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"You traitor, don't think that I don't know about you colluding with Long Jinrong." When the Great Clan Elder heard Chen Xiang's sound transmission, he started to pay attention to this traitor. This traitor Elder was only pretending to be fighting, and looked extremely relaxed.

Thus, the Great Elder was even more certain that this was a traitor.

"Great Clan Elder, you … "How vicious." The spy elder raised his head and laughed out loud, "The Dragon Emperor is already dead. Although the sneak attack failed, they still have the Evil Spirit Emperor. The dragon race can only submit to the Evil Spirit Race to prevent their clan from being exterminated.

When the dragons and dragons of the dragon race heard that the Dragon Emperor had died, they couldn't believe it. However, when they saw the sorrowful expression on the Great Clan Elder's face, they believed it all.

"Grand Elder, is this real?" Long Lin anxiously walked up and asked.

"It's true, but everyone doesn't need to be sad, Dragon Emperor exhausted his lifespan and died, he has done too much for our Dragon clan, he has worked hard for us all these years, causing himself to die of old age without even having the time to cultivate. We cannot let him down, we must pull ourselves together, even if we die, we must not surrender to Evil Spirit Race, and definitely not be a traitor." The Great Elder's voice was shaking as he spoke pa.s.sionately. After he finished speaking, he killed that traitor Elder with a single palm strike.

The entire dragon race had fallen into silence. Although they were grieving, they did not show it because they wanted to be like what the Great Elder said. They could not become pa.s.sive and cheer up.

"The Evil Spirit Race's lair has already been destroyed by me, so the biggest threat that the Evil Spirit Race has to us right now is that Evil Spirit Emperor. Leave this to me, I will do my best to kill him. Chen Xiang said to the Great Clan Elder.

"You really can deal with Evil Spirit Emperor. That's a demon that even Dragon Emperor is very afraid of." The Great Clan Elder asked in shock. The power of the Evil Spirit Race was extremely harmful to the G.o.d Tribes, which was why they were afraid.

But Chen Xiang was different, he had the power of the Evil Spirit Race on him, and he also had the both of them. He felt that he could fight against the Evil Spirit Emperor himself.

"Don't bother looking for me, I didn't expect a foreign human like you to have such abilities. If you submit to me and help me subdue the dragon race, in the future, we can easily dominate the entire Star Law Divine Realm." A voice came from the sky.

The originally pitch-black sky turned red at this moment. Evil Spirit Emperor had arrived.

The arrival of the Evil Spirit Emperor was accompanied by an endless amount of fear. The red infernal energy in the air undulated up and down, as if countless evil spirits had gathered together.

If it was before, when the Dragon Emperor was here, the dragon race would not be afraid, but now that the Dragon Emperor was dead, and now that the entire Evil Spirit Race was almost exterminated, the Evil Spirit Emperor came here filled with anger, bringing with him an evil killing intent. At this moment, every dragon felt that there was a huge mountain pressing down on their shoulders, the pressure of the Evil Spirit Emperor was extremely strong, causing these powerful dragons to feel deeply afraid.

"You want me to submit to you? What a wishful thinking." Chen Xiang carried his Heavenly magic sword and flew up directly. The group of dragons below couldn't help but admire him, to think they would have the courage to fly up against such a terrifying Evil Spirit Emperor.

Evil Spirit Emperor had already appeared, he was a tall and st.u.r.dy middle-aged man with a face full of red lines. When he saw Chen Xiang rushing over, he immediately disappeared, and following that, a red flash of lightning struck down from the sky, striking Chen Xiang's body.

Chen Xiang was struck by the red lightning. After the red lightning struck him ruthlessly, he fell to the ground.

"Disperse!" The Great Elder shouted.

This was the Azure Dragon Lake. If they were to fight, the Azure Dragon Tomb would also be destroyed. However, what they didn't know was that the Azure Dragon in the tomb was no longer there.

Although Chen Xiang was struck by a few red lightning bolts, the moment he landed on the ground, he immediately flew back up, and the Evil Spirit Emperor had already used Counter Power to hide himself.

I, Chen Xiang, am not afraid. After being sealed in this d.a.m.ned place, I will definitely not get promoted after all these years. From the looks of it, I am just like the Black Stone Divine Venerable. Chen Xiang floated in the air. Using the Dao heart Eye, he could already see the invisible Evil Spirit Emperor.

The blood colored lightning that fell from the sky earlier was released by the Evil Spirit Emperor. From the strength of the lightning, Chen Xiang could determine the Evil Spirit Emperor's strength.

Evil Spirit Emperor was also secretly surprised in his heart. He had fought with the Dragon Emperor of the dragon race a few times, and because they were on par with him and he had even defeated him twice, he believed that he was the strongest among the Heavenly Stars. If it wasn't for him worrying that the Dragon Emperor would perish together with him, he would have taken down the dragon race long ago.

But he never thought that Chen Xiang would suddenly appear. Not only did he burn down his Evil Spirit Race's nest, he even killed a few of Long Jinrong's capable a.s.sistants, and he was the only one left in Heavenly Star Realm, but he was more optimistic about the result, because the Dragon Emperor was already dead. He was the strongest out of all of Heavenly Stars, and although he was almost all destroyed, as long as he could enslave the dragon race, his Evil Spirit Race would definitely grow stronger.

After the previous attack, Evil Spirit Emperor was not as optimistic as he thought. Chen Xiang's strength was beyond his imagination.

Evil Spirit Emperor was the same as the dragon race, they both thought that human beings were weak, so he did not put humans in his eyes. He only thought that Chen Xiang was a relatively outstanding human being, which was not enough to defeat him.

Chen Xiang saw through Evil Spirit Emperor's thoughts immediately, he felt that it was funny, Evil Spirit Emperor had been trapped here for so many years, he did not even know how strong Star Law Divine Realm was. Forget about the other G.o.d Tribes, even the big shots of Star Law Divine Realm's forces, that group of Peak Divine Lord s, were enough to make this Evil Spirit Emperor suffer.

Just as Evil Spirit Emperor was about to attack again, Chen Xiang suddenly disappeared without a trace.

Chen Xiang used the Counter Power and even hid inside the spatial crack. Although the Evil Spirit Emperor had a lot of combat experience, it was only against the dragon race, and he had never fought with a human like Chen Xiang.

"Weak chicken." Chen Xiang suddenly appeared as two beams of golden light shot into the eyes of the Evil Spirit Emperor s and into the eyes of the Divine Sense Sea s. A violent wave of Meteor immortal power pa.s.sed through the Bones in Chen Xiang's eyes and flowed into the Divine Sense Sea s through the two rays of golden light.

Evil Spirit Emperor let out a wild howl. His Divine Sense Sea was already trapped, and was no longer able to use Counter Power to hide himself.

"With a guy like you, you still want me to submit to you?" Chen Xiang sneered: "You still want to dominate the Star Law Divine Realm? In the Star Law Divine Realm, there are many humans that are much stronger than me. What right do you have to dominate the Star Law Divine Realm, just with your little tricks of disappearing."

Chen Xiang's words not only shocked the Evil Spirit Emperor, but the entire Dragon clan was incomparably shocked. Chen Xiang being tyrannical against the Evil Spirit Emperor meant that Chen Xiang's strength was very strong, but Chen Xiang had said that there were numerous powerful humans in the Star Law Divine Realm.

This completely overturned their understanding of humans. If there were one or two humans as powerful as Chen Xiang, they would still be able to accept it, but there was a large group of them … They could not imagine.

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