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Xu Dazhong had previously said that there were several factions in the Purple Yuan Sect. The reason he could become the Leader was because his overall strength was stronger! However, this did not guarantee that he could sit down peacefully. Even if he could sit down peacefully in this position, the entire Purple Yuan Sect was not completely in his control.

Chen Xiang also understood that for a power like the Purple Yuan Sect, there were also cases where people were scheming and scheming internally, but they were not very obvious and came from the shadows.

Now that Xu Dazhong had won over Chen Xiang, he was naturally very happy. After all, this was his kin and was the most trustworthy.

"Our current plan is to first strengthen ourselves, cultivate a few Peak Divine Lord, and then secretly get our hands on them! Oh right, the Everlasting Mountain is currently being taken over by your Purple Yuan Sect. " Chen Xiang said: "Father-in-law, when the time comes, you must cooperate with me a little. If you let Everlasting Mountain out, I will definitely give you a lot of benefits."

"I don't care about the Everlasting Mountain, it has been taken over by two factions, this is a piece of meat! If I were to once again swallow the Everlasting Mountain, it would definitely incur the wrath of the ma.s.ses, and I would also have no choice but to give up the w.a.n.g Ancient Heavenly Star. " Xu Dazhong said helplessly, although he was sloppy, he still had a lot of brains.

Giving the w.a.n.g Ancient Heavenly Star to another faction was just a matter of exchanging interests. Only then would he be able to sit in the position of the Leader.

"That's not good, w.a.n.g Ancient Heavenly Star is different from the other Heavenly Stars, this w.a.n.g Ancient Heavenly Star has a lot of potential, they had been secretly developing it over there, maybe they will fight back and force you to abdicate." Chen Xiang said: "The reason why you are able to speak calmly now is because everyone's strength is equal."

"Of course I understand! My overall strength is stronger, but they are all the same, so I was isolated from the group. You might not know this, but I did not want to become a Leader at the start, so the benefits I gained from becoming a Leader are not small. However, this also means that those guys have to be more wary of me, and at the same time, I have to sacrifice more benefits for their safety, otherwise, they would join forces to deal with me. "

Xu Dazhong was in a pa.s.sive state the entire time. He could only brace himself to become a Leader because even if he did not do it, he would also be isolated. It would be better to go up and fish for a bit first.

"Father-in-law, what you mean is … I can freely attack Everlasting Mountain now? " Chen Xiang asked.

"Mm. You can come at will, but you must not expose yourself. You must not let them know that you are my son-in-law or else I won't be able to survive here." Xu Dazhong patted Chen Xiang's shoulder: "If you were to stall them at w.a.n.g Ancient Heavenly Star, you would be able to shoulder a lot of burden for me! The fellows who went to Everlasting Mountain all wanted to get rid of me, and are currently developing in secret. "

"How many sects do you have in total in Purple Yuan Sect?" Chen Xiang asked.

"Including me, there are a total of seven factions. Two of the stronger ones went to the w.a.n.g Ancient Heavenly Star, two of them are the fence-sitters, and two of them are even at the Zi Yuan Villa … The other half of the Purple Yuan Heavenly Star is also a part of the Purple Yuan Sect. The other half of the small and middle-sized forces in the Purple Yuan Heavenly Star have been won over by them, and they are developing very quickly. " Xu Dazhong said.

Chen Xiang also never thought that it would be so interesting. The inside of the Purple Yuan Sect was actually also a piece of loose sand, he had thought that the w.a.n.g Ancient Heavenly Star was like this before! But it had to be said that even though the Purple Yuan Sect was strong, they were still the leaders of various factions.

I'll help you deal with the fellow from Everlasting Mountain. When the time comes, give me the Everlasting Mountain! Chen Xiang replied, "Everlasting Mountain is more important to me."

There was a mysterious and terrifying seal at the bottom of Everlasting Mountain. Chen Xiang had to protect it, otherwise, if anything powerful were to appear, the entire Star Law Divine Realm or even the entire Nine Heaven World would be in trouble.

"Oh right, Father-in-law, is there a place with dense Earth Qi in the Purple Yuan Sect?" Chen Xiang asked.

"Of course, why?" Xu Dazhong asked.

"Are you in charge?" Chen Xiang asked again.

"Yes, are you going to cultivate?" Xu Dazhong laughed: There is nothing good to cultivate in absorbing Earth Qi, although it is very useful, but it is not good to use it for cultivation, I have tried it, it is useless!

"Let me in for a while, I want to give it a try!" Chen Xiang said, he was not sure if he could cultivate the Ground-suppressing immortal elephant's soul by absorbing the Earth Qi.

"Follow me!" Xu Dazhong did not say much. Chen Xiang was his good son-in-law and could help him a lot, so of course he had to treat him well.

Chen Xiang followed Xu Dazhong down a flight of stairs that led to a deep underground cave.

"After this earth energy is released through the earth, it will become divine energy, an endless stream of it. This is also the foundation of the formation that our Purple Yuan Sect maintains." Xu Dazhong said: This is the place with the densest Earth Qi, and also where we set up the array foundation, so we made a stone room here, you can cultivate here.

To be able to release such dense Earth Qi, there must be something below to convert the Core of the Earth. Chen Xiang only thought about it, he could not mess around in Purple Yuan Sect.

After Xu Dazhong left, he left Chen Xiang here to cultivate, he was completely at ease with Chen Xiang.

"This guy is not bad. Next time, ask him if he knows anything about the Undead Divine Race! A Peak Divine Lord as young as him would probably not get involved in that sort of thing. " Yue Er said.

"Un, I will definitely go and ask!" Chen Xiang began to absorb Earth Qi and cultivate.

After cultivating for a long time, he realized that there was no effect. Just as Xu Dazhong had said, there was no point in absorbing the Earth Qi.

"I don't believe it!" Chen Xiang took out the Chuangshi G.o.d furnace. He planned to refine all this Earth Qi, and after using the Heavenly Alchemy to refine it, it would increase the quality of his body a lot. With so much Earth Qi, he felt that he could use it to refine a Jingshen Dan.

Using the method inside the Heavenly Alchemy, Chen Xiang absorbed a large amount of Earth Qi into the Chuangshi G.o.d furnace. After continuously absorbing for an entire day, it was only until a large ball of viscous liquid was formed within the Chuangshi G.o.d furnace did Chen Xiang stop.

"These items are much more tame than divine medicine, so refining them shouldn't be too difficult!" After Chen Xiang used the flames to refine it for a period of time, he would remove the impurities inside it and then use the collision method to improve its quality after a period of time.

He was already very familiar with these techniques, moreover, he did not learn how to refine the King grade G.o.d Pellet, so refining the Earth Qi into a pellet was not difficult for him.

After concocting for an entire day, he took out a black pill from the furnace.

"It's a Jingshen Dan, how can it be black?" Chen Xiang frowned: "This should be considered a King grade G.o.d Pill! Hmm, let's call it Earth Yuanshen Dan! "

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