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Chen Xiang was only curious now, wanting to see how terrifying Xu Dazhong's daughter was. To him, this challenge was just too exciting.

"Curse? It's not like I've never been cursed before, so there shouldn't be anything to be afraid of! " [Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents] Chen Xiang had been forced to use the Tracing mantra by the h.e.l.l Devil Emperor before, and after tormenting him for a while, he managed to endure through it.

After pushing open the door, a burst of fragrance drifted in the air, accompanied by the melodious chirping of birds. Before Chen Xiang even saw the inside, his mind was filled with a beautiful scenery.

"Miss Xu?" Chen Xiang called out softly, then looked at the inside of the courtyard, which was filled with beautiful flowers and jade-green trees, it looked like a small garden.

Hearing Chen Xiang's voice, the little birds that were chirping away on the trees flew away, the b.u.t.terflies that were dancing in the flowers also flew away in fright.

Chen Xiang did not get a response, and lightly shouted again: "Miss Xu, are you here?"

After entering the house, Chen Xiang gently closed the door, and then carefully walked on the cobblestone path in the garden. Just now, he had heard from Xu Dazhong that his daughter liked to set up a curse array in this place.

"I'm here!" The voice came from a pavilion not far away. There was a woman wearing a long, green dress there.

Her back was facing Chen Xiang, and Chen Xiang could only see her beautiful long hair that was like a waterfall. Her hairpin had a golden b.u.t.terfly ornament on it, when she strummed the zither, this golden b.u.t.terfly ornament would flutter its wings, which was extremely eye-catching.

"His back is not bad!" Chen Xiang immediately evaluated.

"Oh right, I noticed this pavilion when I came in. No one was here just now! This woman suddenly appeared out of nowhere? I'm sure I'm not mistaken, it's just too weird in the middle of the day! " When Chen Xiang came in, he had observed carefully. The pavilion's construction was extremely exquisite, and he was more concerned with it, which was why he felt that it was strange.

He immediately walked towards the pavilion. He did not sense any formation magic power here, so there was definitely no illusion formation or anything of the sort! Then how did this woman appear? If he were to use Spatial Force, then there would definitely be a slight fluctuation in s.p.a.ce and he would definitely be caught.

Chen Xiang kept walking and thinking along the way! It was as if this woman had appeared out of thin air, but seeing her playing the zither seemed like she had been here for a long time.

Chen Xiang arrived at the pavilion on his journey here safely and did not encounter any unusual happenings. He walked around the woman and carefully looked at her delicate and pretty face, which was just as Xu Dazhong had said. His daughter was a rare beauty, and had a unique charm.

The lady was playing the zither seriously with her head down. What made Chen Xiang surprised was that although she saw the girl playing the zither, she couldn't hear anything.

"I heard your name is Yun Fei?" She raised her head and looked at Chen Xiang, her eyes flowing with electricity, causing Chen Xiang's heart to thump loudly.

When the woman spoke, she had a warm and beautiful smile on her face. It wasn't as strange as her father had said.

"En!" Chen Xiang was not confused by the lady's expression just now, the other party's tricks did not have much effect on him, he was extremely vigilant, otherwise, he would be at a disadvantage.

"Miss, what about you?" Chen Xiang asked again.

"Xu Youqing!" She smiled sweetly and said: "I'm afraid you are not called Yun Fei? "You're being dishonest!"

"How do you know my name is not Yun Fei? You don't even know me, how can you be so sure! " Chen Xiang laughed.

"You lied! People like you are used to lying, so it's hard to see where you're going, but I happen to see that you're lying. " Xu Youqing chuckled: "If you want to marry me, but you aren't even willing to tell me your real name, your sincerity isn't enough."

"It doesn't matter if I'm called Yun Fei or not, no matter what my name is, I defeated Fang Zitian, so I'm your man." Chen Xiang laughed.

"Didn't my father tell you? I have to accept three small tests from me before I can marry you. " Xu Youqing laughed faintly: "The first test I'm giving you is to be honest with me, can you do that?"

Chen Xiang thought for a while, then nodded: "That won't be difficult!"

Xu Youqing chuckled: "Then can you tell me your real name now?"

Chen Xiang scratched his head, and said puzzledly: "Just because of this, you wasted a test? My name is Chen Xiang! "

When Xu Youqing heard Chen Xiang's name, he chuckled, but it was unknown if she was surprised or what she was doing.

"Is my name that funny?" Chen Xiang asked.

"I just think that you are a very funny person, and your way of doing it is also very funny! Don't think that we don't know, the death of our previous Purple Yuan Sect is related to you. We have long known about your alliance with Dai Donggong. " Xu Youqing said: "You are the great enemy of our Purple Yuan Sect, but you want to marry me?

"But that's not contradictory, is it? You and your father don't have any deep grudges with me, so your father still has to be grateful to me. If I didn't kill your former Leader, how could your father have his current status? " Chen Xiang curled his lips: "What's the second test?"

"The second test is a bit difficult!" Xu Youqing stood up, she was shorter than Chen Xiang by a head, her eyes flashed with a mischievous light, and she laughed: "Go tell my father, you are Chen Xiang! Hmm... It would be better to bring him here and tell him that I want to see his expression for myself. "

"This... It's really a little difficult! " Chen Xiang was startled, and laughed.

"But now, isn't it difficult for you?" Xu Youqing saw that Chen Xiang was still smiling, and frowned slightly.

"I just felt that it would be a bit more difficult to bring him here because he was afraid that you would die of fear. He heard that the last time he mistakenly touched your formation, he became a dog. There is a shadow in his heart." Chen Xiang said in a solemn voice, "I am thinking about how I can bring him here."

Xu Youqing stared blankly for a while, and then let out a chuckle. "The last time did indeed leave a deep impression on him … It seems like it will be a little difficult for you to get him to come here.

After Chen Xiang left the courtyard, he immediately went back the way he came and found Xu Dazhong who was singing loudly on top of a small hill.

"Like father, like daughter. Not a normal guy." Chen Xiang walked over, grabbed Xu Dazhong, and without saying a word, dragged him using the Shrinking step to rush to Xu Youqing's courtyard.

"Kid, what's wrong?" Xu Dazhong asked in shock: "Before I finish singing … What had happened? You couldn't have been cursed by him to kill me, right? "

"Your daughter wants me to take you to her place. This is a test." As Chen Xiang spoke, he teleported to the pavilion where Xu Youqing was.

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