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"Kill your own kind!" "There is a rule in the clan that no matter how much conflict there is, we cannot kill him. My father is the only dragon here that violated the clan's rules." Long Peijin was busy pouring out various types of fruit juice from two gourds and was concocting something, although it was not done, the fragrance was already wafting everywhere.

That's why I was thought to have inherited my father's bloodline since I was young. I was worried that I would make the same mistake, so no one dared to come close to me, and the stronger ones were not afraid of me. They even intentionally angered me. Long Peijin handed a bowl of fruit juice over.

Chen Xiang took a sip, and laughed: "Not bad, I didn't think a strong, burly Fire Dragon Girl like you would actually know how to make this fruit juice."

"I like the taste, there's more here!" Long Peijin poured another cup for Chen Xiang and she felt that she was pretty good.

Chen Xiang downed the cup in one gulp, and just as he picked up the other, he heard someone shouting from outside, "Long Peijin, hurry up and bring that human out, my father wants to see him." This voice was very unfriendly and carried a very arrogant tone.

"Scram!" Long Peijin roared, the sound of her roars was accompanied by the sound of a dragon's roar, showing how angry she was.

Chen Xiang had also received a huge shock, and just now, he had clearly felt Long Peijin's killing intent! Previously, Long Peijin said that they were not allowed to kill one another in the clan, but she had such a strong killing intent.

"Little girl, don't not know what's good for you. No matter what, I am still considered to be an elder. If you are to be rude to your elders, you will be punished." It was an aged voice with a hint of coldness and threat.

"Scram!" Long Peijin shouted again.

"Long Peijin, I am, after all, the holy grandson of the Dragon race, and my father is an elder of the Dragon race.

Long Peijin no longer paid attention to them, he only took out a large piece of meat and cut it into small pieces, preparing to roast it for Chen Xiang to eat.

Very quickly, the father and son left the room. Chen Xiang asked, "Peijin, why do you hate this guy so much? Do you want me to help you take care of him? "

"No need! This father and son pair are extremely hypocritical. Only I know how evil and malicious they are. My mother would never have committed suicide back then, but they slandered her, saying that she was also involved in the ma.s.sacre of her own kind … Also, that Long Yingyi plotted against me in the past, fortunately, I knew that they were all villains since I was young, thus I paid great attention to my own strength, otherwise, I would have been tainted by that b.a.s.t.a.r.d. "

Chen Xiang frowned: "This is too bad, this is a irreconcilable hatred! Perhaps the matter of your father killing your own clan members is related to that elder! "

"I don't know, and I don't have any evidence either. Anyway, there are some guys in the family who are uneasy and kind." Long Peijin said: "If Dragon Emperor wants to see you, I can relax and let you go. For all these years, it was the elderly Dragon Emperor who secretly helped me. Now that Dragon Emperor is in closed door cultivation, if he comes out, he will definitely meet you. "

Chen Xiang nodded his head, "Pei Jin, why didn't you tell everyone about the father and son duo? Haven't you told Dragon Emperor? "

"No one would believe it even if it was spread out. The father and son duo here have a very good image. They have won the respect and trust of many people! I also told Dragon Emperor before, but every time Dragon Emperor heard me say this, they would always avoid me. "

After Chen Xiang heard this, he said: "It's obvious that Dragon Emperor knows what kind of people they are, but he did not attack them. Was it because they are very strong? Or did they have any weakness within the Dragon Emperor s? "

Previously, the Everlasting Mountain was controlled by the Dan G.o.d Inst.i.tute because of him.

"I'm not sure!" If he wanted to understand, he would have to capture the father and son duo and interrogate them fiercely before he could find out. However, this required strength! Long Yingyi is one of the Sacred Sons, and he isn't weak either. But Long Jinrong is an elder with Hundred G.o.ds level and seven to eight Bones s, I am no match for him. " Long Peijin actually had the thought of capturing this pair of father and son.

"If they are truly that bad, I can actually help you. I can even figure out what other wicked things they have done. I have the ability to search other people's memories." Chen Xiang laughed: "We can't stay here for the time being right? Why don't you take me out for a walk?"

"We'll go out tomorrow morning. We'll rest today." Long Peijin pointed to a stone room. "You can rest here tonight! "I'm a bit tired now, so I'll go rest first!"

… ….

After the sky turned dark, Chen Xiang did not rest. Instead, he laid on his bed, quietly released a wisp of his divine soul, and floated in the air as he observed the entire city.

There were no stars in the sky, and Chen Xiang did not know where the moon had come from either. He felt that the moonlight was different from the one he was familiar with.

There weren't any enchantment formations or anything like that in the city, so Chen Xiang's divine soul could be used as he wished. Right now, he was looking for the location of the Azure Dragon Tomb, and at the same time, wanted to see where the father and son duo, Long Yingyi and Long Yingyi, were.

Very quickly, Chen Xiang found Long Yingyi. As he walked along the road alone, his clothes were a little messy, and his face was even full of intoxication.

Long Yingyi was living in a big house in the stone hut area. Right after he returned, Long Jinrong anxiously jumped out and said sternly: "You went out again to enjoy life, why are you still not being obedient!"

"Father, am I not in a bad mood? That s.l.u.t, Long Peijin actually dares to treat us in such a manner. If she falls into my hands, I will definitely make her suffer a fate worse than death. " Long Yingyi said with a face full of viciousness.

"Sooner or later, she will be yours. Why are you in such a hurry? "Let's talk inside!" Long Jinrong said in a serious tone.

Chen Xiang thought, this father and son pair were really the same as what Long Peijin had said, they were both b.a.s.t.a.r.ds that were very bad, and they were even plotting something right now.

"Father, as long as I gain the qualifications to enter the mausoleum, I will definitely be able to find what we want." Long Yingyi sneered: "At that time, even the Dragon Emperor would have to kneel before us."

"I've already contacted the Evil Spirit Race! That way, you will be able to use the treasure that I have refined to bring the Evil Spirit Race to the grave. " Long Jinrong said: "During this period of time, you must definitely cultivate properly, don't make any mistakes at critical moments."

"Right now, I am the number one Saint Sun in the family, who can be my opponent?" Long Yingyi said with complete confidence.

"I know, but this is very important. Once we succeed, we will be able to rule this planet. The entire dragon race will have to listen to us." Long Jinrong said sternly: "You must stay here obediently for this period of time. If you make a mistake, I won't forgive you."

"Alright, I'll go rest now!" After Long Yingyi finished, he went back to his room.

After that, he ran to Long Peijin's stone room in the middle of the night. These stone rooms had no doors, so he directly entered them.

Long Peijin was extremely vigilant, upon sensing someone entering, he immediately jumped up from the bed and shouted angrily: "What are you trying to do?"

"Pei-Jin, don't misunderstand, I have something important to tell you!" Chen Xiang said softly: "It is very important. If I am to do anything to you, do you think you can stop me?"

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