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Chen Xiang was brought into the Purple Yuan Sect, and at this time, he also began to inspect the inside of the grounds. His goal in coming here was to cultivate the soul of a Ground-suppressing immortal elephant.

Fang Zitian had been defeated, and he had been utterly defeated! This matter quickly spread throughout the entire Purple Yuan Heavenly Star. At this moment, everyone was guessing whether or not Zi Yuan Leader would marry his daughter to a n.o.body.

Chen Xiang laughed as he drank tea in a large hall in Purple Yuan Sect. At this moment, there were two beautiful female disciples attending to him.

"The Leader is here!" A lady suddenly spoke out, reminding Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang also sensed a strong Qi, and the newly ascended Zi Yuan Leader was called Xu Dazhong. He was very surprised when he heard about this, then went to see the unconscious Fang Zitian, and discovered that Fang Zitian's Divine Sense Sea had received a very clever attack, causing him to faint, but it did not cause too much damage.

Xu Dazhong had never encountered such a profound attack from a Divine Sense Sea before! He was not too worried about Fang Zitian's injuries either. He knew that Fang Zitian possessed a terrifying regeneration ability, and as long as he regained his consciousness, he would be able to recover very quickly.

After meeting Fang Zitian, Xu Dazhong went to find his daughter again, and told her about this matter … Then, he came to look for Chen Xiang.

"Good morning, Leader!" Chen Xiang stood up and said while grinning.

"h.e.l.lo, h.e.l.lo! That's right, even though your Divine Deity hasn't reached a hundred, you're already so powerful. Your future is limitless, your future is limitless! " Xu Dazhong was like a middle-aged man, which also surprised him a little. He thought that these powerful big shots would all have white hair. 3. Pride Pill G.o.d 2327

Therefore, he immediately thought that this Xu Dazhong should be from the second generation of Peak Divine Lord, which was why he was so young. This meant that this Xu Dazhong's strength might not be as strong as the Purple Yuan Leader from before!

When the previous Purple Yuan Leader shouted for Dai Donggong, he was always shouting for a little kid, but he was also killed by Chen Xiang, which was why Chen Xiang had such a feeling. [Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents]

"Little brother, there's one thing that is difficult for me!" Xu Dazhong patted Chen Xiang's shoulders. Xu Dazhong had a fat head and big ears, he did not look like someone threatening them, but instead was kind. He did not look like a Leader.

"Is it because your daughter doesn't want to marry me?" Chen Xiang laughed.

"Almost... But, I, Xu Dazhong, will definitely not go back on my words, even if she doesn't want to marry, I will still marry her to you. " Xu Dazhong laughed.

Chen Xiang's eyebrows twitched, hearing Xu Dazhong's words, he felt that his daughter might not be so good, or that she might have some other flaw.

"Haha …" Xu Dazhong laughed: Young man, what are you afraid of? Are you worried that my daughter is a monster? "

"You agreed so readily, I'm really worried!" Chen Xiang laughed. Chen Xiang being so easy to talk with caused Chen Xiang to be a little surprised.

"You don't have to be afraid! You know that brat Fang Zitian is also not bad, he really likes my daughter. " Xu Dazhong lowered his voice and said: "However, if you can defeat him, my daughter will be yours."

Chen Xiang rubbed his chin, and said: "I keep having the feeling that your father is unreliable, how can you make such a trade with your daughter?"

Xu Dazhong sighed: "That's not what I wanted! In fact, it was my daughter's wish. She wanted Fang Zitian to challenge all the heroes of Star Law Divine Realm, and if he could not lose, she would marry Fang Zitian. If anyone agreed to Fang Zitian's request, she would marry that person! I was just fishing for a bit. "

"Then what are we waiting for?" Call your daughter out, she's mine! " Chen Xiang snickered.

"But now she's gone back on her word! How about this, if you wait more than ten or twenty years for me to give you another daughter, then I won't be breaking my promise. " Xu Dazhong's words stunned him.

Chen Xiang was stunned for a while, then said: "No, I want this one now! Is there no other way? "

Xu Dazhong shook his head and sighed: "No, I didn't know that she was just saying that back then, and Fang Zitian and I took it seriously, I was tricked by this girl! Little brother, just promise me that I'll work hard and give birth to two of them. I guarantee that they will be my daughters! I don't want my reputation to be ruined! " Pride Pill G.o.d 2327

"A woman like Fang Zitian isn't simple. I'm going to take her." Chen Xiang did not make any concessions.

Xu Dazhong thought for a while, then said: "There is still a way! You said it earlier, the woman that Fang Zitian has his eyes on, is definitely not an ordinary woman! Fang Zitian was raised by me, so my daughter is not weak either. If you can defeat her, maybe she will follow you! I'll talk to her again. "

Xu Dazhong let out a silent sigh, and sat down to drink his tea. He never thought that the newly ascended Purple Yuan Leader would actually be such a wonder.

"Hey, don't forget what you're doing here! Are you really determined to take that fellow's daughter away? " Yue'er laughed.

"Of course, I spent twenty Divine Deity and even defeated Fang Zitian in broad daylight! So Xu Dazhong's daughter is mine! Even if I have to flatten Purple Yuan Sect, I will bring her away! This is a matter of principle! " Chen Xiang drank his tea and waited patiently.

An hour later, Xu Dazhong came back again. He said with a beaming smile: "My daughter agreed, she said that as long as you pa.s.s her three tests, she will agree to marry you! Of course, if you fail, I will give you two daughters. It's rare to see a good son-in-law like you, I think you're much better than Fang Zitian! "

"Of course, I'm much more handsome than him. What part of him can compare to me?" Chen Xiang laughed shamelessly, "Quickly, bring me to find your daughter."

The Purple Yuan Sect was huge, and there were purple flowers everywhere, making it look extremely beautiful. Chen Xiang followed behind Xu Dazhong for a while before arriving at the entrance of a house.

"My daughter is inside. You can go in by yourself! I won't go with you. " After Xu Dazhong finished speaking, he was about to leave, but was pulled by Chen Xiang by the back of his collar.

"Why don't you come in with me?" Chen Xiang asked.

"I'm afraid her test for you began when you came in the door! It was you who wanted to marry her, so of course you had to face her test yourself. Xu Dazhong laughed.

"Hey, you seem to be afraid of your daughter!" Chen Xiang said: "I do not know anything about your daughter, I want me to become your son-in-law, at least you have to help me,"

"She is a … She was born with this kind of terrifying and mysterious power, it was called the power of a curse! For example, if she says you will die, you will die! When she says that you're a turtle, you become a turtle. Other than that, she also knows some strange formations, and once you enter her formations, you will be very unlucky. I had already stepped into a formation before I became a dog, and had to change into a human for more than a month. " When Xu Dazhong talked about this matter, his eyes were filled with fear. "That's why I felt that you had to accept my other suggestion. Wait a while for me, I'll give birth to two normal ones for you."

Hearing Xu Dazhong's description of his daughter's ability, Chen Xiang was also filled with curiosity. This kind of ability could be considered very terrifying.

"No, I want her!" Chen Xiang immediately went to push the door, but Xu Dazhong was already gone.

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