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Chen Xiang had just sent a sound transmission to ask Dai Donggong about the matters of the Everlasting Mountain because he wanted to secretly enter the Everlasting Mountain to cultivate.

When Dai Donggong found out about this matter, his expression immediately became heavy. Then, he brought Chen Xiang into the secret room.

"Elder Dai, could it be that there is some huge secret hidden inside Everlasting Mountain?" Chen Xiang smiled and asked. He was only joking, but Dai Donggong nodded.

The peace was actually real, the Everlasting Mountain actually had a big secret.

"What's that?" Chen Xiang frowned and asked. Seeing Dai Donggong's expression, he knew that this matter was not simple.

"This matter can only be pa.s.sed to the Leader s. Our Everlasting Mountain s are different from the other sects in the Heavenly Star Realm, we have our own missions, but when it comes to my generation, we were reduced to such a state." Dai Donggong heaved a long sigh, "Under the Everlasting Mountain, there is a mysterious pa.s.sage that has already been sealed. I don't know who sealed it, but I asked my master, and he also didn't tell me."

Isn't the sect called Everlasting Mountain created by your master? Other than him, who else would it be? Chen Xiang asked.

"That seal is very strong. It is most definitely not something my master wrote. Although I am not a formation master, I am able to tell." Dai Donggong said: "But I think that it was the Undead Divine Race who did it. I asked Elder Wu before, but he did not know about it."

"Should we call Elder Wu over to tell us about this?" asked. There was actually a pa.s.sage beneath the Everlasting Mountain, and it was sealed up by a strong seal.

Dai Donggong nodded, took out his Communication jade Symbol paper and sent a message to Wu Zhi. Wu Zhi quickly rushed over and entered the secret room.

"What's the matter? Why are you in such a hurry?" Wu Zhi asked as soon as he entered.

"There is something about the bottom of Everlasting Mountain …" Dai Donggong briefly told the truth to Wu Zhi.

"To think that there's such a thing, I am clear about most of the Undead Divine Race's matters, there is no reason why I would not know such an important matter." Wu Zhi said in shock.

Yue'er suddenly transmitted to Chen Xiang, "When I was very young, I seem to have heard my grandfather and grandmother talk about a seal or something like that. They said that it would not last long and said that the Four Clans would have to unite to reinforce the seal again."

"Could it be that the Four Divine Races placed a seal here?" Chen Xiang said in shock.

"I don't know. I need to see that seal before I can be sure." Yue Er said.

Chen Xiang told Yue'er to him and both Wu Zhi and Dai Donggong were very surprised. If the Four Divine Races joined forces to seal it, then there must be a very big secret hidden within.

"I know that when my master pa.s.sed to me, she had once instructed me several times to pay attention to that barrier. If anything went wrong, I would go find Undead Divine Race … He also said that if Star Law Divine Realm faces annihilation one day, it would start from Everlasting Mountain. " Dai Donggong said again.

"I am from the Undead Divine Race, don't tell me that I am not qualified to know." Wu Zhi laughed bitterly: "It seems that I can only go and find the elder of my Undead Divine Race."

"Elder Dai, did you notice anything wrong with the seal?" Chen Xiang asked.

"No, before I left the Everlasting Mountain, I went there once, but I didn't find anything abnormal. It was still the same as before, only I could enter the mysterious sealed area underneath the Everlasting Mountain, I would visit it every once in a while." Dai Donggong said: "Tonight, I will bring all of you to have a look."

Chen Xiang originally wanted to go to the Everlasting Mountain to cultivate, but who would have thought that such a thing would occur.

The only elder left in Undead Divine Race was Yue Er's grandmother, this elder definitely knew a lot about the seal.

At night, Chen Xiang used the power of s.p.a.ce to open a spatial tunnel and arrived near the Everlasting Mountain with Dai Donggong and the others.

Dai Donggong brought Chen Xiang and Wu Zhi and walked through an extremely secretive tunnel. This was the path to the bottom of Everlasting Mountain, and only the Leader knew that he did not pa.s.s on his position when he left the Everlasting Mountain, so only he knew of these secrets.

"Purple Yuan Sect sent a guy, and now that he has become Everlasting Mountain, he has even brought a group of disciples to place them in Everlasting Mountain." Dai Donggong laughed and said, "Disciples of the Purple Yuan Sect s are not weak either. They think that since the Everlasting Mountain s have been taken over by the Purple Yuan Sect, the Everlasting Mountain s must listen to them. Right now, they are even more unreasonable than the people in the Dan G.o.d Inst.i.tute and the elder's courtyard."

"Those inner court disciples have had a hard time." Chen Xiang laughed.

At the end of the pa.s.sage was a door. Dai Donggong said, "This place can also be considered to be a part of the barrier. My master said it before, even if it is him, it would be difficult to enter.

Chen Xiang nodded, touched the door, and then used the power of s.p.a.ce. He wanted to teleport in, but he encountered an extremely strong resistance.

"Truly powerful, the s.p.a.ce is tightly sealed." Chen Xiang used the Dao heart Eye to look and couldn't help but take a deep breath. In front of him, there were actually over a hundred enchantments, layer after layer, arranged extremely ingeniously and profound.

Dai Donggong took out a multi-colored bead and used it to lightly knock on the stone door. The position and number of times he knocked were all different, and it took him a short while to finish it.

"Going in is very complicated. Even with your bead, I don't know the steps of knocking on the stone door, but I can't open it." Chen Xiang said.

"Yes, we can go in now." Dai Donggong gently pushed, and the stone door opened. This method of opening was also very mysterious.

After entering, Dai Donggong hastily closed the door and said: "Right now we are at the bottom of Everlasting Mountain, in front of us is the great sealing formation."

This was a very s.p.a.cious underground world, around the size of ten plazas. In the middle, there was a huge circular platform that was half a meter tall, and on it, there were all kinds of colorful clouds, which were emitted by the Spirit grain sealed above.

As he approached, Wu Zhi, who was proficient in formation techniques, immediately exclaimed: "It's actually this seal, it's too terrifying."

"Elder Wu, what kind of seal is this? You know it." Dai Donggong asked quickly.

"I've read a simple description in the ancient books in my clan. It's about the same as this." Wu Zhi said: "This seal was not set up by our four clans, but was set up by the Earth's Core Divine Spirit."

Earth's Core Divine Spirit, Chen Xiang was not unfamiliar with this Earth's Core Divine Spirit, it was just a guy who raised Earthly beast s everywhere, it was an extremely mysterious and extraordinary existence.

"This seal is no trivial matter, there must be some powerful object sealed below. Maybe the mission of the Four Divine Races is to protect this seal, and reinforce it regularly, not allowing the power of the seal to weaken." Wu Zhi sighed: "But there aren't many clan members in our Undead Divine Race anymore. For such a powerful seal, we need to use the power of our entire clan."

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