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Xu Youqing was currently flying around randomly, and she completely followed her own set of rules of the game. She said that she wouldn't fly out if she didn't run out of the courtyard, and she was flying around randomly right now, just to avoid being locked on by Chen Xiang! Because she already knew that Chen Xiang could see her tracks.

"Understand what?" Yue Er curiously asked.

"This isn't her true body, it's just her divine soul! and it's even a very strong divine soul, looking exactly the same as the original body. " Chen Xiang said: "The divine soul can be controlled as and when the user wishes, and can transform into various things according to the user's wishes. It's just that this can only be accomplished within the Divine Sense Sea."

"The reason why she can do it now is because she has mastered a secret art. As long as her divine soul does not stray too far from her main body, she can also change as she pleases within the Divine Sense Sea." Chen Xiang said: "Right now, she has already turned into a pile of fallen leaves, hiding inside of the pile of fallen leaves."

Yue'er replied: "That's actually divine soul? I didn't see it either! Is there any way to catch her? "

"Of course there is. The best way to capture divine soul is to use the Divine Sense Sea s themselves! Looks like I have to get her into my Divine Sense Sea. " Chen Xiang chuckled.

At the same time, he was also thinking about Xu Youqing's movements. After Xu Youqing transformed into a fallen leaf, he floated along with the wind into a patch of gra.s.s, and then, he quietly turned into a small blade of gra.s.s.

She thought that Chen Xiang would retreat in the end due to the difficulties he faced, but she didn't expect him to have so many methods, otherwise she would have set a time limit. That way, if Chen Xiang wasn't able to catch her within the time limit, she wouldn't be able to pa.s.s.

This move was also her greatest reliance, so after Chen Xiang had pa.s.sed her two tests earlier, she was extremely calm and collected! Of course she didn't want to marry Chen Xiang, or even more importantly, she didn't want to marry anyone. Otherwise, she wouldn't have to stir up so many troubles and create so many troubles for herself, but she felt that it was extremely dangerous now. If Chen Xiang really managed to pa.s.s her third trial, she would have no choice but to brace herself and marry Chen Xiang.

Although Xu Youqing was unwilling, she had her principles and kept her promise. She had never gone against what she had said before! Moreover, Chen Xiang's overall conditions were pretty good. She felt that she could endure it.

Just as Xu Youqing was thinking, her eyes suddenly flashed, and she appeared in a unfamiliar place. This was not her own small courtyard!

She came to a beach, and in front of her was a beautiful blue sea. White clouds floated in the blue sky for thousands of miles, and behind her was a beautiful sea of flowers.

"I got you!" Chen Xiang smiled as he looked at her shoulder.

"I... Why did you change back? " Xu Youqing looked at her body. She had actually changed into a human form, and it was not something she could control.

"What exactly is this place?" "Could it be …" Xu Youqing was shocked: "I'm in your Divine Sense Sea?"

Xu Youqing looked around. She was currently on a beautiful small island, and in front of her was Lan Hai, who looked as far as she could see.

"Is this really your Divine Sense Sea?" Xu Youqing did not dare to believe that a strong person like Chen Xiang, could actually be so calm, that this kind of person, would actually be someone who pursued a peaceful life.

Chen Xiang nodded! Of course he would not tell Xu Youqing that he still had the second Divine Sense Sea. In a sense, his second Divine Sense Sea was his real Divine Sense Sea.

"I've grabbed your divine soul. Does this count as having pa.s.sed your test?" Chen Xiang laughed: "After all, I did not catch your true body!"

Xu Youqing hesitated for a moment, then nodded: "It's considered a pa.s.s! How the h.e.l.l did you see me? And how did he find out that I used divine soul? Even my father couldn't tell! "

"I accidentally learned a secret technique that allows me to see any form of energy, so I can see you!" I didn't realize that you were using divine soul at the beginning, but your divine soul is indeed very unique. It is exactly the same as a real person's and there are even some fluctuations of Divine Deity on your body! " At this moment, Chen Xiang still could not understand how Xu Youqing did it, because he could see that Xu Youqing's divine soul contained a Bones within.

If divine soul could produce a physical body, and then cultivate a Bones within the flesh body of the divine soul, wouldn't that be equivalent to him breaking through the limits of nine Divine Deity?

"Then how did you figure it out?" Xu Youqing was very curious about this kind of secret technique that she had accidentally learnt. She planned to ask Chen Xiang about it in the future since she could be considered Chen Xiang's wife now.

"I know you are changing, but when you are changing, there are no energy fluctuations. Furthermore, I can see that your energy is always in the same form! This is a phenomenon that only happens in Divine Sense Sea s, so I saw it. Once your divine soul leaves the Divine Sense Sea, you can do whatever you want within the Divine Sense Sea. Chen Xiang praised.

Under Chen Xiang's control, Xu Youqing's divine soul had also left Chen Xiang's Divine Sense Sea.

Xu Youqing's divine soul had also disappeared. Then, a house not too far away opened up, and Xu Youqing walked out. Her main body looked exactly the same as her divine soul!

"The main body has eight Bones and five Bones! I wonder if she can use these Bones at the same time. If she can, then her strength is not weak either. Chen Xiang was shocked, he suddenly became cautious, this was the person with the most Bones he had met.

"You're suddenly afraid of me?" Xu Youqing caught Chen Xiang's expression and frowned: "Are you afraid of my power of curse? Or are you afraid that I'll go back on my word and kill you? You don't have to worry, I, Xu Youqing, will do as I say. You have already pa.s.sed my test, and I have also agreed to marry you.

"This... "You Qing, I have several wives already. I need to explain them to you." Chen Xiang coughed dryly and said.

"It's alright, I saw it earlier!" Even though Xu Youqing said this, she merely snorted softly and asked, "Are all of them very strong?"

"He shouldn't be as strong as you, but he isn't weak either … I've been separated from them for a period of time. The next time I see them, they should be even stronger than before. " Chen Xiang said.

Xu Youqing walked over, circled around Chen Xiang, looked at him carefully, and said: "You're still wary of me! "Why?"

"I feel that you are the strongest person I have met since I came to the Star Law Divine Realm. This is purely my instinctual reaction." Chen Xiang said truthfully.

"Why do you think so? Because of my power of curse? But when you saw me before, it wasn't like this. Did you discover something on my body? " Xu Youqing asked, she cared more about this. That seemed to be her big secret.

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