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Chen Xiang played with the four Blood Beads of Evil Spirits in his hands. He thought that he could not use the Dragon Blood Beads previously, but he did not expect that the Dragon Clan would place such high importance on this kind of Blood Bead.

"How do dragons usually use these Blood Beads of Evil Spirits?" Chen Xiang asked.

Eat! Although Evil Spirits are called Evil Spirits, their powers are extremely pure. For example, this kind of Evil Spirit Blood Bead will help us raise our Divine Deity cultivation greatly, because it contains pure blood energy. Long Peijin said.

"Do you want to try?" Chen Xiang handed one over.

"There's no need. I've cultivated up to the ninety-five Divine Deity, and my physical body is already very strong. If I continue to eat, my requirements towards Bone level Dan will also be extremely high." Long Peijin said.

After Chen Xiang ate one pellet, the Evil Spirit Blood Bead immediately melted into his body, and like a gust of cool wind, it flew all over his body, quickly fusing with his flesh and bones.

"What a mystical Evil Spirit Blood Bead. I even thought that I was going to refine it for a while." Chen Xiang exclaimed, and then ate the remaining three pellets.

"This is the equivalent of you fusing four Bones." Long Peijin said: "You did not sense any changes in your body."

"There is. I never thought that the speed of fusion would be so fast. If there was even a little more, it might have been able to help me condense the Bones." Chen Xiang laughed, he was just casually saying that because he was going to condense the ninth Bones, it would be the last, and very difficult.

Long Peijin said: "As long as we can destroy Long Jinrong and the others' plans this time, when Dragon Emperor comes out, I will tell him about this matter."

As long as they could get it, they would be able to disrupt Long Jinrong and the others' plans. Even if Chen Xiang couldn't enter the Azure Dragon Tomb in the end, as long as they could get a placing, the Long Jinrong father and son's plans would still fail.

Originally, Chen Xiang only hated this father and son duo, but before this, they actually sent an Evil Spirit to capture him. This made him have a murderous heart, because he hated people who treated him like this the most.

Long Peijin did not know the exact details, but she knew that the qualification test was held outside of the Azure Dragon Tomb.

She still had the Bone level Dan that Chen Xiang had given her, and she hated Long Jinrong and his son to the extreme. Although the dragon race forbade killing each other, she did not care, as long as she had enough strength to kill Long Jinrong and his son, she would definitely make a move.

Very quickly, ten days or so had pa.s.sed, and the Great Clan Elder had also arrived at Long Peijin's cave. In these days, Long Peijin had cultivated another set of Bones, and now that she possessed the second Bones, she often went out to hunt Special G.o.d beast s.

"Grand Elder, you're really early." Chen Xiang laughed: "Can you really make it so that I can successfully take the qualification examination?"

"Don't worry, I'll take your Taipin bone level Dan. I promise to let you go smoothly." The Great Clan Elder's serious face revealed a smile, as he could tell that the Bone level Dan had given him a lot of rewards.

Chen Xiang thought that it was weird. The dragon cultivation Bones was way too fast, in these ten days, Long Peijin had been able to cultivate till two. And this Great Clan Elder in front of him seemed to have just trained up one, if not, he would not be smiling with a serious face.

Long Peijin was the same as well. Although she did not laugh, one could see that she was in a very good mood. She accompanied Chen Xiang to the examination hall with the Great Clan Elder.

The direction he was heading in right now was in the middle of the city. Chen Xiang was already familiar with the environment inside, but he still did not know where the Azure Dragon's tomb was.

In the middle was a relatively dilapidated house that Chen Xiang had previously used his divine soul to look at. He never expected that the Azure Dragon Graveyard would actually be nearby.

Long Peijin had said before, the examination location was outside the Azure Dragon Tomb and this dilapidated house was the examination location. This meant that the Azure Dragon Tomb was nearby.

The courtyard was rather large, and there was a small lake inside the courtyard as well. In the middle of the lake, there was a small stone house with a blue brick structure that looked very fine.

"Grand Elder, why did you bring them here? This is a qualification test, women and outsiders are not allowed to partic.i.p.ate." The one who spoke was Long Yingyi, and his eyes were cold as he looked at Chen Xiang and Long Peijin.

As an elder, Long Jinrong was also present. He said, "Great Elder, if you ask them to come watch the show, I have no objections … If you allow them to partic.i.p.ate, I will oppose it. "

The Great Clan Elder personally called Chen Xiang and Long Peijin over. With one glance, one could tell that this was not a simple invitation, and was most likely to let them partic.i.p.ate.

The Great Clan Elder said coldly, "Our Dragon Clan does not have any rules saying that outsiders are not allowed to partic.i.p.ate. Pei Jin is just here to watch the show, and the one partic.i.p.ating is this young brother. His arrival let us know what is happening outside, and he has the protection of the Evil Spirit Race, weakening the Evil Spirit Race's power."

Chen Xiang had never obtained the protection of the Evil Spirit Race, and that was only because Long Jinrong had purposely asked the Evil Spirit Race to give him trouble. He did not expect that it would actually become the reason behind the Great Clan Elder allowing Chen Xiang to partic.i.p.ate in the qualification examination.

"Great Elder, you … I will not allow him to attend. " Long Jinrong felt that Chen Xiang was not simple, if not he would not have quietly died after sending out his four Evil Spirit experts.

"Long Jinrong, don't you think that's too kind? Within the Dragon clan, I have never asked you about any of your responsibilities, but I am responsible for the a.s.sessment. If you want to change my decision, you can only kill me, or else, no matter what, I will let him partic.i.p.ate today. The Great Elder's tone was firm and firm. His originally serious face now looked even more frightening.

The Great Elder had quite a bit of prestige here. At this moment, several elders stood up for him. After all, his strength was there.

No matter how unwilling Long Jinrong was at this moment, there was no other way. The only thing he could do was to allow Chen Xiang to partic.i.p.ate in the qualification examination.

Adding Chen Xiang, there were a total of ten dragons and one human, those ten dragons were all Holy Sons, and their strengths were all strong. Long Peijin had told Chen Xiang in detail about their strengths before.

"Alright, the exam is about to begin. I'll explain the rules to you all first. When the time comes, you will need to jump into the Azure Dragon Lake." The Great Elder pointed at the lake in front of them, "Don't just look at this, this is a small lake. After you guys jump in, you will enter a secret realm, which was established by the Azure Dragon. After three days, you will be automatically sent to the surface."

And the test you guys will face to enter is to find the most Dragonscale debris, which is a fragment refined by the Azure Dragon using its own dragon scales. Three days later, whoever has more dragon scales will get first place.

It sounded simple, but if they were to enter the secret realm together, there would definitely be a conflict.

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