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Chen Xiang was the first human that Long Peijin had ever seen, and she was also very strong, much stronger than her. She also had many strange things on her body, and she felt that bringing Chen Xiang back to the clan would definitely cause a lot of trouble, and she knew about all the old antiques in the clan very well.

"That's right. If you follow me back, you might end up in conflict with those arrogant fellows!" Long Peijin sighed: "But you yourself are also in danger of going to the outer sect. If you go to the Evil Spirit Race s side and get caught by them, it will be even more troublesome.

"Then do you know about the Evil Spirit Race? Why are your dragon race and Evil Spirit Race on top of this star? " Chen Xiang asked.

"Evil Spirit Race is a group of Eating Corpse Ghost. They specifically wanted to eat the dead bodies of those powerful Heavenly beast s. Their beautiful names said that they were helping to build a mausoleum, but their goal was to devour the Heavenly beast's divine soul and body." Long Peijin replied, "Those fellows just want to eat our Dragon Clan's Green Dragon Protector."

"So, the Azure Dragon died here?" Chen Xiang was sure about it long ago, it was just that he did not know where the Azure Dragon was buried at the moment.

"What is it? You are also interested in our Azure Dragon Ancestor? Even though his mausoleum was constructed by the Evil Spirit Race, it was fortunate that our dragon race arrived quickly, so we were able to s.n.a.t.c.h it away in time! The Azure Dragon Tomb is currently guarded by our Dragon Clan's strongest ten old dragons. If you feel that your strength is strong enough, you can go try it out. " Long Peijin said.

"How strong are the strongest old dragons in your Dragon race? Is there your Dragon Emperor inside? " Chen Xiang asked.

"They are all as strong as our Dragon Emperor. They are only responsible for matters outside, so if you want to enter the Azure Dragon Tomb, you have to first defeat the Dragon Emperor and the rest of us." Long Peijin crossed his arms across his chest, and said: "You wouldn't really be thinking of entering the Azure Dragon Tomb, right?!"

Chen Xiang originally thought that the Azure Dragon Tomb had been occupied by the Evil Spirit Race, but didn't expect that the dragon race had already completely taken control!

"I'm just curious and want to go in and take a look. However, after hearing you say that, I feel that it's better to just forget about it." Chen Xiang did not want to barge in, because Long Xueyi was her woman and the Azure Dragon in Nine Heaven World was his good friend, so he did not want to offend the Divine Dragon Race here.

He planned to sneak in. He was very confident in his own abilities!

"Miss Long, why is there such a strong barrier around this star? It wrapped up the entire sky star! Isn't it a bit of a waste for such a large planet to be in the center of Star Law Divine Realm? The biggest star in the outside world is much smaller than this one. " Chen Xiang asked: "Was that enchantment created by the Evil Spirit Race?"

"Of course not, this is the birthplace of the Azure Dragon, this star is the home given to him by the heavens, it can also be considered the hometown of our Divine Dragon Race! Not only the Azure Dragon, even the White Tiger, Vermillion Bird, and Black Tortoise have similar stars. However, they do not have their own species, so when the mausoleum is not protected, they are all occupied by the Evil Spirit Race. " Long Peijin said.

"Is there such a thing? Wouldn't the mausoleum of the other three divine beasts have already suffered? " This way, he would have to think of a way to find the divine soul of the other three Divine Beasts.

"I don't know either. In short, all the divine beasts will think of ways to protect their own bodies before they die!" Long Peijin shook his head: "I'm going back, if I'm a little late, I'll be scolded again. Actually I think it's better if you come back with me to take a look, if you're rejected by them, you can come out again."

Chen Xiang considered for a moment, then nodded his head: "Alright, I'll follow you back to take a look."

Long Peijin warned him again, "When the time comes, do not use that Evil Spirit Race's power. I don't think it's anything important, but those old fellows don't think so."

"Alright!" Chen Xiang promised Long Peijin. He knew that he couldn't let the dragon race know that he was in control of the Counter Power, as it would bring him a lot of trouble.

Chen Xiang followed Long Peijin back to the Dragon Clan. On the way, he found out that Long Peijin had a lot of complaints about the Dragon Clan, because she was looked down upon in the clan and was often bullied by both men and women. Otherwise, she wouldn't have been able to cultivate out the ninety-five Divine Deity.

"Why do they want to bully you?" Chen Xiang said, "Is there a problem with you? Otherwise, there's no way women of the same race would be like that. Furthermore, you are also very beautiful, so you should be in a better group. "

"This is related to my father. My father committed a grave mistake and was executed when I was just born. My mother committed suicide out of love." Speaking of this matter, Long Peijin didn't reveal any sort of sorrowful expression. Chen Xiang wasn't able to capture anything from her expression, so it was hard to tell what she was thinking at this moment.

"When I was young, I performed very well. I could often win in battles, and those who lose to me wouldn't be convinced. I would often take my parents as an example. "Because of this, I was often locked up, and as time went by, I became a bad kid, and no one played with me anymore." Long Peijin could only sigh.

What made Chen Xiang admire her more was that although she did not have a good treatment in the clan, she had a very strong sense of responsibility towards her family. From the way she fought with Chen Xiang just now, she could tell.

Since Long Peijin was able to cultivate to the ninety-fifth Divine Deity, she must have received some care, otherwise, it would be very difficult. It was just that she was not favored by the older generation, while the younger generation had enmity with her, which caused them to not be in the same group.

Chen Xiang followed Long Peijin for more than two hours, and finally saw the empire that the Divine Dragon Race was building. It was huge, and from afar, it looked like a huge city.

"Do you have a lot of dragons here?" Chen Xiang asked: "Isn't this city too big?"

"It's just over 10,000, compared to the Evil Spirit Race, we are considered to be very little." Long Peijin said.

"There are so many dragons!" When Chen Xiang thought about the tens of thousands of Giant Dragons dancing in the air, he felt very scary. This was another branch of the Divine Dragon Race, and one that was very strong.

Long Peijin brought Chen Xiang to the entrance of the city. There was a small door there specially for entering and exit!

Seeing that Long Peijin had brought back a very unfamiliar person, those grey haired old guards were all very surprised. They were also very vigilant, and took out a transparent pearl one after another.

"Who is he?" Of course they would not let Long Peijin bring Chen Xiang in.

"He's a human, he accidentally broke into the barrier. I was worried that he would be killed outside by the Evil Spirit Race, so I brought him back. I've confirmed his ident.i.ty, he's not a Evil Spirit Race." Long Peijin said.

Seeing that Long Peijin did not tell him that he knew about the Arts of Change, Chen Xiang thought that Long Peijin must be thinking of him. After all, this was a more precious technique of the White Dragon bloodline, and it had already been spread when the White Dragon bloodline went to the Nine Heaven World.

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