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"What's important? Speak! " Long Peijin snorted, she did not completely trust Chen Xiang either, so she was careful when she rested.

"Long Yingyi and his father have secretly allied with the Evil Spirit Race! They are currently scheming to help the Evil Spirit Race enter the Azure Dragon's mausoleum. " Chen Xiang said.

"How is that possible? Although they are despicable, they wouldn't collude with outsiders, right? " Long Peijin was a little surprised, and said: "What's more, it's not easy to enter the mausoleum, even if it's the Dragon Emperor s themselves, it's very difficult to enter."

"Is that so? I heard them say that as long as you get any qualifications, you can enter the Azure Dragon Tomb! Also, who does Long Yingyi think he is, he is very confident in himself. " Chen Xiang asked: "Does your Dragon clan have such a matter?"

Hearing Chen Xiang's question, Long Peijin was greatly shocked, and hurriedly said: "There is indeed such a thing, and every once in a while, the Azure Dragon Tomb will be opened for a while! Only dragons with the right to enter are allowed, and there is only one spot at a time. "

"Now do you believe me? I only found out when I eavesdropped on them! What kind of consequences would there be if the Evil Spirit Race were allowed to enter the Azure Dragon Tomb? " Chen Xiang asked.

Right now, the Evil Spirit Race is about the same as us. Once they enter the mausoleum and devour the Azure Dragon's body, their strength will increase greatly. At that time, we will not be a match for the Evil Spirit Race. Long Peijin frowned: "This is troublesome!"

"How do I qualify? At that time, wouldn't it be fine if we obstruct him and prevent him from obtaining the qualifications to enter? " Chen Xiang laughed: "This is not difficult, or you should go and tell the other elders. Reveal the plot of the father and son duo. "

"No, the father and the son are very prestigious in the family. The other elders will not believe me." Long Peijin said: "And because I am a girl, I cannot partic.i.p.ate in the qualification test, otherwise I will definitely stop him."

"What qualification test is it?" Can I partic.i.p.ate? " Chen Xiang laughed: "I actually want to go to the Azure Dragon Tomb to take a look."

"You …" Long Peijin looked at Chen Xiang, his eyes lighting up: Maybe, but whether you can partic.i.p.ate in it or not will have to depend on Great Clan Elder. Our Dragon Emperor is currently in closed door cultivation, at that time, he might not be able to come out, furthermore, he is not normally responsible for such things, he is usually handed over to the Great Clan Elder.

"If you want to partic.i.p.ate, you just need to take care of Great Elder. Although Great Elder is usually rather strict, he is still quite good to us juniors in private."

Chen Xiang understood what Long Peijin meant, it was to let him use the Bone level Dan to let the Great Clan Elder take control of the situation.

"Speaking of which, I'm a human. If I successfully obtain the right to enter, would you dragons feel indignant?" Chen Xiang laughed. The dragon race lacked a lot of divine pellets, and Chen Xiang just so happened to have a lot. He felt that he would be able to take care of that Great Clan Elder.

However, he was a little worried. If he obtained the right to enter, then the Long family would make a ruckus and not allow him to enter. Then, all his efforts would be in vain.

"In the end, whether or not we can enter depends on the Azure Dragon's consciousness. Although the Azure Dragon is already dead, he still left behind a bit of consciousness. When that time comes, as long as we can step through the door of the mausoleum, our Dragon clan will not say anything." Long Peijin said: "You have to know that quite a few dragons pa.s.sed the qualification examination and obtained first place, yet in the end, they were unable to enter that door! Once every hundred years, however, there aren't many who are truly qualified. "

"Alright, tomorrow, bring me to see your Great Elder." Chen Xiang nodded, he did not know if he would be able to step through the door in the end. If he succeeded, it would be the easiest way for him to enter the Azure Dragon Tomb.

At dawn, Long Peijin cooked some food for Chen Xiang. She wasn't very familiar with humans, but she had to eat something everyday in order to feel comfortable, so she believed that humans also needed to eat something in the morning.

It was true that ordinary people had to eat it, but with Chen Xiang's cultivation, eating a pill was enough! Of course, he was only addicted to eating and trying out the taste.

"Let's go, I'll take you to see the Great Elder. Don't talk too much on the way, and ignore them." Long Peijin said.

Chen Xiang followed Long Peijin out of the cave, arriving at the bustling group of stone houses.

"This is a human! It's not anything special, but it seems to be a lot more spirited than the one that Evil Spirit Race is impersonating. "

"Their faces are pretty good too. Those b.a.s.t.a.r.ds from the Evil Spirit Race are really too ugly to look at, why did so many idiots believe them back then?"

"Little fire girl, did you torture him all night last night? Otherwise, why is he not saying anything now, he probably got very tired from all the work. " The man laughed out loud.

In the eyes of these dragons, being able to spend the night with Long Peijin in the same cave was very capable. Although Long Peijin did not belong to any group, there were many male dragons that wanted to conquer her.

Chen Xiang only felt that he was speechless, he dared to say whatever they wanted to say, and now he understood why Long Peijin did not want to bother with them.

Long Peijin brought Chen Xiang to the exterior door of a large stone house. She knocked on the door and shouted: "Great Clan Elder, are you free right now?"

A white-haired old man with a serious expression opened the stone door, his eyes filled with sternness.

"Pei Jin, is this the human you picked up?" The Great Clan Elder looked at Chen Xiang, then took out a transparent pearl and waved it in front of Chen Xiang. Seeing that there was nothing strange with the pearl, he nodded his head, "It is not Evil Spirit Race."

On the way here, there were quite a few dragons holding these pearls walking around him in order to see if he was truly Evil Spirit Race.

"Come in and speak!" Although the Great Clan Elder looked to be fierce, he was easy to talk to. He invited Chen Xiang and Long Peijin into the house.

After entering, Long Peijin went straight to the point, and said: "Great Clan Elder, his name is Chen Xiang, and he himself did not know the reason to enter the enchantment, so he did not have anywhere to go. I was worried that he might be captured by the Evil Spirit Race, so I brought him back!"

The Great Elder nodded. "It is indeed very dangerous outside. Bringing him in is also not bad, it will allow us to understand the world outside the Spirit Formation. Little guy, can you tell me something? "

"Of course you can! What kind of things do you want to hear? " Chen Xiang asked.

"Listen to about Divine Dragon Race. Divine Dragon Race is one of the Four Divine Races s and also the strongest race of the G.o.d race. The Great Elder was a little excited. He was the one sent by the Divine Dragon Race to guard the Azure Dragon Tomb, and so many years had pa.s.sed in the blink of an eye.

"Divine Dragon Race is still alright, their clan wasn't exterminated, but they are still hiding now, they have been hiding for a long time, so I do not know much about the situation in Divine Dragon Race recently!" Chen Xiang sighed.

The Divine Dragon Race was actually planning to hide, which made the Great Clan Elder and Long Peijin extremely suspicious of Chen Xiang's words.

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