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Chen Xiang didn't want to stay here, so he said: "I'll go with you, I also want to see Evil Spirit Race."

He found out from Wu Zhi that the Evil Spirit Race was a rather simple person, but he had never personally told him about it. The people he had seen before were only Starry Sky Blood Devil s that he had created.

Long Peijin only felt that Chen Xiang was a guest and should not have gone out to fight and kill with her. However, since Chen Xiang had requested for it, she did not reject.

Chen Xiang followed Long Peijin, holding the bottle of fruit wine in his hands, he drank from it as he walked.

"Grand Elder, what happened?" Long Peijin met the Great Clan Elder on the way, and this Great Clan Elder actually ran towards them.

"Chen Xiang, don't go out. The Evil Spirit Race came for you, and when they found out that a real human had come in, they came to capture you." The Great Elder said.

With how well-informed the Evil Spirit Race was, it must have been revealed by Long Yingyi and Long Jinrong. Both Long Peijin and Chen Xiang could immediately guess who had leaked the news. They did not expect that this pair of father and son had such close ties with the Evil Spirit Race.

"When they came, they said they were here to capture me? For what reason? " Chen Xiang asked, he felt that this matter was definitely not that simple.

"They said that when you arrived at this planet, you picked up their important treasures. As long as they saw you, they would demand you back. Thus, they wanted you to leave." The Great Elder replied, "It doesn't matter if this matter is real or not. You must not go out to prevent them from plotting something."

Chen Xiang nodded, and said to Long Peijin: "Pei Jin, be careful, I will return to your cave and wait for you!"

"Don't worry about me. The Great Elder is here!" Long Peijin said as he and the Great Clan Elder ran towards the main door.

When Chen Xiang was speaking just now, he purposely spoke very loudly just for the guy hiding at the side to overhear.

When he returned to the cave, Chen Xiang felt that something was amiss.

"Who are you?" Chen Xiang looked around and said indifferently.

At this time, there was no one around, Long Peijin, Great Clan Elder and all the experts ran out of the city.

Chen Xiang knew immediately after thinking that it was Long Jinrong who had asked the Evil Spirit Race to cooperate and then attacked him in the chaos. What he did not understand was why this father and son pair wanted to capture him.

Shua shua shua, a few black figures suddenly appeared. They were all people wearing black!

"It's not a dragon!" Chen Xiang was extremely shocked. Unexpectedly, the dragon race had a Evil Spirit Race Evil Spirit mixed in.

Without a word, these Black Costume Evil Spirits s charged towards Chen Xiang from four different directions.

"You want to deal with me with such little strength?" Chen Xiang sneered in his heart, he teleported to the back of one of the Black Costume Evil Spirits s and took out a Chuangshi G.o.d furnace. He quickly covered the and burned it into ashes.

When the three Black Costume Evil Spirits saw it, they were secretly shocked! However, they did not think that Chen Xiang was strong. Their eyes were filled with greed as they stared at the Chuangshi G.o.d furnace in Chen Xiang's hands.

"Stop right there!" Chen Xiang groaned, and suddenly a few water dragons appeared on the ground, trapping the three Black Costume Evil Spirits s.

Chen Xiang teleported over, and in the blink of an eye, he sent two of the Black Costume Evil Spirits s back into the Chuangshi G.o.d furnace to train them to death.

"These guys are so weak!" Chen Xiang looked around, but didn't leave any traces, and then entered the cave.

"Is it that father and son pair?" Yue Er asked.

"Not bad, they indeed brought quite a few Evil Spirit Race s! I wonder where they got this treasure, which allowed the Evil Spirit Race to stay inside without being discovered, like my Dark Jade Ring. " Chen Xiang said: "The four guys just now came here because of their jobs."

"Why did they want you?" Yue Er asked.

"Long Jinrong knows that I have Bone level Dan. Looks like their spies are everywhere here, I wonder how they found out! It is because Long Peijin and I have a very good relationship that they knew that the Bone level Dan in my hands would never be given to them, and that's why they used this tactic. " Chen Xiang said: "This is what I gathered from the Evil Spirit's memories."

Long Jinrong's position in the Evil Spirit Race is very high, equivalent to the person in charge of the second power. He joined the Evil Spirit Race very early on, and even learned the Evil Spirit Race's method. If he had the chance to enter the Azure Dragon Tomb, the consequences would be unimaginable.

"I really didn't expect this father and son pair to be so terrifying. They also have quite a good reputation here." Yue Er said.

"They actually want to play with me. This is good as well, I'll play with them. No one is afraid of me!" Chen Xiang sneered.

The Evil Spirit Race s were easily discovered, and Long Jinrong had only released four of them to capture Chen Xiang. They had greatly underestimated Chen Xiang's strength, so when the four evil spirits tried to capture Chen Xiang, they were all killed by Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang waited in the cave for four hours, but Long Peijin also returned. She looked exhausted, but she looked very excited.

He had often seen this kind of situation happen to Leng Youlan before.

"They're fighting?" Chen Xiang laughed.

"Mm, they don't want to fight, but since they've all come to our door, we'll definitely beat them up." Long Peijin said, then took out the fruit wine and began to drink.

Chen Xiang took out four red pearls, and laughed: "Pei Jin, do you know what this is?"

After Long Peijin saw it, he immediately swallowed the fruit wine in his mouth and said: "Evil Spirit Blood Bead, how did you get it? This is the equivalent of an Evil Spirit's Bones, it's very precious, it's filled with pure energy! "

"Oh? This is equivalent to a Bones, seems like the Evil Spirit with this kind of thing is pretty strong! " Chen Xiang did not expect that, but those Evil Spirits were not strong enough, and died under his Chuangshi G.o.d furnace's protection.

"Of course, Evil Spirits are different from us! Evil spirits need to cultivate to the peak in order to condense this kind of blood bead, which is equivalent to us cultivating Hundred G.o.ds level s to cultivate Bones, so they all possess the strength of Hundred G.o.ds level, where exactly did you get this? " Long Peijin asked, she had only seen these Evil Spirit Blood Beads a few times, although she had killed many evil spirits, but she had never encountered such Blood Beads, if she ever met one, she would most likely be killed too.

"On the way back, I was surrounded by four evil spirits!" Chen Xiang told Long Peijin what happened, and then told him what he found in the Evil Spirit's memories that he told him as well.

"Chen Xiang, you are so powerful! I always thought humans were very weak. " Long Peijin couldn't help but sigh with emotion. In her eyes, those four evil spirits were very strong, yet Chen Xiang had easily killed them. He even complained that the evil spirits were too weak.

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