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Chen Xiang had locked onto dozens of elite Evil Spirits. When these Evil Spirits used the Counter Power, although those dragons had a lot of power, it was still a headache to deal with them.

In order to reduce the casualties of the Dragon Clan, Chen Xiang anxiously took action. He took a deep breath, and used the spatial Divine Deity inside the Divine Sense Sea to absorb the Six Realms' Power, allowing himself to release a strong force of spatial energy to control s.p.a.ce.

After converting the Six Realms' Power into spatial energy, Chen Xiang punched out in front of him, striking out with an extremely terrifying Meteor immortal power. This wave of Meteor immortal power was split into dozens of strands, and under the guidance of the spatial energy, it shot across s.p.a.ce, striking towards the dozens of evil spirit elites that he had locked onto.

From below, he heard a series of explosions, and those Evil Spirits were all scattered by the strong Meteor immortal power, and died.

After the battle, Chen Xiang teleported towards Long Peijin and the others who were with him to deal with the berserk Long Yingyi.

Long Yingyi had been thinking about Long Peijin for a long time now, but he had been unable to get his hands on him even after a long time.

Long Peijin had only just cultivated two sets of Bones and was not her match, but with the help of Long Lin and the others, she was unable to be defeated by Long Yingyi.

Long Jinrong was currently fighting with the Great Clan Elder with all his might. The Great Clan Elder was indeed very strong, causing Long Jinrong to have no choice but to join hands with a Evil Spirit Race Elder, otherwise he would definitely be killed by the Dragon Clan Elder.

"What happened? We suddenly lost more than 60 elites?" The elder of the Evil Spirit Race said in a shocked voice, "Quickly get the Evil Spirit Emperor to act, the Dragon Clan's Dragon Emperor has appeared."

Long Jinrong laughed coldly: "Dragon Emperor will never appear again, because he is already dead, I am very clear on this point. It seems like the one who is acting in secret should be the human called Chen Xiang, he does indeed have some skills, we just need to find him, and there is no need for Evil Spirit Emperor to do that."

The Great Clan Elder was shocked, this Long Jinrong actually knew that the Dragon Emperor had died, this was what he had just heard.

"Grand Elder, you have to be careful not to get ambushed. There is an elder who is a traitor. You must take note of him later." Chen Xiang was also paying attention to the situation with the Great Clan Elder. When he heard Long Jinrong's words, he immediately sent a sound transmission to the Great Clan Elder.

"Long Lin, all of you retreat. Leave it to me." Chen Xiang suddenly appeared and used his bare hand to strike the sword that Long Yingyi was about to slash on, breaking it in half.

When Long Yingyi saw Chen Xiang, he thought about his four limbs being crippled by Chen Xiang and he instantly became furious. However, he was also clear that he was not Chen Xiang's opponent.

"Father, Chen Xiang is here." When Long Yingyi shouted, he was already gone, he used the Counter Power to hide himself.

"Don't think I can't see you." Chen Xiang laughed coldly, and Long Yingyi actually went behind Long Peijin, wanting to ambush him. Chen Xiang teleported over and struck Long Yingyi's head with his palm, dispersing the Counter Power inside the Divine Sense Sea.

Long Yingyi immediately revealed his body.

"This time, I won't forgive you, b.a.s.t.a.r.d." Chen Xiang held Long Yingyi's head with one hand and released Soul Absorbing Devil Spell while at the same time, his other hand clenched his fist and fiercely punched Long Yingyi's sternum, causing him to scream miserably.

"So that's how it is. I know who the traitor is now." Chen Xiang immediately told the Great Clan Elder the traitor's name so that the Great Clan Elder could be on guard. The traitor was also currently in a chaotic battle, pretending to be fighting with the Evil Spirit.

It was not long before Long Jinrong finally broke away from the Great Clan Elder and rushed over. From afar, he saw Chen Xiang grabbing onto Long Yingyi's head, and in the split second that he had seen Chen Xiang's hand, which was covered in flames, strike at Long Yingyi's head, turning into a huge palm of fire that enveloped Long Yingyi.

The moment the fire palm enveloped the area, Long Yingyi was also burnt to ashes by the intense flames.

"Chen Xiang." Long Jinrong roared, he rushed forward as fast as lightning, the Divine Sword in his hand danced crazily, releasing waves after waves of roaring dragon like Sword Qi, flickering with bursts of red light, enveloping Chen Xiang.

After releasing the wave of berserk Sword Qi, Long Jinrong suddenly disappeared as well, and used the Counter Power, but he did not know that Chen Xiang had the Dao heart Eye, and was able to see through his movements easily.

After Long Jinrong disappeared, he circled around behind him from a high alt.i.tude and was prepared to ambush him, but he did not expect that Chen Xiang would suddenly disappear too, causing him to be alarmed. This was a Counter Power that he was extremely familiar with, and it took him a lot of time to learn it back then.

However, Chen Xiang had only been in this Heavenly Star for a few days, and he actually already knew about it. Furthermore, he had grasped it extremely well, as Long Jinrong had been through hundreds of battles, and although he was shocked the moment Chen Xiang disappeared, he quickly reacted and dodged it.

"Old Turtle, accompany your son." Chen Xiang teleported to Long Jinrong's side and used G.o.d Murdering Sword Techniques, speeding up his own time and allowing him to strike a sword attack that was so fast that Long Jinrong was unable to dodge.

Long Jinrong was hacked into two halves by Chen Xiang, and his body turned into two gigantic red dragon bodies that struggled on the ground. He did not die, he never thought that Chen Xiang's strength was actually this terrifying, much more than his.

Chen Xiang locked onto Long Jinrong's Dragon Heart, and two fiery-red rays of light spurted out of his eyes. The instant the two rays of light penetrated Long Jinrong's heart, they also pierced through Long Jinrong's Divine Sense Sea.

"Be my ashes." Chen Xiang used the Chuangshi G.o.d furnace to collect the two huge pieces of dragon's bodies.

Long Jinrong had already been killed, adding on the dozens of Evil Spirit Elite Warriors that had been killed by Chen Xiang, the Evil Spirit's surprise army had become extremely weak, and the Great Clan Elder had successfully killed the enemy's Evil Spirit Elder.

Seeing that they were not a match, the elders of the Evil Spirit Race ordered for them to retreat. As they were retreating, they realised that they could not move at all, as they were already using the Counter Power to hide, and they would not be seen.

"They have all been locked down by me. Take out the things on your bodies and see through them. Quickly kill this group of Evil Spirits." Chen Xiang shouted. It was extremely difficult for him to hold on to hundreds of elite Evil Spirits.

When the dragons of the dragon clan brought this small crystal closer to their eyes, they could see that there was an evil spirit hidden inside. This was refined by the Dragon Emperor, and when they saw that the evil spirits were frozen in place, they all picked up their divine weapons and rushed forward to kill them.

Very quickly, only a few of the Evil Spirits that came this time were able to escape. The others were all killed, including some elders.

This time, the dragon race had won a great victory, and several dragons had died.

"There are hundreds of Evil Spirits and none of them are weak. It seems that they are mainly trying to a.s.sa.s.sinate us and then control the entire Dragon clan. It's just that their plan failed." The grand elder laughed coldly. He arrived behind an elder and his hand suddenly turned into a dragon claw. It pierced into the elder's chest and grabbed the heart.

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