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Chen Xiang never thought that Long Yingyi would actually use such a method to obtain more dragon scales. That Sacred Sun flew above the tree, there was a tree hole on it, he very bravely ran inside.

"So it's inside the tree hole." Just as Chen Xiang wanted to go closer, he sensed an aura's fluctuation. He was greatly alarmed in his heart, because this was the same as the giant toad he encountered just now.

He only saw that Sacred Sun suddenly ran out, and at the moment he ran out, this tree actually turned into a huge black python.

"It has changed." Chen Xiang exclaimed in his heart, he felt that it was extremely inconceivable. Just now, he had stabbed at this tree a few times, and he was very sure that it was a tree, but now, it had turned into a gigantic black python in the blink of an eye.

The black python swept its tail and broke all the trees around it. It even breathed out a black mist. One look was enough to tell that it was highly toxic.

"Brother Yi, save me!" That Sacred Sun was swept up by the poisonous python's long apricot bush and held tightly together, and the Brother Yi he spoke of had long since run away without knowing what was going on. When the big tree's Qi suddenly changed, Long Yingyi ran away with his fastest speed, and with a single glance, could tell that he had made preparations.

Chen Xiang immediately teleported over, just as the black python was about to retract its tongue, Chen Xiang returned to the Heavenly magic sword and cut off the snake apricot. Then, he grabbed the Sacred Sun and continuously teleported away.

Right now, Chen Xiang's main goal was to find the Dragonscale debris, so he was too lazy to bother with those huge beasts.

He of course knew that Chen Xiang was the one who saved him. He looked around, and then, saw that they were in a field, he heaved a sigh of relief and fell to the ground.

"Thank you, human." Although this Sacred Sun was already heavily poisoned, he didn't forget to be grateful to Chen Xiang.

"Eat it." Chen Xiang took out a Poison Cleansing G.o.d Pill. Although the black python's poison was highly toxic, it wasn't as terrifying as the Black dragon flower poison's, plus this Sacred Sun was a dragon, with the help of the Detoxification Pill and his own power, he could force the poison out of his body. He didn't need the Three lotus Dan's help to cure it.

Very quickly, this Sacred Sun's face turned red.

"I am truly grateful, that Long Yingyi is too despicable, he truly misjudged him." The reason this Sacred Sun agreed to exchange Dragonscale debris s with Long Yingyi was also because Long Yingyi had a good reputation back then, but now, his image of Long Yingyi had crumbled in his heart.

"It's nothing. Although I, Chen Xiang, am a human, I have many beast-like friends, and I know a few dragons. In the outer sect world, I only have one dragon as my wife." Chen Xiang laughed.

"I am Long Lin. If Brother Shen does not mind, I also want to be your friend." Long Lin said with a grin. He looked like a simple and honest young lad.

"Of course not." Chen Xiang laughed: "From now on, we are friends."

Long Lin had already determined that Chen Xiang was his savior. Although they were human, they were so friendly, he had not expected them to be so, he was secretly grateful to the Great Clan Elder in his heart. If not for the Great Clan Elder allowing Chen Xiang to enter, he might have been eaten by the snake long ago.

"Long Yingyi really isn't anything special. He usually acts so well, but in times of crisis, he actually has such a moral character. It seems like we were deceived by him." Long Lin said angrily: "I'll definitely tell the other dragons when we get out."

"Long Lin, you should know about the matter with Pei Jin. She said that her mother was forced to death by Long Yingyi and her son, and that Long Yingyi had almost violated her." Chen Xiang said.

"If you had told me about it in the past, I definitely wouldn't have believed you and would even have fought against you. But now, I believe you, no wonder Long Peijin hated this pair of father and son so much, it was also because this father and son pair had always been righteous and n.o.ble, guiding us to distance ourselves from Long Peijin." Long Lin said: "I have to apologize to her when we leave."

Chen Xiang also did not expect that Long Peijin being rejected by the other dragons, was actually related to Long Yingyi and the others.

"Long Lin, did you get the Dragonscale debris?" Chen Xiang asked.

"Got it. The moment I picked it up, I could feel a very strong beast's killing intent. Then, the tree turned into a giant python." When Long Lin thought back to it, he felt a lingering fear.

"I was already by that tree. I even stabbed a few times at that tree, but there was no reaction." Chen Xiang frowned: "I had entered a small mountain before. I had gotten the Dragonscale debris from inside, and that small mountain had turned into a very big toad."

"This could be a teleportation formation. Move that beast over here. That giant python is not made from a tree, nor is the toad made from a mountain." Long Lin was also slightly surprised: "Brother Shen, I never thought that you would actually be able to sense Dragonscale debris, and it's even faster than me. If you acted a little faster, maybe you would have already gotten two pieces."

"Long Lin, I hid myself when I heard your voice. I know you wanted to use the Dragonscale debris and Long Yingyi to exchange for the Evil Spirit Blood Bead." Chen Xiang said.

"Brother Shen, do you really need Dragonscale debris? I'll send you off." Long Lin immediately took out the cyan Dragonscale debris and pa.s.sed it to Chen Xiang.

"Aren't you worried that I, a human, would enter the chaos in the Azure Dragon Tomb?" Chen Xiang laughed, and did not accept it.

"What's there to worry about? Didn't the grand elder say it already? If you really can enter the Azure Dragon Tomb, it will also be because of the Azure Dragon Ancestor. Our Dragon clan has quite a few outstanding dragons that have obtained the qualifications, but in the end, didn't we all not manage to enter?" Long Lin laughed.

Chen Xiang took the Dragonscale debris. He really wanted to enter the Azure Dragon's Tomb to see if there was anything he could find.

"I won't take you for free. I'll give you this in exchange." Chen Xiang pa.s.sed over a Shangpin bone level Dan. He had refined many of these things, and was not lacking at all, but they were extremely precious to Long Lin.

"This is …" The Bone level Dan, seems like it's still high-grade. " Long Lin shouted in shock: "Brother Shen, this is too precious, I don't want it, my life was saved by you, giving you the Dragonscale debris should be done as well."

Chen Xiang immediately stuffed it inside his clothes, and laughed: "This isn't really too precious to me, I'll just treat it as a small gift for you. Don't forget that I'm a human from the outside, I have some with me."

"Thank you, Elder Brother Shen." Long Lin said with a grin, then carefully put away the high grade Bone level Dan.

"Big brother, there are a few brothers among the Sacred Sun that are better off with me. I'll see if I can contact them, I'll get them to give the Dragonscale debris to you." Long Lin said.

"Better hurry, maybe Long Yingyi already found them." Chen Xiang said, it was not bad for him to be able to obtain the Dragonscale debris, he just needed to use the Shangpin bone level Dan to exchange for it.

Two dragon horns suddenly appeared on Long Lin's head, his dragon horns shook, and after a while, he said: "Fortunately, they were not found by Long Yingyi, I have already told them about Long Yingyi's lack of help, they will be back soon."

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