half year, he had used up most of the Bone level Dan, so he needed to refine some of them now.

After he refined it for more than ten days, he gave a small batch to Dai Donggong, and then went to find Xu Youqing.

"You Qing, are you used to this place?" asked. He had just come back and was busy concocting pills, he felt somewhat ashamed of Xu Youqing.

"Not bad, with Feng Wu accompanying me, you don't have to worry about me!" Xu Youqing only found out in the last ten days that Chen Xiang was actually an extremely heaven-defying Pill G.o.d, who could easily refine Bone level Dan, so she understood that Chen Xiang could not accompany her, and she did not blame Chen Xiang either.

She only thought that Chen Xiang's way of cultivation was unique and had the strength of the Peak Divine Lord, but she never thought that Chen Xiang was actually a very terrifying Pill G.o.d. He alone could provide many people with the required Bone level Dan, and could even refine King grade s and pellets!

This was what Feng Wu had told Xu Youqing!

"I'm really sorry for leaving you alone!" Chen Xiang kissed her forehead and sighed: "I'm going to run to another place after a while. Do you want to enter the ring and come with me?"

"Mm, I'll go with you!" Xu Youqing held Chen Xiang, and lightly snorted. "You're actually a Pill G.o.d, and you didn't even tell me!"

"I... I forgot! " Chen Xiang laughed.

"So powerful... Husband, are the other women used to you not being with them? " Xu Youqing asked softly.

"Hmm, I'm not by their side often, and it's hundreds, or even thousands of years!" Chen Xiang said: "I'll bring them over after a while. When the time comes, you won't be so bored when you're together with them!"

"Alright!" Xu Youqing stood up on his tiptoes, kissed Chen Xiang on the mouth, and then kissed on the bed …

After a few rounds, the two of them soundly slept. The next day, Chen Xiang woke up and allowed Xu Youqing to enter his Serene Jade Ring, before he went to look for Ge Long.

Ge Long often went back to the Great Heavenly Star, so he was very familiar with it as well.

"Brother Ge, is that guy human or beast? to actually be able to trap the entire Divine Dragon Race! " Chen Xiang said, the Divine Dragon Race was not weak, those Peak Divine Lord were stronger than human beings, but their numbers were few, so they were unable to fight against the Peak Divine Lord that the Star Law Divine Realm had teamed up with.

"I don't know. What I saw was a person. He casually released a very powerful Spirit Formation." Ge Long said: "This barrier is also very special, it seems to have been specially created for us Divine Dragon Race. It only seals the dragon, so humans will not be affected and can easily enter and exit."

In merely three days, Chen Xiang and Ge Long arrived at the Great Heavenly Star, the place where the Divine Dragon Race was trapped.

Chen Xiang had also met with many older dragons. The Dragon Clan's Clan Chief and a few Dragon Clan Peak Divine Lord s did not dare to underestimate Chen Xiang, because the Black dragon flower poison among them was undid by Chen Xiang himself. Furthermore, he had even killed the Evil Spirit Emperor that had pained them greatly, and obtained the recognition of the Azure Dragon.

"That fellow's flames are extremely terrifying, and they also have a type of great Dao power. He should be able to grasp the laws of fire." This was a very amiable old man.

"Could it be the Earthly beast?" Chen Xiang frowned: "The flames are so powerful, I should only be able to use Earthly beast s!"

"We don't know either. In short, we didn't even have the chance to fight him before he trapped us here. He didn't even say anything to us!" Divine Dragon Race let out a long sigh: "His strength is very scary, I think we've met a guy who surpa.s.sed the Peak Divine Lord realm."

Although Divine Dragon Race was trapped inside a barrier, they normally were not affected at all. They just felt a little depressed, and at the same time, they were extremely worried that they would be killed.

"When he released this Spirit Formation, it never appeared again. No matter how we shouted, he never appeared." The Divine Dragon Race leader said.

On the way here, Xu Youqing had also heard a lot of things about the Great Star Realm from Yue'er. She was also very happy when she found out about Chen Xiang's adventure, as long as it was something related to Chen Xiang, she would like to hear them. On the way there, she would also listen to them with interest, this would allow her to understand Chen Xiang better.

Now that she heard about the enchantment from the Yin Yao Ring, she was suddenly curious and said to Chen Xiang: "Husband, can you let me see the enchantment! If the Spirit Formation can be broken through, that guy might just appear. "

Xu Youqing possessed the power of the curse, and was extremely familiar with enchantments. Since he was not in Star Law Divine Realm, Chen Xiang did not need to worry about Xu Youqing being discovered when he was together with him, so he could feel at ease and allow Xu Youqing to come out.

When Xu Youqing came out, he immediately asked the Divine Dragon Race to bring her to the edge of the barrier.

Knowing that the woman was Chen Xiang's wife and had to look at the enchantment, they all thought that Xu Youqing could break through the enchantment, hence they were all respectful towards him.

Xu Youqing opened her jade palm, releasing a ball of pale white mist. Closing her eyes, she allowed the ball of white mist to float at the side of the barrier.

"Chen Xiang, is she your wife?" Long Peijin suddenly said to Chen Xiang, because she saw that Xu Youqing had used the white power, and looked like Xu Youqing was very powerful too.

"No, she's a human! My white dragon wife isn't that quiet. " Chen Xiang replied with a smile.

Not long later, Xu Youqing's white mist suddenly turned purple, and then exploded!

"What's going on?" Chen Xiang anxiously walked over and protected him.

"No problem, I was just trying to see what the energy source of this enchantment is!" I never thought that it would be the power of a curse, moreover it's the power of a purple profound curse, this is an extremely terrifying power, and the scope is so large, the ones being cursed are even so many powerful divine dragons! " Xu Youqing said, "So after he placed this curse on himself, his body's damage was also very serious. He had been resting during this period of time, and that's why he did not appear."

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