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"Yue'er, it shouldn't be hard for you to find Cat Race and Star Moon Divine Race." Chen Xiang asked. He was currently flying in the starry sky.

The Moon Clan did not reply. What were they thinking?

"It's not difficult, but I feel that it would be better if you go collect the other divine soul first. Star Moon Divine Race and Cat Race are hiding themselves so well right now, so there definitely won't be any danger. Yue'er replied, "If you were a little stronger, you would have been able to ensure your migration by then."

Chen Xiang respected Yue'er's suggestion, and then he flew in one direction towards the information that Wu Zhi had provided to him, to search for the divine soul of other divine beasts.

After using half a year's time, he finally found the divine soul of the Black Tortoise. The Black Tortoise Tomb was located in a very safe place, unlike the Azure Dragon, which was guarded by the dragon race, and also not watched by the Evil Spirit Race.

The Profound Ranking divine soul was no longer conscious, so Chen Xiang easily fused with the Bones on top of his head.

One of them needed a total of five divine soul to merge with the Beast elephant corresponding to his second Divine Sense Sea, while the other required a life and death divine soul that had merged with the fire attribute, acting as the core of the real world.

After fusing with the Black Tortoise's divine soul, Chen Xiang returned to the Earth Dragon Star. Ge Long was still here, and told Chen Xiang a piece of good news.

Ge Long continued to be in charge of gathering resources and sending them to the Heavenly Star Realm. Now, the Divine Dragon Race had secretly moved over, and Ge Long had also gone over to see the Great Clan Elder.

Chen Xiang was currently more busy, so he didn't have time to go over to take a look. After going to the Earth Dragon Star, he returned to the w.a.n.g Ancient Heavenly Star, and returned to the Villa in Cang Cloud City. After giving Dai Donggong the various quality Bone level Dan he refined, he set off to search for the divine soul of the Four Divine Beasts.

Right now, he was still lacking the divine soul of the White Tiger and Vermillion Bird, as well as the middle phoenix.

Searching for the White Tiger and Vermillion Bird's mausoleum had gone smoothly, which also surprised Chen Xiang, because he had spent a lot of time before entering the Azure Dragon Tomb. He also heard that the Evil Spirit Race had specially gone to eat the corpses of powerful beasts, so he thought that the White Tiger and Vermillion Bird's mausoleum would also have Evil Spirit Race.

These mausoleums were built by the Evil Spirit Race, and the Azure Dragon died last. Furthermore, the Azure Dragon helped the other three divine beasts build the mausoleum that year, so after the death of the Azure Dragon, it lured the Evil Spirit Race to the surface, allowing the Dragon clan to fight against the Evil Spirit Race. " Chen Xiang had merged with the Vermillion Bird's divine soul in the pitch-black mausoleum. This was also the last of the Four Divine Beasts, so he still lacked the mysterious divine elephant in the middle.

In order to fuse with the White Tiger and Vermillion Bird, he had searched everywhere for over half a year, so it was relatively easy for him.

"Where do I have to go to find the divine soul of the last divine elephant? If it's a Qilin beast, it would be much easier." Chen Xiang stood on top of a dead star and looked at the four divine soul inside the Divine Deity, attempting to communicate with the green dragon's consciousness.

A few hours later, Chen Xiang finally heard the Azure Dragon's voice. The Azure Dragon had told him before that after fusing with it, he would have more time to sleep.

"Senior, I have gathered all the divine soul s of the Four Divine Beasts, but where are we going to find the Divine Constellation's divine soul s? Also, you mentioned that the Qilin Beast elephant is also in my second Divine Sense Sea, where exactly are they hiding?" Chen Xiang asked.

When he was cultivating a long time ago, the middle divine elephant had already turned into a Fire unicorn. However, right now, the second Divine Sense Sea was still a divine elephant, but the Qilin was nowhere to be seen.

"Your second Divine Sense Sea was gradually ignored by you later on. At that time, you changed your cultivation method, and it was also when you separated the second Divine Sense Sea that you came across. The second Divine Sense Sea was still by your side, and later on, your second Divine Sense Sea also started cultivating as well, albeit at a very slow pace." After fused him into the Bones on his head, he had also understood the cultivation situation on Chen Xiang's body.

Chen Xiang was secretly surprised in his heart. He did not know about this kind of thing, and what surprised him the most was that his second Divine Sense Sea had his own consciousness.

"While your Second Divine Sense Sea was cultivating, the Qilin transformed from a divine elephant went to the sky, and the deity you saw before was a newly born divine elephant that held power over the earth. It could maintain the stability of the land, while the four divine beasts ruled over the four directions." The green dragon said.

"Then, will this newly born divine elephant become a qilin in the future?" Chen Xiang asked.

"No, the divine elephant is equivalent to the spirit of the earth. As long as you absorb the energy of the earth, you can develop a divine elephant's divine soul. There's no need to search for it." The Azure Dragon replied, "Right now, all you need to do is to find the divine soul of a Qilin."

When Chen Xiang returned to the w.a.n.g Ancient Heavenly Star, the easiest way for him to obtain the divine soul of a Qilin was to return to the Nine Heaven World to find Huo Lin and have Huo Lin give him a gift immediately. This was definitely not a problem, it was just that it would take a very long time for him to return.

"Elder Wu, where does this Star Law Divine Realm have the divine soul of a Qilin?" Wu Zhi asked. Wu Zhi also knew about Chen Xiang's cultivation, and when he saw Chen Xiang asking about the whereabouts of the Qilin divine soul, he knew that Chen Xiang had already gathered all four of the divine beasts.

"The earth's core." Wu Zhi said, "It's easiest for Earth's core to produce a Qilin."

Now, Chen Xiang also understood a little why the divine elephant in charge of the earth would turn into a Qilin.

"The Earthly beast here must be very powerful, right?" Chen Xiang asked.

"Of course, that's a guy that not even the Peak Divine Lord would dare to casually provoke, but you have your ways in detail." Wu Zhi laughed, he no longer felt that it was strange for Chen Xiang to have done so many shocking things.

Chen Xiang thought about it, and decided to cultivate the Ground-suppressing immortal elephant's divine soul first. He felt that since the Qilin was bred by a divine beast, it would definitely be able to restrain the Qilin.

"Elder Wu, I need to absorb enough auras to cultivate my divine soul. It would be better if I can go there to cultivate." Chen Xiang asked again. He was not in a hurry to find the Qilin's divine soul yet.

Wu Zhi pondered for a while, then said: "Go and ask Elder Dai, after staying in Everlasting Mountain for so many years, he has the best understanding of Everlasting Mountain."

Chen Xiang immediately understood that if he wanted to absorb Earth Qi inside the w.a.n.g Ancient Heavenly Star, he would have to go to the Everlasting Mountain. The reason why the Everlasting Mountain was built on top of it was definitely related to the gigantic Everlasting Mountain.

Chen Xiang went to look for Dai Donggong, who was giving lessons to his disciples. Chen Xiang waited outside the hall for a while, and then finished teaching his disciples.

"Tell me inside." Dai Donggong brought Chen Xiang into a secret room.

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