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Chen Xiang's two waves of Meteor immortal power instantly pa.s.sed through, when they struck Fang Zitian's body, they only heard a roar from Fang Zitian, followed by a purple light that flared up from Fang Zitian's body. Chen Xiang was suddenly hit by a burst of purple aura, such a strong guy, he is going to risk his life! Chen Xiang was shocked, it would be best if he prepared with all his strength.

"Don't even think about winning against me!" Fang Zitian's body flickered with a purple light. His broken arm had actually been reborn, and this was what Chen Xiang had seen with the Dao heart Eye.

Fang Zitian actually had such a terrifying regenerative ability. Everyone exclaimed repeatedly, this was Fang Zitian's true strength.

Fang Zitian's body flickered with a purple light, as though he was wearing a purple armor, he looked extremely mighty, his face was gloomy and he looked extremely angry, because no one had ever forced him to do something like this.

Fang Zitian knew that if he lost today, the daughter of the Zi Yuan Leader would marry into someone else! He had taken a fancy to it long ago, he definitely could not let anyone else steal it.

"Quite impressive!" Chen Xiang chuckled, "He can actually block two of my punches, and nothing will happen to him!"

"Hmph, the more formidable ones are yet to come!" Fang Zitian sneered, then suddenly shot two purple lights at Chen Xiang's chest.

"This fellow actually knows such a move!" Chen Xiang was shocked, and the two scorching rays of purple light pierced through his chest. Pride Pill G.o.d 2326

After his heart was penetrated, Fang Zitian laughed madly. Blinking his eyes, he continuously shot out purple rays of light that penetrated Chen Xiang's head, abdomen, legs, and arms …

Everyone watched dumbstruck, the move that Fang Zitian used just now was too sinister, he actually released such a terrifying penetrating power from his eyes! Everyone felt that Chen Xiang was very pitiful. He originally had a bright future, but now that his body had been turned into a hornet's nest, all of the Bones on his body had definitely been destroyed. [Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents]

"Didn't you say that it is forbidden to kill people? This fellow has even made a hole in my head, aren't you afraid of killing me? "

"No, I don't think so. Even such a scary guy with his head chopped off on one side would be able to live like this!" Look at this Yun Fei, his eyes are still rolling. "

"This guy isn't using the Bones of the eyes, he is only using a cultivation technique like the Permeable Heart Demon Eye. Even though it looks scary, it won't be that easy for it to pierce through my body." Chen Xiang could immediately tell that this Fang Zitian was more powerful, hiding such a powerful move, just to catch him off guard.

Earlier, everyone had seen Chen Xiang's body being penetrated by the beams of purple light, but now, everyone could see that he was fine.

This was because Chen Xiang had just used Cloud and Cloud Constellation to make his body look like clouds. Even if he was beaten into a hornet's nest, he wouldn't be harmed.

"You … You're fine! " Fang Zitian saw through it and was immediately shocked. He could see that Chen Xiang had used some kind of sacred art and altered the structure of his body to block this kind of attack.

The Heavenly spirit kunfu was one of the Four Great Taboo magic s, of course it wouldn't be inferior to him!

The hole on Chen Xiang's body was repaired quickly, the scattered mist only needed to return.

"Of course I'm fine!" After Chen Xiang finished speaking, his eyes suddenly flashed with red light as countless threads of red light burst out, penetrating Fang Zitian's body.

Fang Zitian let out a blood-curdling scream. The thread that was released from Chen Xiang's eyes earlier had broken all the meridians in his body. His bones, organs, and even his internal organs had been pierced through and squeezed out.

"Just you wait!" Fang Zitian's body flickered with a purple light. He was using the regeneration ability, but Chen Xiang would not give him the chance.

Chen Xiang was also very shocked by Fang Zitian's regeneration technique, but with Fang Zitian's body being damaged so heavily, it would take some time to regenerate!

When Chen Xiang teleported over, Fang Zitian was still using the power of regeneration to repair his body. He knew that Chen Xiang had arrived, but he wasn't worried, because he knew that he just needed to endure. Right now, he was condensing a large amount of power of regeneration, as long as he wasn't beaten to death, he could quickly regenerate. Pride Pill G.o.d 2326

"I would like to see how much power you have to regenerate!" Chen Xiang laughed mischievously as both of his palms struck forward violently. These were all Bone-melting magic palm s, and he struck Fang Zitian's body multiple times in an instant.

Fang Zitian immediately collapsed to the ground, the bones in his body were all gone!

Seeing Fang Zitian on the ground, everyone's scalps went numb, to think that there was actually such a strange technique that could directly remove all the bones in a person's body!

Now was the time when Fang Zitian was at his weakest, he was about to lose! But because the rules forbid killing, he felt that as long as he didn't admit defeat, Chen Xiang wouldn't be able to do anything to him. As long as he released the power of regeneration he stored up, he could recover.

"I won't give you a chance!" Chen Xiang said indifferently, then he stared into Fang Zitian's eyes and used the Bones in them to acc.u.mulate power, and infiltrate into Fang Zitian's Divine Sense Sea s.

The attack was formless, no one could see, it was an extremely terrifying Divine Sense Sea attack! Because Chen Xiang had the Bones in his eyes, he could store a very strange power. As long as he was at someone's most relaxed, he could use this power to attack someone else's Divine Sense Sea.


Chen Xiang did not do anything to him either, he had only attacked the divine soul inside the Divine Sense Sea, causing him to temporarily lose consciousness.

"I knocked him out, I won!" Chen Xiang said to the elder in charge of the compet.i.tion.

Many of the elders from the Purple Yuan Sect walked onto the stage. No matter how they tried, they could not wake Fang Zitian up.

"Stop shouting, even if he wakes up, I can make him lie down again." Chen Xiang laughed: "Your Purple Yuan Sect won't go back on his words? I will beat this guy, and quickly marry Purple Yuan Sect's daughter to me. "

Even if Purple Yuan Sect went back on his words, there was nothing he could do. Right now, he just had to see whether Purple Yuan Sect would care about his reputation, if he was thick-skinned enough, with his strength, he could just drive Chen Xiang away and nothing could do about it. However, his reputation would definitely be greatly affected, because there were many young masters who used many Bone level Dan to partic.i.p.ate in the challenge.

If they knew that they wouldn't be able to marry the daughter of Leader Zi Yuan even if they won, they would definitely be extremely unhappy in their hearts.

Originally, Purple Yuan Sect thought that this Groom Search Compet.i.tion would be a foolproof game, because Fang Zitian was very strong. Not only the Peak Divine Lord, but he also had many powerful skills.

But now, they had actually been defeated by Chen Xiang. This kind of accident was something they had never expected before!

"This... Young master, you should go to our Purple Yuan Sect to rest first. We have also notified the Leader, and he will be coming to take care of this matter very soon. " The elders were also dumbfounded. This kind of accident shouldn't have happened.

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