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The moment the battle started, Qin profound's fists released a golden divine power, but Fang Zitian used his extreme speed and instantly appeared in front of Qin profound, throwing out a palm strike. Qin profound also threw out a punch, striking Fang Zitian's palm.


The clash between the two had been very intense. Even with the barrier, it was obvious that they could still feel the vibrations.

"Qin profound lost." Chen Xiang had already seen how much Bones Fang Zitian and Qing Xuan had just now.

"Why are you so sure that it looks like they are only evenly matched?" Yue Er said.

"'s arm which struck out, had all of the bones inside broken. Right now, his arm can still move, which is supported by the divine power, Qin profound is also very strong, possessing eight Bones. However, that Fang Zitian has nine Bones, he is a Peak Divine Lord." Chen Xiang said to Yue'er.

"What, I never thought that after leaving Star Law Divine Realm, I would develop so quickly, there are so many young people like him." Yue'er exclaimed in surprise, "Looks like Leader Zi Yuan is intentionally making this up to swindle Zhongpin bone level Dan out of this Groom Search Compet.i.tion. I wonder how his daughter would feel."

"His daughter grew up with Fang Zitian and the two of them have a pretty good relationship. It's very likely that he will marry Fang Zitian in the future, Leader Zi Yuan is truly sinister." Chen Xiang laughed.

"Then do you have confidence in defeating Fang Zitian? If you win, won't they go back on their words?" Yue Er asked.

"I don't know. In short, I've won. The Zi Yuan Leader's daughter is my woman. If she goes back on her words, I'll lock her up." Chen Xiang laughed.

Although one of Qin profound's arms had been crippled, he had used his divine power to support himself for so long, which was already considered not bad. This allowed Chen Xiang to understand how strong the small and medium-sized forces of the Purple Yuan Heavenly Star were, for the son of a Patriarch to be so powerful, the Patriarch must be the Peak Divine Lord.

"I've lost." Qin profound suddenly said, his forehead was full of perspiration, his Bones had been broken in many places, and all his internal organs were injured, but he was just holding on, and did not vomit blood nor scream, which was why the others did not know about the situation.

However, Chen Xiang knew that he could see quite a bit of things through his Dao heart Eye, there wasn't the slightest injury on Fang Zitian's body, and the fight between him and Qin profound just now was merely a warm-up. Although he was only able to see one more Bones compared to Qin profound, his strength was actually a lot stronger.

Qin profound seemed to already know that Fang Zitian was Peak Divine Lord, which was why he gave up so decisively. Otherwise, if they continued to fight, he would lose even more.

Now it was the second time for him to go up on stage. This time, he was the son of a Leader from a stronger sect, named Wei Zhanqing, who was also from the Hundred G.o.ds level.

After all, he had personally witnessed how Qin profound lost, and he felt that his strength was about the same as Qin profound's. Even when Qin profound lost, the other party did not bring out their true strength.

After Qin profound walked down the stage, he took a few divine pellets, but he did not leave, he sat down and watched the battle. On one hand, he wanted to digest the divine pellets to heal his injuries, and at the same time, he wanted to see how strong Wei Yanzhi was.

In the beginning, Fang Zitian had the chance to make the first move, but he did not move.

When he attacked, Chen Xiang was also shocked. Wei Yanzhi looked like he was afraid and cowardly, but the way he attacked was extremely quick and violent, without a trace of what he looked like just now. This caused many people to curse in their hearts.

His pair of eyes became extremely sharp, he released many shadows, and like a gust of wind, he blew towards Fang Zitian. On his hands, rainbows flowed out, as if sword qi was spewing out, making people feel as if he had turned into a sword.

"Hmph." Fang Zitian was a little angry, possibly because the forward guard pretended to be weak, which was why he was angry.

Wei Yanzhi had only just approached Fang Zitian when he was sent flying by the divine strength of Fang Zitian's palm strike, crashing into the barrier and spitting out a large mouthful of blood.

"Admit defeat." Seeing that Wei Zhanqing was admitting defeat, he immediately retracted his palm power. Just as the palm power was about to strike Wei Zhanqing's body, it was suddenly repelled.

At this point, they had more or less guessed Fang Zitian's strength. After all, today's battle between Fang Zitian and Wei Anqing were both relatively strong.

There was only one possibility for Fang Zitian to be so much stronger than them, and that was that Fang Zitian was Peak Divine Lord.

Wei Yanqing took a deep breath, and his face was filled with fear. If he had been hit by another palm just now, he would have surely needed a very long time to recover from his injuries.

His injuries were much heavier than Qin profound's and he couldn't go back for a while. He hurriedly swallowed a few healing pellets, which would make him look much more energetic when he went back home.

It was Chen Xiang's turn. Here, Chen Xiang was the first to know how strong Fang Zitian was, but he still walked over.

When Chen Xiang came here, he did not hide his cultivation level, because the ninety-five Divine Deity on him was nothing in the eyes of many, within the Purple Yuan Heavenly Star, there were many Hundred G.o.ds level s.

Thus, everyone could feel the energy fluctuations from the ninety odd Divine Deity on Chen Xiang's body. Everyone knew that he only had ninety odd Divine Deity on him, and the aura fluctuations on their bodies were all exposed when Wei Bingqing and Qin profound battled, so there were over a hundred of them.

Since the two of them were not able to beat Qin profound, then there was no point in thinking about the 95% of Divine Deity that Chen Xiang had. Everyone only felt that since Chen Xiang had won the placing with the Zhongpin bone level Dan, he would have to go up and try even if he lost.

Of course, Chen Xiang was just a n.o.body, and those who had partic.i.p.ated in the compet.i.tion just now were all more or less famous. The only thing they had never heard of was Chen Xiang.

"Who are you?" Fang Zitian asked, because he recognized all the young masters below, but this Chen Xiang looked unfamiliar.

"I am Yun Fei from the Nine Heaven School." Chen Xiang said with a light tone.

"Nine Heaven School, where are you?" Fang Zitian asked. In his opinion, a power that could take out twenty Zhongpin bone level Dan was definitely not simple.

"On a very distant Earth-stage Stars, right now, it's just a small sect." Chen Xiang laughed, "It's normal for you to not have heard of it."

At this moment, Chen Xiang was also a bit pressured, because he could not use Heavenly magic sword s during battles. This would greatly weaken his strength, and he had previously used these two things to easily harvest the lives of many strong people.

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