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Not long after, Chen Xiang could feel a few auras approaching. Long Lin's face was filled with joy as he said: "Big Brother, my brothers are here."

Chen Xiang never thought that this simple and honest Long Lin would have such good connections. His brothers immediately came when they heard him, and they also seemed to believe his words.

Not long after, a few tall figures suddenly appeared. They were three tall and st.u.r.dy men, taller than Chen Xiang by a head, just their outer appearance alone was extremely terrifying.

"Brother Lin, the message you sent over was real. Long Yingyi did not care about your life and death, he just directly ran away." A large man came over and asked with a boorish voice like thunder. It was obvious that he was extremely angry.

If not for this Elder Brother Shen who saved me in time, I would have been eaten by the strange beasts long ago. Long Yingyi is truly a b.a.s.t.a.r.d, he can totally save me just with his own strength alone, but he's worried that if he was targeted by the strange beasts, he would have ran away. " Long Lin said angrily: "And what this guy did to Long Peijin … …"

Long Lin then told the brothers that Long Yingyi wanted to violate Long Peijin.

Thank you, Elder Brother Shen, for saving my brother. Long Lin's brothers thanked Chen Xiang one after another. They were all like different animals, but with Long Lin's personality, he also had such a brother and friend.

Long Lin asked: "Did you all get the Dragonscale debris, did you all encounter danger like me?"

The three big men shook their heads and then recounted their experiences. Some of them had encountered arrays, and after breaking them, they had obtained Dragonscale debris s, and some of them had even killed Special G.o.d beast s.

They were not ambushed by Special G.o.d beast like what Chen Xiang and Long Lin had encountered.

"Looks like we're unlucky." Chen Xiang laughed bitterly.

"Oh right, Long Yingyi had contacted us before, he said that he was willing to use the Evil Spirit Blood Bead to exchange for the Dragonscale debris. We wanted to promise him, but after hearing about your situation, we rejected." A large man said.

"Good. Even if a person like him wins this exam, he won't get the approval of the Azure Dragon. At the end, he will not be able to enter the Azure Dragon Tomb." Long Lin said: "I have already given my Dragonscale debris to Elder Brother Shen, and he can also give yours to. He is my savior."

Chen Xiang was startled, Long Lin was too direct with his words, and what made him surprised was that his three brothers all listened to him, and actually took out their Dragonscale debris s, maybe this was a trust and love between them, and Long Lin's life was taken back by Chen Xiang, if not for Chen Xiang, they might not be able to see Long Lin again.

After Chen Xiang received the Dragonscale debris, he took out three high grade Bone level Dan and gave it to him, while smiling: "I do not want your Dragonscale debris for nothing, this is a little gift from me, you guys should accept it as well."

"Take it." Long Lin's generosity also surprised him, at this moment, he understood that Chen Xiang did not lack these Bone level Dan.

The Bone level Dan was much more precious than the Evil Spirit Blood Bead in Long Lin and the others' hearts, and it was a very good quality Shangpin bone level Dan at that.

"Elder Brother Shen, how about this, we will split up now, we will go look for more Dragonscale debris, and meet up at a rendezvous after that, at that time, we will give you the Dragonscale debris, and then you can bind it with blood, and that will be yours. Only then will you be able to win against Long Yingyi." Long Lin said, and his three brothers did not have a single one.

"Alright." Chen Xiang said: "Based on our calculations, we will meet here for the next two hours before the a.s.sessment ends."

"No problem." Long Lin and the others nodded.

Long Lin and the others rushed in four directions, while Chen Xiang also teleported in one direction. This Green Dragon Secret Realm was still very big, as long as they ran a little further, they would not meet each other.

At that time, Chen Xiang would not want their Dragonscale debris for nothing. He would exchange with the Shangpin bone level Dan, and he was not lacking in Shangpin bone level Dan.

After teleporting for less than an hour, Chen Xiang took out the Heavenly magic sword, and once again looked in the direction of the Dragonscale debris.

"I think that the giant toad and black python appeared because of you. You arrived at the tree before Long Lin, so the formation inside the tree had already sensed you, which resulted in the test of your strength." Yue'er replied, "Because when you entered, the Great Elder didn't say that there was such a dangerous situation."

Chen Xiang frowned: "Could it be that the giant toad and the big black python appeared for my sake, that's reasonable, then we can deal with the big black python by ourselves, but it will be troublesome, if it is Long Lin, I'm afraid it will be difficult to deal with."

"I wonder how many Dragonscale debris in there, there should be quite a few. Who placed them here, could it be that Azure Dragon isn't dead yet?" Chen Xiang was very suspicious. The various examinations in the Azure Dragon Secret Realm required a very large consumption of energy to maintain them, he did not think that the dragon race could complete them.

"I don't know. In short, this kind of Heavenly beast's power is very scary. Even though they have been dead for a long time, their power has still been preserved for a very long time." Yue'er replied, "You'll know once you enter the Azure Dragon Tomb."

Chen Xiang's Heavenly magic sword had already found the direction, so he immediately teleported. Not long after, he arrived in a desert and teleported a few more times.

"Let me guess what kind of beast this boulder can turn into." Chen Xiang circled around the huge boulder, holding the Heavenly magic sword, he was sure that there was a Dragonscale debris inside.

"Yue Er, what kind of Special G.o.d beast do you think he is?" Chen Xiang asked.

"I can't guess. If you want to obtain the Dragonscale debris, then you must first destroy this huge boulder. If this huge boulder is shattered, the Special G.o.d beast should not appear anymore, right?" Yue'er replied, "Maybe you won't meet those Special G.o.d beast again this time."

"It's hard to say. Based on the situation from the previous two times, I'm sure I would have encountered it. Even that big tree was stabbed by me a few times, but in the end, wasn't there still a big snake popping out?" Chen Xiang waved his Heavenly magic sword, chopping the giant boulder into many fist-sized pieces.

The moment the huge rock was smashed into pieces, Chen Xiang immediately locked onto the Dragonscale debris inside, and then used his spatial technique to retrieve it.

"Seems like I'm lucky this time." Chen Xiang laughed lightly, but he could not laugh immediately. The gigantic boulder suddenly flashed and turned into a gigantic blood coloured wasp.

"What the h.e.l.l?" Chen Xiang immediately teleported away from the Giant Bees. Just when he thought he could get away from the Giant Bees, he saw that the Giant Bee was right beside him.

"What's going on?" Chen Xiang immediately teleported again, but when he teleported, he suddenly felt pain in his arm, making his heart ache.

His body was very strong, and he also trained in Heavenly spirit kunfu, so as long as his body could feel any threat, he would defend himself.

But now, he could clearly feel something piercing through his left arm.

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