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"He really is a human from the outside." The two gatekeeping elders were still hesitating. They held the transparent pearl and circled it around Chen Xiang, and even moved it closer to Chen Xiang's forehead.

"My two grandfathers, do you think that the Evil Spirit Race will have Bone level Dan? This guy has it, and his Bone level Dan is different from the ones I have seen before." Although Long Peijin looked carefree on the outside, she was extremely meticulous right now. She didn't say that Chen Xiang was the Pill G.o.d, she definitely had her own reasons for doing so.

"Take it out and take a look." Evil Spirit Race did not know how to refine pills, because Evil Spirit Race's cultivation method was different from theirs, so he did not need the a.s.sistance of divine pellets.

"Greetings seniors. This is for you. Please take care of me in the future. After all, I still don't know when I'll be able to leave this d.a.m.ned place." Chen Xiang took out two Shangpin bone level Dan s and handed them over to the two old dragons.

One of the elderly men took the Bone level Dan and stroked its beard, exclaiming: "This is a Shangpin bone level Dan, and the quality is very high as well, high quality, very rare, the Dragon Emperor himself refined high quality, they were all given to the best quality."

Long Peijin never thought that Chen Xiang would actually gift her two pellets of Shangpin bone level Dan. This was extremely precious to her, even low rank Bone level Dan was an extravagant hope for her, she had never eaten one before.

"Seniors, you two truly have good eyesight. You can tell with a single glance." Chen Xiang laughed: "Please accept this."

Chen Xiang, Leng Youlan and Long Huishan, as well as the Azure Dragon, were all unsettled people. He guessed that the Dragon Emperor must have been forced to do the same, so he could only obediently refine the pills, otherwise, the Dragon Clan would not be able to develop.

"It's really for us." One of the elders was already secretly excited.

"Of course, I mean it." Chen Xiang laughed: "However, this matter cannot be spread out for the time being, otherwise too many people would ask me for it. I only have a few pills right now, the two seniors will be guarding the city gate, the mission is extremely difficult, my strength is definitely very strong, in the future, please give me some convenience or something."

Chen Xiang was not just talking about flattery, he could already tell that these two dragons were Thunder Dragons with Hundred G.o.ds level and five Bones. This kind of dragon was definitely stronger than the other dragons, otherwise they would not have used it to guard the gate.

"As long as you are a true human, we welcome you. Don't worry, our words are quite useful within the clan." An old man laughed and kept the Bone level Dan: "It's not like that from the outside. I've long heard that there are many outstanding alchemists outside the barrier, and the divine pills that are refined are all of good quality."

Evil Spirit Race didn't even know how to refine pellets, let alone take out two pellets of high quality Shangpin bone level Dan. Therefore, these two old dragons already believed Chen Xiang's words.

Just like this, Chen Xiang easily bribed the two old dragons guarding the gate and Long Peijin entered the city.

For example, the things that Long Peijin went out to hunt were distributed to everyone here.

They all noticed Chen Xiang and asked him who he was one after another, but Long Peijin did not say a single word. Previously, she had said that she was not very popular here, so she was too lazy to bother with him as long as he could pa.s.s the two old dragons guarding the door. As far as she was concerned, she did not need to explain any further.

"Fifth Master, can you give me a few days of vacation for the two things I killed this time?" Long Peijin said.

"Alright, alright. You can rest for a month. Come back and report to me in a month." Then, he looked towards Chen Xiang. "Who is this young lad? Why have I never seen him before?

"Of course not. He was a human who accidentally entered the Spirit Formation. I brought him back." Long Peijin replied. She had talked so much with the old man, it could be seen that her relationship with him was not bad.

"So it's like that, I'm sure he's not Evil Spirit Race." Fifth Elder had just asked, and knew that he had asked too many questions. If he was not sure, Chen Xiang would not be able to come in.

Because there were many dragons on the road who saw Long Peijin bringing in an unfamiliar man, they were very curious, so they asked Long Peijin and Long Peijin did not reply. Thus, they all ran to the door to ask the two old dragons, who were guarding the door.

Chen Xiang felt that there was a high possibility that the Azure Dragon's mausoleum was in this city, so he did not plan to barge in. Right now, he could only stay here for a few days to see if there were any other ways to smoothly enter the mausoleum.

Long Peijin brought a genuine person back, and this matter quickly spread across the entire Dragon Clan.

There were constructed stone houses within this city, and there were also many mountains and rivers, and Long Peijin was in the middle of a field far away from the stone houses, which was a cave.

At this time, outside Long Peijin's cave, there were a lot of dragons watching. They all wanted to meet this so called human, and most of the dragons had never seen this kind of person before. Actually, they were more curious about what the outside world looked like.

"Little Flame, don't hide the treasure. Quickly let him come out and meet with everyone." This was the voice of a woman. It was charming and full of power.

"That's right, that's right. Quickly, tell him to come out and tell us what happened outside. Little Flame, we have never offended you before, right? How could those people who have enmity with you dare to come out with a thick face? They're all not here."

Chen Xiang who was inside the cave laughed: "Seems like I'm really popular huh."

"It's only a little bit of warmth. Once they satisfy their curiosity, you might get a little bit of advice from them." Long Peijin said.

Afterwards, she walked to the entrance of the cave and shouted, "You bunch of bored b.a.s.t.a.r.ds! If you have the time, why are you slacking off here? Humans are just like that and there's nothing to be surprised about.

"Get out of my way, don't disturb my rest."

Very quickly, everyone had left, and they knew Long Peijin's personality. Usually, they would not care about Long Peijin, but now that they were suddenly so attentive, it was not strange for Long Peijin to be like this.

"Pei Jin, what mistake did your father commit to receive such severe punishment?" Chen Xiang asked, he knew that Long Peijin did not avoid matters like this, so he boldly asked.

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