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Chapter 2325 - Fire Heaven and Ice Land

When Fang Zitian saw that Chen Xiang only had ninety odd Divine Deity, he felt a lot more at ease. He had only fought three matches a day and he could already earn quite a lot of Zhongpin bone level Dan s, he felt very satisfied.

Chen Xiang stared at Fang Zitian's eyes. Using the special power of the Bones in his eyes, he could see that among Fang Zitian's Divine Sense Sea, there was a purple colored land of ice and snow.

"Fire Heaven Ice, this guy cultivates the Fire and Ice G.o.d Power, and he also used the Purple Yuan Sect's power technique to make the G.o.d Power contain a bizarre and powerful purple energy." Chen Xiang was secretly surprised, this Fang Zitian was not weak at all.

Fang Zitian was also the new chief disciple. His master had just become a new Purple Yuan Sect and he immediately went to challenge the chief disciple.

Before he became the chief disciple, he was also quite famous. It was just that those young masters did not know that he had hidden his skills so deeply and actually had the cultivation level of the Peak Divine Lord.

Chen Xiang currently only had ninety-five Divine Deity s, which was slightly less than the opponent's, but his Bones was actually sixteen, so he felt that he would definitely not be weaker than the opponent. He had seven more Bones s than the opponent, and he had only fought against Peak Divine Lord with his bare hands before.

Therefore, this was a good opportunity to see his own strength.

"Begin." A middle-aged man below the stage shouted.

Chen Xiang had already acc.u.mulated his divine power a long time ago, so he immediately charged over. He did not use any spatial energy, but rather used the strange Shrinking step.

The stage was not big, and using the Shrinking step allowed them to teleport. Seeing his terrifying speed, everyone could not help but be shocked, they had initially thought that Chen Xiang would lose from the start, but they never expected that Chen Xiang would not be weak either.

Fang Zitian originally planned to let Chen Xiang attack first while he took the hit himself, but when he saw Chen Xiang's speed, he couldn't help but be secretly surprised. He also hurriedly moved forward and felt that Chen Xiang was a threat to him.

This all happened in a very short period of time, so it looked like two people moving at the same time.

His palm was filled with purple energy, and a ball of purple light appeared at the center of his palm. After flashing explosively for a moment, he appeared in front of Chen Xiang.

"It's ice, the Scorching Sun Heavenly Elephant." Chen Xiang felt a cold energy approaching him, his body started to circulate Heavenly spirit kunfu as fast as possible, unleashing the Scorching Sun Heavenly Elephant, causing his body to glow with fire, becoming extremely hot.

The ball of purple cold air that Fang Zitian had released did not hit Chen Xiang. Although Chen Xiang had used the Scorching Sun Heavenly Elephant, he still stepped on the Shrinking step and tried his best to avoid it.

Although Chen Xiang dodged it, his arm was still touched by the ball of purple light. He had already used the Scorching Sun Heavenly Elephant, but when the purple energy pa.s.sed by, he still felt a bone-chilling coldness.

This guy definitely hasn't become a Peak Divine Lord for a day or two. He has already become a Peak Divine Lord for a very long time. " Chen Xiang was shocked. The other party's Ice G.o.d power was transformed from the Divine Deity in his body at the same time, and when the G.o.d power rushed out from the Divine Sense Sea, it smoothly and quickly transformed into this kind of terrifying Icy cold power.

After entering the realm of Peak Divine Lord, it was difficult to increase it, and the only way to increase it was to continue purifying the power inside the Divine Sense Sea. The purer the power of Divine Sense Sea was, the stronger it would become after it was transformed.

Chen Xiang had fought with a lot of strong warriors before anyways, so he understood a little about it.

"He actually dodged it." Fang Zitian never thought that Chen Xiang's reaction would be so quick. Only by knowing that he would attack in advance would he be able to avoid it, which seemed to be something that could only be done with a keen intuition and accurate judgement.

Everyone was shocked, Fang Zitian's sudden attack just now was unexpected, but Chen Xiang had expected it and avoided it dangerously.

In reality, the sudden attack just now was also Fang Zitian's sudden decision. That was why his attack seemed to be very sudden and his angle of attack was also strange, but he could still attack accurately, only that Chen Xiang dodged it.

After the ball of purple light that Fang Zitian shot out landed on the ground, it turned into purple mist, and did not erupt with any large fluctuations, because when Fang Zitian saw that Chen Xiang had dodged the attack, he immediately retracted his power, showing how rare and powerful he was.

"It's a little tricky, I met an old fox." Chen Xiang thought. He took a step and appeared behind Fang Zitian in the blink of an eye. When he was using the Shrinking step, it was as if he had teleported, but this time, he was even faster.

In just half a blink of an eye, Chen Xiang had flashed behind Fang Zitian and struck out with his fist at the same time.

Everyone saw that at the same time Chen Xiang suddenly flashed behind Fang Zitian, a ball of flame suddenly shot out from Chen Xiang's fist. The aura was like a falling star in the sky, the immense pressure and scorching power released by him through the barrier on the stage was extremely shocking.

This was because Chen Xiang clearly only had ninety odd Divine Deity, yet the power he displayed was actually this terrifying, causing people to have to suspect whether or not he possessed Bones.

It was not impossible, it was just that there were very few of them, and there had even been no records of them. Usually, only after cultivating to the Hundred G.o.ds level, one would be able to cultivate the nine Bones, but it was not impossible.

Everyone felt that if Chen Xiang truly had nine Bones, then his strength would not be too far off from Fang Zitian's. In the later stages of the compet.i.tion, the difference in Divine Deity being only a few would not be a big deal, but the difference in Bones by one would be like heaven and earth.

The instant that Chen Xiang unleashed the Meteor immortal power, it smashed onto Fang Zitian's body. Although Fang Zitian was unable to dodge it, his body had self-made the defense.


Countless numbers of purple colored ice crystals flew in all directions. In that instant just now, Fang Zitian's body had congealed into ice, and he wanted to use this place to block Chen Xiang's attack.

After the purple light exploded, the purple ice crystals splattered all over the stage, but Fang Zitian's arm had actually disappeared.

Fang Zitian's face turned ugly, just now, Chen Xiang's punch had struck his shoulder, and he had frozen his body into ice, so when his arm received the fierce attack, it instantly exploded.

Qin profound, who was at the peak of Peak Divine Lord, actually suffered such a loss, to actually have one of his arms broken by a nameless cripple.

Chen Xiang used the Dao heart Eye to look at Fang Zitian and discovered that a purple object had suddenly appeared on his shoulder.

"Could it be..." When Chen Xiang saw it, he raised both fists and released two Meteor immortal power s that roared forward like dragons and tigers.

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