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Chen Xiang looked at Long Yingyi and felt a thick killing intent from him when he made contact with his gaze.

The Great Elder shouted again, "Also, you must not kill anyone inside. You can injure them. If you kill them all, not only will you be disqualified, you will also be executed by the clan rules. You must remember this."

The Great Clan Elder looked at Chen Xiang and said solemnly: "Chen Xiang, when the time comes, don't kill them, or else we will kill you too. Of course, they can't kill you either, if they do, I will make them pay with their lives."

Chen Xiang nodded, "Great Elder, I will remember."

"Very well. However, if you enter, you will most likely not be able to find much dragon scales because you are not a dragon." Very well, but if you enter, you will likely not be able to find much dragon scales because you are not a dragon. The Great Elder said.

After hearing what the Great Clan Elder said, Long Jinrong also secretly felt more at ease. He knew that the Great Clan Elder was right, if they were to search for dragon scales, their dragon race would definitely be faster than humans.

"Then start to enter the Azure Dragon Secret Realm right now. There are many trials waiting for you there. Dragon scales are not easy to obtain. Even if you can sense them, it would require many difficulties to obtain them." The Great Elder said.

After that, Chen Xiang and the other ten Sacred Sons all jumped into the Azure Dragon Lake one after another.

Just as he touched the lake water, a white light shone out from Chen Xiang's eyes, and then, he discovered that he had fallen into a quagmire and was covered in dirt.

"Sense the dragon's scale, seems like it's a little difficult to qualify, this kind of rule seems to require a bit of luck, even if I'm not here, Long Yingyi might not get the only placing."

Chen Xiang got up from the quagmire, released a water attribute divine power, and floated above his head. He washed the quagmire on his body quickly, and then released some hot air to dry his body.

"Are you able to sense the dragon's scale? Else, you'll be coming here for nothing." Yue'er replied, "In short, I can't sense it."

Chen Xiang took out the Heavenly magic sword and said: "I have come into contact with many of the Azure Dragon's descendants. Right now, I can only check to see if there's any reaction from the Azure Dragon part of the Heavenly magic sword."

The Heavenly magic sword was also refined from the body of an Azure Dragon, but it was the descendant of an Azure Dragon, so its strength was not as strong as the Star Law Divine Realm.

"There's a reaction." Chen Xiang raised the Heavenly magic sword and turned in a circle. When he turned in a direction, the Heavenly magic sword suddenly trembled.

"Hehe, as long as there is any reaction, I will have the chance." Chen Xiang kept his Heavenly magic sword and instantly teleported in the direction of the sword finger.

Inside the Azure Dragon Secret Realm, the sky was a vast expanse of white, there was no sunlight and the temperature was very balanced. From time to time, there would be a breeze blowing, Chen Xiang thought that there was no night inside.

"The green dragon secret area sure is huge." Chen Xiang teleported for a moment and he could feel that if he was outside, he would have long since left the Dragon City.

Chen Xiang arrived at a small mountain and saw a cave in the distance. He then took out the Heavenly magic sword and discovered that it would only tremble when he pointed at the cave.

"Could it be inside?" Chen Xiang was extremely cautious, he released a strand of divine soul and entered the cave to investigate, but the moment his divine soul touched the cave entrance, the restrictions immediately dissipated.

"There's a formation and a formation." When Chen Xiang arrived at the cave entrance, he used the Dao heart Eye to look inside, but other than the multicolored light emitted by different types of Spirit Qi, there was nothing else.

The Heavenly magic sword would only tremble when they pointed at the cave, so they would only know if they entered the cave.

"Seems like I can only find out if I enter personally." Chen Xiang used Teleportation and successfully pa.s.sed through the barrier around the cave entrance. After entering, he released another wisp of divine soul, allowing the divine soul to float to the end of the cave. Very quickly, he saw a table there, on it laid a fingernail-sized piece of cyan armor.

"Dragonscale debris." Chen Xiang said in surprise and then walked over. However, he did not expect that when he had just reached the table and grabbed the Dragonscale debris, he heard a "kacha" sound, as if he had triggered some kind of mechanism.

"There's trouble." Chen Xiang frowned and immediately teleported out of the cave. When he ran out of the cave, Chen Xiang did not see the small mountain again, but what made his scalp go numb was that the small mountain had turned into a huge toad.

"I was in the innermost area just now." Chen Xiang thought, and his body could not help but tremble.

"This guy is coming over." Yue Er hurriedly shouted.

Chen Xiang had also seen how the giant black-colored toad jumped over three thousand meters with a single leap, directly jumping over.

"You're too ugly, I don't want to fight you." Chen Xiang took out his Heavenly magic sword s and the giant toad that was jumping over released a few waves of Sword Qi. Then, it concealed its presence and quickly teleported away.

"Who exactly placed these Dragonscale debris, they are so deceitful, I have to be careful next time." Chen Xiang thought about how he had once entered the mouth of a disgusting giant toad, and his heart felt very uncomfortable.

Not long after Chen Xiang entered, he received a piece of Dragonscale debris, and while holding the Heavenly magic sword, he spun in a circle, and when he felt the Heavenly magic sword tremble, he immediately stopped, and teleported in that direction.

"It's a forest. The trees are very dense, so there shouldn't be anything disgusting like before." Chen Xiang entered the forest and would occasionally take out the Heavenly magic sword s to confirm their discovery.

Not long after, he arrived under a huge tree. This tree was ten times bigger than the surrounding trees, and the Heavenly magic sword was referring to this tree.

Chen Xiang walked around the big tree once and didn't find anything abnormal. He used the Dao heart Eye to look around, but he couldn't find anything.

He also thought it was strange, why couldn't he see the giant toad with the Dao heart Eye just now.

In order to ensure that he would not get into the monster's mouth, he stabbed the tree a few times with the Heavenly magic sword but did not react. The tree sap that flowed out was filled with life force.

"Brother Yi, you said that one Blood Bead of the Evil Spirit could be exchanged for one of the Dragonscale debris, right? I'll take you to the Dragonscale debris I sense now, as long as I take it out, you will immediately give it to me."

Suddenly, Chen Xiang heard a voice, he immediately went into hiding.

and the other Sacred Sun are here. Listening to what the Sacred Sun said, they should be making a deal.

The reason why Long Yingyi used the Evil Spirit Blood Bead to exchange for the Dragonscale debris was to ensure that he could enter the Azure Dragon Tomb. As long as he could enter the Azure Dragon Tomb, their plan would succeed.

"That's right. Hurry up and take out the Dragonscale debris you sensed, I'll give you the Evil Spirit Blood Bead." Long Yingyi said: "Only if you are lucky enough to meet me will you be able to exchange for the Evil Spirit Blood Bead. You should know very well, with your strength, it is very difficult for you to obtain that position, why not use the Dragonscale debris s to exchange with me?"

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