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Chen Xiang ate the Earth Yuanshen Dan that was just refined, and the refined Earth Qi erupted from his body. He immediately channeled this wave of Earth Qi into the Bones on his head, and gathered there.

In less than a day, he had completely refined all of the earth energy into his Bones, but the Ground-suppressing immortal elephant's soul had not formed yet.

"Are we going to succeed or not?" Chen Xiang didn't have any confidence now, forming the Ground-suppressing immortal elephant's soul in the air was extremely difficult. Fortunately, he had clearly seen this Ground-suppressing immortal elephant in his Dantian before, so he felt that it was possible.

In the following days, he refined ten Earth Yuanshen Dan, ate them one by one, and continued to cultivate the Ground-suppressing immortal elephant's soul. Now, he refined faster and faster, in just half a day's time, he could refine one soul!

Very quickly, he had refined six of them, but there was only a black object inside his Bones, and the Ground-suppressing immortal elephant's soul had not appeared yet!

"Keep eating, I don't believe it!" Chen Xiang had finished eating and refining all of the remaining Earth Yuanshen Dan, but he still had not refined the Ground-suppressing immortal elephant's soul.

However, he had made a lot of progress. When he was refining the Ground-suppressing immortal elephant's soul, he used the Heavenly Alchemy. Now, he could already see the elementary form of the Ground-suppressing immortal elephant's soul, but it was still a very vague outline.

Even so, it allowed Chen Xiang to see hope! It let him know that his hard work had not been in vain, and gave him the motivation to continue cultivating.

"Seems like I need quite a number of Yuanshen Dan s to form this Ground-suppressing immortal elephant's soul, it is not easy!" Chen Xiang was frantically absorbing the Earth Qi here, pouring it into the Chuangshi G.o.d furnace, he wanted to refine more Earth Yuanshen Dan.

Right now, the speed at which he refined the Earth Yuanshen Dan had increased by a lot as well.

This time, he had concocted 100 pills, which took him more than 20 days! He had been closed up here for more than two months!

… ….

In the blink of an eye, Chen Xiang had closed up for more than half a year!

"This boy is truly amazing. After being in closed-door training for so long, he has completely forgotten about my delicate daughter. Is he even a man?" Xu Dazhong was walking around the outer sect disciples, because Xu Youqing had already come to look for him twice, but Chen Xiang was still meditating below.

"Dad, forget it!" He's busy with his training, I just have some things I want to ask him! " Xu Youqing on the other hand, completely understood Chen Xiang's unique cultivation method. Right now, it was definitely a critical moment. However, she felt that after being separated from Chen Xiang for two months, she missed him a lot. This was the first time she missed a man so much.

Xu Dazhong nodded his head: "You are quite ambitious, not bad young lad! Oh right, did Fang Zitian look for you? His injuries have already healed quite a bit. Chen Xiang this guy knows his limits very well, and did not leave him with any hidden ailments. "

Xu Youqing shook his head: "No, he still hasn't given up on me? I am now a married woman! "

Xu Dazhong sighed: "I am just a little worried, since childhood, he has always liked you. Moreover, in order to cultivate to Peak Divine Lord, he sacrificed a lot … I'm even getting a little obsessed, and I'm afraid that he might get a blow from this! "

Fang Zitian was, after all, a disciple that Xu Dazhong had single-handedly brought up, and his strength was also not bad. He had helped Fang Zitian with a lot of good words, but Xu Youqing was unwilling to marry Fang Zitian.

"Father, this fellow Fang Zitian is sick. He never smiled at me when he was with me! I know he's your disciple, and you've also said a lot of good things for him, so I tried to get along with him, but this guy is so boring! " Xu Youqing scoffed.

"How come you never told me?" Xu Dazhong frowned: "You've really tried to date him before? He didn't tell me, he said you were being unkind to him! "

Xu Youqing immediately snorted: "Bullsh * t, I've always treated him with kindness and cold b.u.t.t. If it wasn't for the fact that he's your disciple, I would have cursed him a long time ago! This guy is really going too far! "

"Father, the main reason why I don't like him is because he looks down on me! He thinks that I have to respect him, worship him and admire him the same as I do, putting my Peak Divine Lord's strength on the table all day long. I really can't take it anymore and have never seen him again. "

Xu Dazhong asked in shock: "There's such a thing? Although Zi Tian is a bit arrogant, he has never been so impudent in front of me before! "

Xu Youqing snorted: "Fang Zitian doesn't even like me, he just wants to take me, and use this to raise his prestige, so that he can show off in front of others! So what if it was the Peak Divine Lord? Wasn't he still beaten fiercely by Chen Xiang? Chen Xiang is a hundred times better than him. "

"Who am I a hundred times better than?" Chen Xiang's laughter suddenly came over, he had already condensed the Ground-suppressing immortal elephant's soul, and at this moment, his Bones had become extremely peculiar, as though it had life, and from time to time, it would release a burst of vitality.

"Husband!" When Xu Youqing saw Chen Xiang, she immediately ran over and hugged Chen Xiang's arm sweetly. It was obvious that she missed Chen Xiang a lot.

"Brat, you're finally out!" "But you don't seem to be improving that much!" Seeing that Chen Xiang and Chen Xiang's relationship was that good, Xu Dazhong was relieved.

Chen Xiang only laughed, he did not improve at all, after all, he was only preparing for the Second Divine Sense Sea.

"Oh right, you have to be careful of Fang Zitian, he will hold a grudge!" Xu Dazhong said seriously: "I will find him for a chat, and tell him not to find trouble with you!"

Chen Xiang nodded, he was not afraid of Fang Zitian at all.

"Let's go back!" Xu Youqing held Chen Xiang's hand and ran out of his place.

After walking out, Chen Xiang used teleportation to bring Xu Youqing to her house.

"So fierce, I didn't expect you to be so good at using the power of s.p.a.ce!" Xu Youqing said in pleasant surprise, and then pulled Chen Xiang into the house.

"Young lady, what's the matter? So hasty! " Chen Xiang laughed as he gave Xu Youqing a kiss on the cheek. Xu Youqing also turned her head to his side and kissed him.

After a while, Xu Youqing bit her lips, her face slightly red, she muttered: "You actually had the heart to abandon me, and have closed up for such a long time!"

"Hehe, I'll make it up to you now!" Chen Xiang carried Xu Youqing and walked into the room …

After she finished speaking, Xu Youqing's face was flushed red, and she looked extremely delicate and pretty, causing Chen Xiang to be unable to resist taking a light bite on her pretty face.

"What are you cultivating in seclusion?" Xu Youqing asked in a small voice as she cuddled up in Chen Xiang's embrace.

"Cultivating the Ground-suppressing immortal elephant's soul, even if I told you, you wouldn't understand." Chen Xiang said.

"The soul of the Ground-suppressing immortal elephant? I truly do not understand, but I have heard of Ground-suppressing immortal elephant! " Xu Youqing asked in surprise: "Your cultivation is related to Ground-suppressing immortal elephant?"

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