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Seeing that Chen Xiang could go in, Long Yingyi who was heavily injured in Long Jinrong's arms spat out a mouthful of blood. The hatred in his heart was so strong that it caused blood to spurt out.

He wasn't the only one who couldn't understand, the Elders present couldn't understand why a human could obtain the recognition of the Azure Dragon!

Chen Xiang had already entered the Azure Dragon Tomb, upon seeing that his plan had failed, he immediately carried Long Yingyi and left, planning out another plan, he was not willing to give up!

After Chen Xiang entered through the door, he saw a very s.p.a.cious hall, with a green stone coffin in the middle, on it were many lifelike dragons, all of them had different postures and expressions.

"Is this the Azure Dragon's sarcophagus? was buried in human form? " Chen Xiang walked over, and touched the green sarcophagus, suddenly feeling that it was trembling, he immediately pulled his hand back in shock.

The sarcophagus shook, and the lid moved away on its own!

After opening the coffin, Chen Xiang immediately looked towards the direction of the coffin, only to see that it was filled with cyan mist, which was currently flashing and emitting multicolored light.

"This is the Azure Dragon Tomb?" Chen Xiang looked around, he did not know what was the point of entering the Azure Dragon Tomb through the a.s.sessment.

"That's right, this is my tomb!" Chen Xiang suddenly heard the voice and was shocked. Pride of the World, Alchemy G.o.d 23 (TL: UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU)

The green mist inside the sarcophagus suddenly surged, forming a mist-like green dragon that was looking at Chen Xiang with its red eyes. 5

"Senior … Aren't you dead? " Chen Xiang said in surprise, he never thought that he would actually be able to see the Star Law Divine Realm's Azure Dragon.

"My body has already died, and my divine soul is about to disappear. Although I am a Heavenly beast, I cannot live for ever, my mission in Star Law Divine Realm has been completed, and the Heavenly Energy is gradually dissipating." The Azure Dragon's voice was filled with sadness. "I know your purpose for coming here. I have also tested you."

The corner of Chen Xiang's eyes twitched. When he was in the Azure Dragon Secret Realm, it was actually this Azure Dragon that was controlling the various tests.

"Senior, your test is truly deadly. Even the s.p.a.ce Ghost Bees have appeared." Chen Xiang curled his lips: "How did you do that? So quickly, you brought out those huge beasts and Spatial Ghost Bees to deal with me. "

"The so-called Azure Dragon Secret Realm is my Divine Sense Sea. The Azure Dragon said, "The reason why you are looking for me, is because you want to devour my divine soul. Right!"

"This... I only wanted to devour your unconscious divine soul. You still have consciousness right now, so I don't plan on doing that anymore. " Chen Xiang said. He thought that the Azure Dragon had died, and after its flesh had died, its consciousness would disappear along with it.

"Don't worry, swallow me. I have no objections. I am quite satisfied with having such a home to return to." The green dragon said.

Chen Xiang was surprised again, and asked doubtfully: "You know my goal? Why are you willing to be devoured by me? "Although you only have this divine soul left, I can still sense your powerful strength."

"It's your second Divine Sense Sea's Azure Dragon that's summoning me. You might not even know it yourself, but you've created your own Azure Dragon. Besides that, your Divine Sense Sea has three other beasts, right!" The green dragon said.

Chen Xiang indeed didn't know, he only knew that his second Divine Sense Sea had concealed himself for a long time and had always been following him! He even more never thought that his second Divine Sense Sea would be so powerful, to be able to make the Azure Dragon's divine soul submit to him.

"Senior, looks like you understand the Second Divine Sense Sea very well? Haven't you cultivated it? " Chen Xiang asked.

"If I could cultivate it out, I wouldn't have died. Being able to cultivate to become the second Divine Sense Sea is an extremely difficult thing to do, but you seem to have done it long ago." The green dragon replied, "If I parasitize in your second Divine Sense Sea, my consciousness will not disappear."

"I don't know anything about my second Divine Sense Sea. I remember before, the divine elephant in the middle of my second Divine Sense Sea turned into a Fire unicorn, and not long ago, I saw my second Divine Sense Sea turn back into a divine elephant!" Chen Xiang asked, he could not understand no matter how much he thought about it.

The Azure Dragon did not speak. He was silent. Pride of the World, Alchemy G.o.d 23 (TL: UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU - UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU)

Chen Xiang asked: "Senior, do you know what's going on?"

The green dragon replied, "I know, but I'm not very sure! I can only tell you that the divine image is extraordinary and the Qilin that evolved from it is still in your second Divine Sense Sea. It's just that you do not know much about your own second Divine Sense Sea, so you did not see it. "

"Hurry up and swallow me!" The green dragon said, "Long Jinrong that b.a.s.t.a.r.d has joined hands with the Evil Spirit Race and is preparing to attack the dragon clan."

"Huh?" Chen Xiang was shocked and asked: "How do I devour you?"

"Devour me the same way you usually devour divine soul." He had already made up his mind, because if he entered Chen Xiang's Second Divine Sense Sea, he would be able to extend his life.

The Azure Dragon's divine soul had urged Chen Xiang to swallow him a few times, so Chen Xiang felt too embarra.s.sed not to devour him right now, so he immediately used the Devouring magic kungfu and absorbed the Azure Dragon's divine soul into one of his head Bones. He wanted this Bones to merge with the Four Beasts' divine soul.

"What a powerful divine soul!" Chen Xiang felt very pained at the end, "Just how does this guy train himself?

When Chen Xiang a.s.similated with the Azure Dragon's divine soul, he also learned quite a few things about the dragon race from the Azure Dragon's memories! What made him even more surprised was that the Evil Spirit Race was also a G.o.d!

It's just that Evil Spirit Race is a very evil race of G.o.ds, their existence is just to devour the corpses and divine soul of other G.o.d races, so that they can become stronger.

Evil Spirit Race knew that the Azure Dragon's powerful divine soul was still around. As long as they engulfed this divine soul, their strength would become even stronger and they would be able to break through the barrier of this star!

This star's enchantment was also laid out by the Azure Dragon in the past using its powerful strength. Chen Xiang could not help but exclaim in admiration at the Azure Dragon's strength back then, it was indeed worthy of being at the peak of its existence. However, he was helpless as he was unable to win against time, and had to die in the end.

Right now, the Azure Dragon was only living in another way, he did not want himself to disappear from this world just like that. Even though he had become Chen Xiang's power, he was still the Azure Dragon and could only live in a different way.

Fusing with the Azure Dragon's divine soul took a lot of time, and after Chen Xiang finished, more than ten days had already pa.s.sed!

He walked out of the green brick house. It was very quiet outside, and he had thought that there would be some sort of battle.

"Chen Xiang, you're out!" Long Peijin suddenly flew over, his entire body was covered with fiery red dragon armor, he looked like he was ready to fight.

"What's wrong? Something has happened? " Chen Xiang asked quickly.

"Long Jinrong and Long Yingyi have released a large number of their Evil Spirit Race s. These Evil Spirit Race s are all hiding in the city right now, we are currently looking to kill them!" Long Peijin said.

"c.r.a.p, they're diverting your attention. Their goal is to destroy this city's barrier!" Chen Xiang frowned, "Quickly go and find the Great Clan Elder …"

Just as he finished speaking, Long Peijin fiercely looked towards the sky and let out a long sigh: "Too late, the Dragon City's barrier has been destroyed!"

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