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When the time came, Chen Xiang, Long Lin and the others immediately felt a strong suction force. Their vision swayed, and then, they felt a chill as they floated on the surface of the water. They left the Azure Dragon Secret Realm and arrived at the Azure Dragon Lake above.

Long Yingyi was also floating on top of the Azure Dragon Lake. When Long Jinrong saw him, he was extremely angry and immediately flew over and fished Long Yingyi out.

Even though Long Yingyi had chopped off four of his limbs, Long Yingyi was still very clear-headed. When he saw his own father, he immediately roared in hatred and told him about Chen Xiang slashing four of his limbs.

There were quite a few Dragon Clan elders and young outstanding dragons surrounding the Green Dragon Lake. After hearing about this, they all looked at Chen Xiang furiously.

Long Yingyi had only told him part of the truth, but he did not mention anything about how he treated Long Lin and Long Qing.

"Everyone, don't listen to this b.a.s.t.a.r.d! He could have saved me when I was in danger, but he was worried that I would be implicated and he ran away on his own! It was Elder Brother Shen who saved me. " Long Lin said angrily: "Long Yingyi, when you fought with Long Qing, you used poison, why didn't you say so?"

Long Qing hurriedly walked out and rolled up his sleeves. Although his poison had already been cleansed, the wound was still black. With a glance, it was obvious that there was a trace of poison involved.

Chen Xiang didn't even need to speak. As Long Lin and the others shouted, they revealed all of Long Yingyi's ugly deeds, including the fact that he almost violated Long Peijin.

The dragon clan members were stunned. They couldn't believe that this father and son duo who had a very positive image over the years was so hypocritical.

"You're talking nonsense. This foreign human has a lot of divine pills in his hands. You must have taken his divine pills to slander us." Long Jinrong said angrily, refusing to admit it even at death. He knew that if he was determined to collude with the Evil Spirit Race, then it would be very troublesome for him and his father.

"Great Elder, this test does not count. It's all because of this alien human breaking the rules, and this was originally a matter of our dragon race. " Long Jinrong shouted, looking unconvinced.

"The examination is over, take out your Dragonscale debris." The Great Clan Elder ignored him. He heard that Long Peijin was almost violated by Long Yingyi, and this made him extremely angry.

As for the relationship between Long Jinrong and the others with the Evil Spirit Race, because there was no evidence, he could not believe it either. He could only wait until the Dragon Emperor came out of closed door cultivation before discussing about it.

Chen Xiang took out ten pieces of Dragonscale debris, Long Yingyi also had three, but he did not have the others! It seemed like Long Yingyi had also exchanged the Dragonscale debris s from the other dragons.

The person who pa.s.sed the examination was a human! Those old dragons understood why Chen Xiang had so many, it had to be from Long Lin and Long Qing. and Long Qing had said just now that Chen Xiang had saved them, and these brothers of theirs were all very loyal, it was not strange that they would give it to Chen Xiang.

"Chen Xiang has pa.s.sed the examination. He can enter the Azure Dragon Tomb now!" The Great Elder pointed to the small green brick house on the small island in the Green Dragon Lake.

That was actually the entrance to the Azure Dragon Tomb!

"Open the door. If you can enter successfully, you will receive the approval of the Azure Dragon." The Great Elder said, "You can go now."

The other elders did not say anything either. Whether Chen Xiang could enter or not, all of this had nothing to do with them! On the other hand, Long Jinrong was very angry, because he felt that his son should have entered.

"Wait!" Long Jinrong saw that Chen Xiang wanted to go over, and immediately shouted.

"Great Clan Elder, my son also obtained three Dragonscale debris, he is considered the largest among the Dragon Clan! He should be qualified to enter. " Long Jinrong's palm was on Long Yingyi's chest, no one knew what technique he used, but Long Yingyi's broken four limbs suddenly grew out.

Long Yingyi looked much more energetic now!

"Great Elder, I remember that the rule to enter the Azure Dragon Tomb is to only allow one dragon to enter, but I have never said that humans and dragons are not allowed! So I think that dragons and humans can enter at the same time! " Long Jinrong said: "This did not break the clan rules."

The Great Clan Elder frowned and nodded, "That's right, we have indeed not broken the clan rules. We can try!" Whether you can enter or not will depend on your own good fortune! "

As long as he doesn't break the clan's rules, he will agree to it.

Long Jinrong heaved a sigh of relief, patted Long Yingyi's shoulders and said: "You can go in first, since you are of the dragon race, you definitely have to give priority to the human race. Go in!"

Just now, Chen Xiang had noticed what Long Jinrong had given to Long Yingyi earlier. That thing must have contained Evil Spirit Race, he wanted Long Yingyi to bring him into the Azure Dragon Tomb.

As long as Long Yingyi could enter, they could still carry out their plan. At that time, he would be able to call the wind and summon the rain in this heavenly planet.

He was secretly excited in his heart. As long as he entered the Azure Dragon Tomb, he and his father would quickly obtain great power, and thinking about this, he wanted to laugh out loud. At that time, he would be able to torture Chen Xiang, Long Lin, and the others to death.

Long Lin and Long Qing both clearly understood Long Yingyi's character, and also knew of the consequences of his entering the Azure Dragon Tomb. They were currently very angry, but Chen Xiang had actually sent a sound transmission to them, telling them to calm down!

At this time, everyone was looking at Long Yingyi on the small island. Long Yingyi walked towards the green brick hut and opened the wooden door.

"As long as you pa.s.s through the azure light, you will be able to enter the Azure Dragon Tomb!" The Great Elder shouted.

Long Yingyi was now more excited. He took a deep breath and stepped into the door, but who would have thought that the moment he touched the green light, he would be flung away by a very powerful force!

"Ahh …" Long Yingyi screamed in pain, blood spurting out from his mouth as he flew straight back to the sh.o.r.e.

"How is that possible? My son is the strongest Saint Sun, why can't he get the recognition of the Azure Dragon? " Long Jinrong anxiously walked over and hugged Long Yingyi and shouted.

"Those who were sent flying all those years ago all thought so!" An elder sighed, "Back then, I was also sent flying out. As for why, I also want to know!"

Long Lin and the others immediately laughed out loud. This Long Yingyi was actually unable to enter the Azure Dragon Tomb, and had even displayed such confidence before.

"Chen Xiang, it's your turn!" The Great Elder said, "You have to be careful in a bit. If you don't obtain the green dragon's acknowledgement, you'll be sent flying and will suffer heavy injuries."

Chen Xiang nodded his head, then flew to the front of the small green brick house at the center of the lake. Everyone's eyes were focused on him, he was the first human to enter the Azure Dragon Tomb in many years, many dragons thought that it was impossible for him to enter! Even an outstanding young dragon like Long Yingyi was unable to enter, much less a human.

Chen Xiang was also very nervous, if he was unable to enter, then he would have to think of another way to enter the Azure Dragon Tomb.

Long Peijin was extremely nervous at the moment. She hoped that Chen Xiang could enter the Azure Dragon Tomb, as long as he could, she would receive many benefits. She had already treated Chen Xiang as her only friend.

Chen Xiang's foot had already stepped into the green light, and the green light that he had touched earlier, wasn't bounced back like Long Yingyi was previously!

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