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All of this was done by Long Jinrong. He had many plans and destroying the barrier was one of them!

"We still have to find the Great Elder!" What about now, Long Jinrong and his son? " Chen Xiang asked.

"They have already left the Dragon City. What's strange is that the Dragon Emperor has not come out yet, I don't know why!" Long Peijin was a little worried, "The Great Clan Elder went to notify the Dragon Emperor a long time ago, but he did not receive a response."

Chen Xiang said in a low voice: "Dragon Emperor is probably dead!"

Long Peijin immediately shook his head: "Impossible, Dragon Emperor is already the strongest, he already possesses the Hundred G.o.ds level and nine Bones, so he reached the peak very early on, and it is impossible for him to die …"

"Even an Azure Dragon might die, so why is that impossible? He was sent here very early to guard the Azure Dragon's mausoleum, and his death was most likely caused by the depletion of his longevity. " Chen Xiang said.

This was what Chen Xiang had learned from the Azure Dragon's memories. Although the Dragon Emperor was powerful, he could not withstand the destruction of time.

When Chen Xiang and Long Peijin found the Great Elder, the Great Elder was also burning with anxiety as he walked around the room.

Great Clan Elder, forcibly open the Dragon Emperor's secret room, call him out! Long Peijin came over and said quickly: "If Dragon Emperor doesn't come out, we will be exterminated by him! Evil Spirit Race knows us very well and has the power to restrain us. Furthermore, they can hide and there are a lot of them. "No advertising, no writing, no writing."

At this time, there were a few elders in the Great Clan Elder's room. When they saw that Long Peijin had arrived, they all frowned, because such an important matter didn't need the partic.i.p.ation of a little girl like Long Peijin.

At this time, they were also very concerned about Chen Xiang. After all, Chen Xiang had obtained the approval of the Dragon Emperor, if they did not see him here, they would have scolded him.

"Dragon Emperor might already be dead! When I entered the Azure Dragon Tomb, the Azure Dragon mentioned this to me. He said that the Dragon Emperor's lifespan was almost used up as well. "Haha, the fastest and most stable)," Chen Xiang said.

When the Great Clan Elder heard Chen Xiang's words, he could not help but exclaim: "Seems like it is true. Not to mention the Dragon Emperor, even my old bones are about to be put into a coffin."

The Great Clan Elder and the Dragon Emperor were the main pillars of the Dragon Clan! Especially the Dragon Emperor, he had to refine many divine pellets over the years in order for the Dragon clan to grow. Now that there was no Dragon Emperor refining pills, how could they improve?

"Is the dragon clan finished?" The Head Elder sat on a chair and said, "It doesn't matter if I die, but what about the Dragon race?"

Chen Xiang shouted, "Great Clan Elder, the dragon race will not end here! "You are the only pillar of the dragon clan. You cannot despair or the entire dragon clan will be finished!"

"Right now, the first thing we need to do is to gather all the dragons. Don't let everyone spread out so that the Evil Spirit Race won't be able to take action! The most troublesome thing about the Evil Spirit Race was that he could hide. However, the Dragon Emperor has refined a type of pearl for all of you, so you can sense it. If everyone gathers together, they won't dare to come close! If it was spread out, even if a single dragon could sense a hidden Evil Spirit Race, they would still be killed. "55"

Chen Xiang was very calm at the moment, much calmer than the Old Dragon in the house.

"This... Have you received instructions from the Azure Dragon? " The Great Elder said.

"Yes, the Azure Dragon has told me a lot of things." Chen Xiang said: "I hope that I can help you pa.s.s through this obstacle!"

"Alright, we'll listen to you now!" The Great Elder excitedly said, as if he was grabbing onto a lifeline. He was no longer as desperate as he was before.

The Great Elder had obtained Chen Xiang's Supreme G.o.d Pellet before, so he had a very good impression of Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang felt that since he had obtained the Azure Dragon's divine soul, he would definitely help the dragon race. Furthermore, the dragon race also had their friends.

The other elders all agreed to listen to Chen Xiang! Pride Pill Deity 235

"Peijin, go find Long Lin, Long Qing and the others, let them be in charge of gathering all the dragons by the Azure Dragon Lake." Chen Xiang said.

"I'll go right now!" Long Peijin immediately ran out of the house and into the city.

"Great Clan Elder, let's go open the Dragon Emperor's secret room and confirm that he is dead." Chen Xiang said: "If he's not dead, that's for the best!"

Then, he and a few elders brought Chen Xiang to the Dragon Emperor's residence and entered the secret underground room. With their combined strength, they opened the secret room of the Dragon Emperor, and saw the Dragon Emperor sitting cross-legged on the ground. His expression was extremely natural, and it could be seen that there wasn't any pain when he died.

"Dragon Emperor!" After all, this was an old friend that he had spent many years with. Yet, he had left just like that.

The other elders also began to cry bitterly!

"Now is not the time to cry!" Chen Xiang said, he walked over to take a look at Dragon Emperor's body. Dragon Emperor was not like the green dragon, who could keep their divine soul intact, Dragon Emperor's divine soul had already dissipated, and Divine Sense Sea was already present, his entire body was filled with the scent of death.

It was his first time seeing a Peak Divine Lord Ranker die after running out of his lifespan. Thinking about it, he felt a little sad.

"Do you have any objections if I burn his body?" Chen Xiang asked.

"Please!" Right now, the Dragon Clan was in danger. If they did not deal with it well, the Dragon Emperor would not be able to rest in peace even if he died.

Chen Xiang took out the Chuangshi G.o.d furnace, released a flame and burned Dragon Emperor's body to death, then said: "You guys wait a bit, don't look too sad, instead pretend to be very confident, don't hurt your morale!"

"We will understand." The Great Elder said.

"Don't tell anyone else about the Dragon Emperor's death. It will make the dragon race even more depressed!" Chen Xiang then continued, "As for the divine pellets, you all do not have to worry. I will provide them for you.

"This is …" "Really?" The Great Clan Elder asked in shock. Even though he asked this, he already believed it in his heart, because Chen Xiang had given him a very good Supreme Bone level Dan.

Chen Xiang took out a few Tai Bone level Dan and distributed them to the elders, saying, "These are for you! "Of course, this is not for you to eat. It is to have you wait a bit and reward the dragon in your clan for your best performance. This is up to you all to decide, and it is also to motivate them."

These elders were also unwilling to part with a few Tai Bone level Dan s, but since Chen Xiang had already said so, they could only do as he said, since it would be beneficial to the situation before them.

After knowing that Chen Xiang was a pill G.o.d, the few elders heaved a sigh of relief. As long as they still had a divine pill to provide, they would be filled with confidence towards the future of the dragon race.

When Chen Xiang and the others arrived at the side of the Azure Dragon Lake, there were already many gathered dragons, but all of them were camped out by the lake. After the Great Clan Elder and a few elders arrived, they let them come out for a meeting, and then said many impa.s.sioned words.

Long Lin, Long Qing and the others had obtained one pill, which immediately boosted the morale of the entire dragon clan!

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