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Chen Xiang had already pa.s.sed Xu Youqing's three tests, and Xu Youqing had just expressed that he would abide by his promise to be his wife. However, the two of them did not have any feelings for each other, and there was a gap between the two of them so they lacked understanding each other.

So when Chen Xiang saw that Xu Youqing was hiding a very powerful strength, he was secretly vigilant. Xu Youqing was also very sensitive, and could clearly feel that Chen Xiang was wary of her.

"Do you really want to say it?" Chen Xiang laughed and took two steps back.

"I'm already your wife. Killing a husband is something I can't do." Xu Youqing snorted: "There is a lack of trust between us, we need to communicate properly!"

"Alright, I just saw that your divine soul also contained Bones, the amount of this Bones is different from your body!" Chen Xiang said: "In other words, the number of Bones you now possess far exceeds the limit of nine Bones. "That's why I'm a little scared. This is purely an instinctive reaction. I'm not familiar with you right now either."

Chen Xiang was actually a little worried that Xu Youqing would kill him because she didn't want to marry him, which was why he had been on guard.

"Sure enough, I didn't expect you to be so powerful that you could see this." Xu Youqing chuckled: "Don't tell me you think that just because my Bones has surpa.s.sed nine Divine Deity, I am already very powerful? So you're worried that I will kill you and break the engagement?"

Chen Xiang nodded, "I did indeed think so!"

Xu Youqing suddenly pulled Chen Xiang's hand, and laughed: "If I want to kill you, there are many ways! "Furthermore, that kind of barbaric way of killing isn't something that I'm good at. To be honest, I really hate seeing blood and dead people. If I want to kill you, I'll definitely let you die in secret."

Chen Xiang forced a laugh: "My little wife, you are really scary!" Although he said that, he still held Xu Youqing's jade hand lightly, and felt its softness and softness.

Xu Youqing pouted playfully, then dragged Chen Xiang into the house.

Chen Xiang was a little surprised, but this Xu Youqing actually didn't dislike him at all, and seemed to easily accept the matter of marrying him. He thought about it for a bit, and felt that he was pretty good, so it didn't matter if Xu Youqing took a fancy to him.

Just as he was about to become narcissistic, Yue'er suddenly said, "This place is very scary!"

Chen Xiang immediately used the Dao heart Eye to look around. He discovered that the surroundings were filled with a silvery-white energy, floating around everywhere, and there was a lot of it.

"Could it be the power of that curse?" Chen Xiang was shocked.

Xu Youqing told Chen Xiang to sit, then took out something to eat and give it to him. Seeing Chen Xiang being a little unnatural, Xu Youqing smiled and asked: "Did you see something else?"

"This place seems to be filled with a strange energy. What exactly is this place?" Chen Xiang said, he was not sure if that was the power of Xu Youqing's curse.

Xu Youqing extended her jade palm in front of Chen Xiang and said: "Watch carefully!"

Chen Xiang looked at her palm and saw a ball of silver white light surging out from her palm. Feeling the light coming towards him, Chen Xiang didn't know why, but he suddenly felt an unspeakable pain. Unknowingly, he actually stood up, and after feeling that he had lost control of himself, his body instinctively released a force of resistance, allowing him to sit down.

Just as he sat down, the white light aura around Xu Youqing's palm also disappeared.

"What happened just now?" Chen Xiang came back to reality with a face full of shock.

"You were just cursed by me! "You are indeed powerful, to be able to break my curse!" Xu Youqing laughed, his eyes filled with praise: "That was a puppet curse, as long as you touch the power of it, you will be under my control! If it was someone who was weak, he would not be able to discover it! Furthermore, after I removed the power of the curse, he only thought that he had dreamt it and would not realize it. "

"And you discovered it right after you started, so you were able to break through my power of curse!"

Chen Xiang said: "That means, this is the curse power inside your house?"

Xu Youqing laughed heartily: "This is only a method of self-defense, you don't have to worry, I will not hurt you, furthermore, if I use the power of the curse on a person with a strong power like you, I will also lose a lot of energy."

Chen Xiang was a lot more relaxed, although this Xu Youqing looked calm and refined, but Chen Xiang could feel the mischievousness deep inside her bones, which was why he was a little worried.

"Did you cultivate this kind of power yourself? I have been cursed before, and that kind of curse didn't hurt me much, but it annoyed me a lot. What's called the Tracing mantra, it meant that the person who used that curse on me will know where I am at any time. " Chen Xiang said: "I heard that that guy used this curse to cause great harm to himself."

"Of course, he doesn't have the power of the curse. He needs to sacrifice himself to obtain the power of the curse and place a curse on you!" He should be using his own cultivation base or something else to make a sacrifice! I was born with the power of the curse, so I don't need to sacrifice myself. " Xu Youqing said: "I normally won't use it carelessly. If I use some powerful curses, I'll need to damage my own lifespan … It might even have to do with the consumption of Divine Deity or Bones. "

"What a strange power!" Chen Xiang exclaimed: "Then what exactly is going on with the Bones inside your divine soul? Can you get great power from that? "

Xu Youqing shook his head: "My disappearance cannot link divine soul and physical body's Bones, and cannot be linked, which means that my strength cannot be shared and the overlapping effect cannot be achieved! When I was cultivating it, I accidentally cultivated my divine soul to that state. Furthermore, my divine soul is equivalent to the avatar I have outside, so I can directly use my Hundred G.o.ds level! And later on, I realized that this divine soul can even cultivate Bones on its own! "

"I have tried many times, but I am still unable to fuse my physical body and the Bones within the divine soul. If I can do it, my current strength should be able to surpa.s.s the peak."

Xu Youqing had a unique cultivation method that allowed her to step onto a path that was different from the others. Although it allowed her to become strong, it also caused her to become extremely lonely, because she was the only one who walked this path, so no matter what difficulties she encountered, she would have to resolve them herself.

Chen Xiang was very impressed with this, because he had also walked on an unusual path.

Xu Youqing saw that Chen Xiang was thinking, so she did not disturb him. She could tell that Chen Xiang was the same as her, searching for a different path. Chen Xiang's Divine Deity had not even reached a hundred, but if he was able to defeat the Peak Divine Lord Fang Zitian, then he must have cultivated up to some kind of terrifying strength.

After a while, Chen Xiang took a sip of tea and softly asked: "What do you think about this? If I can fuse the Bones and the physical body together, my strength will be able to surpa.s.s the Peak Divine Lord. "

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