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Chen Xiang and the others did not know what this mysterious seal was, but they were certain that it was extremely dangerous. If they were to release it, it would definitely become dangerous, otherwise the Four Divine Races would not specially look after it.

"My master said that a pa.s.sageway is sealed inside. If that's the case, then something powerful must have escaped from this pa.s.sageway." Dai Donggong said: "If this thing were to come out, it will bring destruction to the Star Law Divine Realm."

Chen Xiang frowned: "Undead Divine Race is already in this state, can you still reinforce the seal?"

Wu Zhi shook his head: "I don't know, but it looks like I have to find the elders of our Undead Divine Race. Only they know about this."

"Okay, go ahead. Leave everything in the villa to me during this period of time." Dai Donggong said: "Leader, if you want to absorb Earth Qi for cultivation, I am afraid this place is not suitable for you. Elder Wu, you should know a place that can absorb Earth Qi better right?"

"Every single Heavenly Star has their own best place to absorb them. For example, the w.a.n.g Ancient Heavenly Star s are all Everlasting Mountain s, and the Purple Yuan Heavenly Star s are all occupied by the major powers in the Purple Yuan Sect." Wu Zhi said: "Leader, if you want to absorb it faster, then you can only go to Purple Yuan Heavenly Star, it is impossible for Everlasting Mountain now."

There was such a terrifying seal at the bottom of Everlasting Mountain, of course Chen Xiang wouldn't dare to mess around here.

"To the Purple Yuan Sect? It would be good to go there and see if there is a chance to learn more about the Purple Yuan Sect. This might be the big enemy that appeared on the day we established our sect." Chen Xiang said, he was currently preparing himself, as long as he could train to a certain level of strength, he would definitely be able to give them a higher profile when he has a few Peak Divine Lord s on his side.

Dai Donggong still had a lot of Bone level Dan, so there was no need for it right now. For the time being, he did not need to refine any more, and could go to Purple Yuan Heavenly Star to cultivate in peace.

Elder Dai, you have to discipline your disciples and do not let them cause trouble everywhere. Everything has to be done in a low-profile, and if Jing Ze and Jing Ze are free, you have to let them walk around and see if they can purchase some valuable divine medicine. " Chen Xiang said.

"Alright, don't worry. I will take care of this place." Dai Donggong nodded.

… ….

After Chen Xiang returned with them to the Cang Cloud City, they used the Cang Cloud City's Transmission array to travel to the distant Purple Yuan Heavenly Star.

had previously asked Wu Zhi and his sister for some Shen Yuan stone s to buy some jade plates before entering the Purple Yuan Heavenly Star.

The Purple Yuan Heavenly Star was much more lively than the w.a.n.g Ancient Heavenly Star. When Chen Xiang arrived at a city called Zi Yuan Tian City, the people inside were much more powerful than the w.a.n.g Ancient Heavenly Star, and it was also very crowded. From this, it could be seen that the Purple Yuan Heavenly Star was much more powerful than the w.a.n.g Ancient Heavenly Star.

Although the pills here were similarly under the control of the Purple Yuan Sect, the Purple Yuan Sect often sold all kinds of common divine pills. Because there were many people in the Purple Yuan Heavenly Star, the Bone level Dan s here would often be sold as well. Wu Zhi had also told him before that the small and medium-sized forces in the Purple Yuan Sect Alliance would always get their hands on the Bone level Dan s to provide them with pills.

"Purple Yuan Sect is near this Zi Yuan Sky City. If you head out from the other city gate, you will see a large mountain shrouded in purple mist. That mountain should be the Purple Yuan Sect." Yue Er said.

After Chen Xiang strolled around Zi Yuan Sky City for a while, he headed towards the mountain range. When he walked over, it was exactly noon, and after the purple mist in the mountain range absorbed the strong sunlight, it turned into a purplish-gold color. It looked extremely beautiful and mysterious, causing people to constantly sigh in admiration.

These mountains should have absorbed a special and powerful energy, and then were released through a formation formed by nature by the Great Dao. Only then did they become like this, the Violet Yuan Mountain is also a treasure land for cultivation, but the entire mountain range is occupied by the Purple Yuan Sect, and it is said that there are still some genius treasures that have yet to be discovered. Yue Er said.

"There really is a treasure inside." When Chen Xiang heard this, his eyes immediately lit up, and he laughed: "Looks like this time I am not only going to cultivate the soul of the Subduing Earth Divine Beast, I am also going to look for a treasure."

"I just heard about it, that's all. I even heard about it when I was in the Star Law Divine Realm. So many years have pa.s.sed now, is there still anyone here?" Yue'er laughed. "If you can't find it, then won't you say that I lied to you?"

After Chen Xiang teleported a few steps, he arrived at the barrier enchantment outside the mountain range. The entire huge mountain range was covered by the Purple Yuan Sect's powerful barrier, preventing outsiders from entering.

"This Purple Yuan Sect is pretty amazing, this formation can actually seal s.p.a.ce, I can't teleport in."

Outside the invisible barrier, Chen Xiang looked at the purple cloud floating in the air. He had to use other ways to enter the mountain range.

The Purple Yuan Sect was quite strict and this barrier was also very stable. It could be seen that the Purple Yuan Sect had a very solid foundation that allowed them to have a grandmaster of setting up such a powerful formation.

"These powers are still very strong. Otherwise, they wouldn't be able to destroy the Undead Divine Race." Yue'er said: "You must not underestimate this Purple Yuan Sect. If the entire Divine Dragon Race were to fight with him, it is not certain who would win. Although I am not human, I must say that when humans reach the late stage of cultivation, I will be much stronger than us G.o.d race beasts."

"Humans were born weak, and we, the G.o.d race and the beasts, had great strength the moment we were born, so it is relatively easy for us to advance in cultivation. And every time we make a breakthrough, every bit of increase in strength requires us to work a lot harder than we do, so when we reach the later stage of Peak Divine Lord, the strength that humans displayed was extremely terrifying."

Humans had a tough time cultivating, which made them very strong. In addition, there were a lot of humans and a lot of strong warriors. They were not as few as those G.o.ds or beasts.

In order for humans to be strong, they had all sorts of methods, and the most powerful one was pill refining. The G.o.d race was born with great strength and their cultivation speed was extremely fast, so there was no need in this aspect. Humans were different, so they were forced to refine pills.

In the later stages of the game, the G.o.d race would become weaker, but the humans that walked up step by step would become very scary, and the mad humans would become even more scary. For example, the Peak Divine Lord that sought to live forever, exterminated them.

Chen Xiang did not need to teleport into the Zi Yuan Mountain Range, he could only go in through the main entrance. When he arrived at the main entrance, there was a very s.p.a.cious plaza, and many people were selling things there.

Chen Xiang had wanted to go over to pick up a loophole, but who knew that when he walked over, he would see that the people who set up the stalls had all packed their stalls.

"What's going on? I was like this the moment I came here. Could it be that the word 'G.o.d of pests' is written on my face?" Chen Xiang laughed bitterly.

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