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Although Chen Xiang saw that the people had packed up their stall, they did not leave. Chen Xiang knew that something must have happened, they must have stayed here to watch the show.

He walked over to ask around and found out that Purple Yuan Sect's new Leader daughter was having a match at the Groom Search Compet.i.tion. After all these people packed up, there were immediately people from Purple Yuan Sect who came out to build a Contest Ring.

"Isn't it Purple Yuan Sect's daughter that is competing in Groom Search? Where's the sis?" Chen Xiang looked around, but did not see Purple Yuan Sect's daughter coming up.

"Brother, stop looking, the daughter of Leader Zi Yuan will not come out. The person who comes out to accept the challenge is the eldest disciple of Leader Zi Yuan. One of them said, "I can tell that you have just arrived at Purple Yuan Heavenly Star."

"This Zi Yuan Leader actually brought out his own daughter, in order to increase his prestige. Although this old man has never seen him, I heard that his daughter is extremely good. She has over ninety Divine Deity, and her beauty is like that of a flower and jade; she is very attractive." An old man laughed and said, "However, don't even think about going up on stage. Not everyone is qualified to challenge us."

"Why?" Chen Xiang asked: "Isn't he supposed to be facing everyone? If that's not the case, then he shouldn't be putting on such a show."

"Of course it's for everyone. Merely, there are conditions for one to challenge others. Every day, there are only three challenge slots. All of them will be obtained through bidding." The old man said.

"That's fine too. Is there anyone who would like to partic.i.p.ate in the auction?" Chen Xiang laughed.

"Of course there are. Furthermore, all of them are auctioned with Zhongpin bone level Dan s. These past few days, the highest bidder was over fifty pellets. Of course, those partic.i.p.ating in the Groom Search Compet.i.tion are the young masters of the n.o.ble families." The old man laughed, "If we can defeat the head disciple of the Purple Yuan Sect, he would be worthy of being the daughter of Leader Zi Yuan."

Chen Xiang touched his chin. He was the one who killed the former Zi Yuan Leader, the weak one was not him who killed the old Leader, when was there a need for the new Leader to come on stage? He felt that he was the benefactor of the new Leader, but in order to establish his might, the new Leader had issued the order to kill him no matter what it took.

"Right now, I am Purple Yuan Sect's greatest enemy. If I become Zi Yuan Leader's son-in-law … Just the thought of it makes it feel good. " Chen Xiang laughed in his heart, and then squeezed into the crowd and headed towards the auction area. There were many luxurious tables and chairs, and on top of them were dishes and wine.

Now, there were also some handsomely dressed young masters in succession. If they could become kin with Zi Yuan Leader, their power and status would instantly increase by a lot.

"Which family are you from?" The area was surrounded, and someone stopped Chen Xiang at the entrance.

"I am... I'm not from any family, you don't seem to have any rules about having a sect or family to partic.i.p.ate in it. " Chen Xiang laughed.

"We do not have any rules, but you must have the ability to partic.i.p.ate in the auction." The guard said.

"Is that enough?" Chen Xiang took out twenty Zhongpin bone level Dan s.

"Come in." The guard saw the twenty Zhongpin bone level Dan and immediately let Chen Xiang in. A person who could take out twenty Zhongpin bone level Dan s was definitely not an ordinary person.

Chen Xiang sat on a very comfortable chair, picked up the food on the table, and started to eat. On top of the table, there were many delicious fruits, fruits and dishes.

"He really is a talent with the newly ascended Zi Yuan Leader. He actually used his own daughter to earn quite a lot of Zhongpin bone level Dan." Yue'er praised, "Look at the h.o.r.n.y students around us. I can't wait to step on that big disciple and marry that Ziyuan Leader's beloved daughter."

Chen Xiang laughed: "Generally, there are young faces, and strength is only that, looks like there are rules stating that partic.i.p.ants must have young looks, someday I will get a pill formula, and concoct a divine pill that can recover young looks, it will definitely be easy to sell, but it will be difficult to change those old fellows' powerful bodies."

In the past, he had also refined pills to restore his youthful appearance, but that only applied to the weaker cultivators, while the strong bodies of the people in Star Law Divine Realm had aged over time. Furthermore, their bodies were extremely strong, and it would not be easy to reverse the situation.

Of course, if it was possible to refine it, then those old men who couldn't bear the time and age would definitely buy it.

"Are you really going to marry this Zi Yuan Leader's daughter?" Yue'er smiled. "You already have quite a few wives."

"It's not like I can't have any other wives. Which one of the people sitting here isn't a group of wives?" Chen Xiang looked at the young masters who came to partic.i.p.ate in the auction.

When everyone was almost full, they started bidding for the Groom Search Compet.i.tion.

This time, the first name list was forty-five Zhongpin bone level Dan, the second was forty, and the third was seized by Chen Xiang, it was only twenty of them.

Chen Xiang also did not expect it to be that little, but after hearing the discussions of the young masters around, he immediately understood, because the two fellows who s.n.a.t.c.hed the spots were very strong, if one of them could win against the head disciple of Purple Yuan Sect, then the third spot would go to waste, and Zhongpin bone level Dan would not retreat either.

Therefore, no one felt that Chen Xiang had earned it, because it was very likely that he wouldn't even have the chance to go up the stage.

After the three spots were confirmed, he announced some rules for the compet.i.tion and the compet.i.tion began immediately.

The head disciple of the Purple Yuan Sect was called Fang Zitian, and he knew that Fang Zitian had a lot of secrets regarding Divine Deity, he only knew that Fang Zitian was very strong and that he was a genius on the surface. Everyone thought that the Zi Yuan Leader should marry his daughter, but the Purple Yuan Leader wanted to use this opportunity to get some Zhongpin bone level Dan.

During a battle, the barrier would not only prevent the aftermath of a fierce battle from being revealed, but at the same time, it could also prevent the opponent from falling out. Thus, during a battle, the opponent would not fall off the stage, and the only choice was to beat him until he admitted defeat or to knock him out.

Of course, if it was a bit more serious, it would be wasted.

The first person to s.n.a.t.c.h the seat was the famous Qin family in Purple Yuan Heavenly Star. His name was Qin profound, and he was the eldest son of the Qin family's patriarch.

Now that the first round of battles had begun, Chen Xiang also wanted to take advantage of this to see Fang Zitian's strength. Earlier, he used the Perception Demon Eye to look at it, and only saw that Fang Zitian had a hundred Divine Deity, which was very blurry, that if the other party used the power of his Bones in battle, he would be able to see it more clearly.

"Purple Yuan Heavenly Star is indeed strong. The two young fellows both have Hundred G.o.ds level s, I wonder how high their Bones are. I am still unable to see it clearly." Chen Xiang also looked at it very seriously.

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